1000 hours outside tracker

1000 Hours Outside™ Tracker (Free Printable!)

The majority of families spend less than 30 minutes a day outdoors, so you can imagine how 1000 hours outside seems so far away. Psstt… keep reading, we have a free printable for you! Kacey and I talk about the benefits of playing outside a lot across our socials.

Remember the days when building forts in the living room cardboard boxes felt like an epic adventure? When chasing fireflies was like hunting for buried treasure? Yeah, those were the good times.

But somewhere between Minecraft and TikTok, the great outdoors got traded for screens, leaving our kids glued to pixels and our Vitamin D levels tanking faster than a leaky boat.

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That’s where the 1000 Hours Outside™ movement comes in, like a friendly park ranger waving you off the digital trail and onto the open path of adventure. It’s not a boot camp, it’s a joyful invitation to reclaim childhood, reconnect families, and rediscover the magic of getting dirty (in the best way possible!).

Think of it like this: your kid spends an average of 7 hours a day staring at screens. That’s 49 hours a week, 2103 hours a year!

Now, picture them spending that same time building a mud castle with their siblings, racing squirrels in the park, or learning about constellations with Dad. That’s the 1000 Hours Outside™ promise: replacing screen time with green time.

1000 Hours Depending on Your Weather

Benefits of Outdoor Play

But why is it such a big deal? Well, the science is pretty clear: kids who play outdoors are happier, healthier, and smarter. Let’s break it down:

  • Physically fit: Forget gym class, the playground is nature’s jungle gym! Climbing trees, running through fields, and playing tag builds strong muscles, improves coordination, and boosts endurance. Plus, say goodbye to the couch potato blues: outdoor playtime means sunshine, fresh air, and a healthy dose of Vitamin D.
  • Mentally sharp: Nature isn’t just a pretty backdrop, it’s a brain booster! Studies show that spending time outdoors improves attention, memory, and problem-solving skills. It also reduces stress and anxiety, leaving your child feeling calm and focused. Think of it as a natural detox for the digital overload.

1000 hours outside tracker
  • Emotionally balanced: Remember that feeling of calm after a walk in the woods? There’s a reason for that. Nature has a calming effect on the nervous system, reducing stress hormones and boosting feel-good chemicals. Playing outdoors also helps kids develop social skills, learn to cooperate, and build resilience. Plus, who needs a therapist when you have a talking squirrel for a friend?
  • Creative explorers: Remember the thrill of discovering a secret bug hotel under a rock or the awe of watching a ladybug take flight? Nature is a playground for the imagination. It sparks curiosity, encourages creativity, and ignites a love for the environment. From building fairy houses to inventing new games, the possibilities are endless (and infinitely more fun than Candy Crush).

And it’s not just about the kids! Spending time outdoors is just as good for the adults, too. Remember the days when you and your friends built epic snow forts or spent hours stargazing?

1000 Hours Outside™ is your chance to relive those memories, reconnect with your inner child, and bond with your family in a way that screens just can’t compete with.

How To Spend Time Outside (Ideas!)

So, ditch the remote, grab your sneakers, and join the 1000 Hours Outside™ movement. It’s not a chore, it’s an adventure waiting to happen. Build a bonfire, plant a garden, go on a nature scavenger hunt, or just lie in the grass and watch the clouds go by. The possibilities are endless, and the benefits are worth their weight in gold (or should that be dirt?).

Northern Nevada

Southern Nevada

Remember, childhood is just a blink in the grand scheme of things. Let’s make those moments count, not by scrolling through pixels, but by creating memories that will last a lifetime. Get out there, explore, get dirty, and rediscover the magic of the great outdoors. Your kids, your body, and your soul will thank you for it.

Free Printable to Track 1000 Hours Outside

1000 hours outside tracker

We know how much more fun it is to visually see your goals and the path towards accomplishing them, so our team at Nevada Moms created this free printable to track your hours when you get outside this year!

Each circle is equal to one hour with milestones at 100 hours, 450 hours, 750 hours, and 1000 hours! You can find more printables on the 1000 Hours Outside website as well.

We recommend using a new color for every month to see how many hours you can get each month to compare year after year!

Now, go forth and conquer… the great outdoors, that is!

P.S. Need some inspiration? Check out the 1000 Hours Outside™ website for tons of resources, activities, and tips to get you started. You can even join their online community to share your adventures and connect with other families on the same path. Let’s make 2024 the year we all get back outside, together!

Leanna Carson is an expecting mama via IVF and a serial entrepreneur.

Born and raised in Las Vegas, she loves sharing all things family-friendly as well as local spots most don’t even know about! She co-founded Nevada Moms in 2018 and it has become the #1 Family Guide to Nevada experiences, activities, happenings, and more.

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