20 Ways to Stay Cool in the Heat This Summer

20 Ways to Stay Cool in the Heat This Summer

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Summer is here, which means the temperatures are rising fast! We’ve already got triple digits here in Southern Nevada and triple digits hitting Northern Nevada this weekend.

While warm temperatures can be fun, they can also be deadly! If you’re looking for ways to stay cool in the heat this summer, we’ve got you covered.

We are going to be sharing some items below that will help you beat the heat to keep your babies and yourself safe, plus we’ve got a list of activities to help you stay cool this summer.

20 Ways To Stay Cool in the Heat This Summer

Here are a bunch of ways to beat the heat this summer and stay cool in this crazy weather! There is something here for all ages as well from newborn to adult.

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Sunscreen Before Leaving The House

This might seem like a no brainer, but it is easy to forget! Apply sunscreen on your face, ears, neck, and hands before you leave the house. Our favorite sunscreens are:

We love applying with an unused makeup brush or this kid-friendly easy applicator because it is way less mess with the kids!

UPF / UPV  / Lightweight Clothing

During the summer months, we try to wear lots of lightweight clothing. Some people opt for bamboo clothing, 100% organic cotton, or a light workout fabric. We also like to keep the kids in UPF or UPV clothing which you typically see during the summer months to protect their skin. You can even purchase UPF rash guards online. ‘

Some of our favorite lightweight or UPF clothing include:

  • SwimZip
  • Lululemon or Vuori
  • Amazon also has a wide selection

Portable Fans

A portable and rechargeable compact fan that works well is hard to come by! The one I used for 3 years broke and it was my favorite. They no longer sell it, so I tested out four new fans to see which one works the best and can keep our babies cool!

Keep these on your stroller as well as in the car and have a couple on hand to rotate out when one is on the charger. Here are our top picks for fans:

  1. Best Overall Portable Fan
  2. Previously had this one, but like the power of #1 a bit more
  3. This one ties with #2, it is highly rated as well

A large portable misting fan is perfect if your a sports family and are headed to sport events.

Handheld fans are great for kids and adults as well.  We also like the option of a misting fan too.

Sun Shade

If you have to be outside for a longer period of time your going to want some shade.

Car Seat Cooler / Ice Packs

This is probably one of our favorite options to keep the car seats cool – if you can remember! Pop ice packs into the freezer and before you head out move them to the car seat. When your little one is ready to go in, the packs will make everything nice and cool. Remove the ice pack and put it in a cooler! Until your next destination!

A few options for car seat ice packs include:


Car Seat Sun Covers

If you only get one thing for your car on this list, let it be this! These car seat sun covers are amazing! They are affordable, you don’t need to remember to freeze them, and they are effective. They block out the heat and sun.

Make sure it fits your child’s car seat:

Tint Your Car Windows

Tinted car windows are a major blessing during the summer! If you don’t already have tinted windows, I recommend getting some! There are several auto-shops around town that will do them. If you have a recommendation for a business you used, tell us in the comments so others can check it out!

Of course if you have a push-to-start car or the ability to start your car for 5-10 minutes so it can cool off before entering, even better!


We know so many people that love and use the Noggle. We weren’t a huge fan of how bulky it is, but wanted to share the option just in case.

Spray Bottle with Water

Keep a spray bottle with water in the house and before putting your little one in the car, spritz some water on the clips so it cools them down quickly. This is hands down our favorite spray bottle as it mists the water out! Bring it along with you if you are out for a while.


Any cooler works, but we like that this cooler attaches to the back of your seat and is easy to use. We like to keep extra water bottles, snacks, and ice packs in the cooler when we are on the go!

If you have an empty middle seat, we also like this car seat organizer and cooler combined as it can hold extra items like toys, coloring books, extra diapers or clothes.

Insulated Water Bottles

Have a good insulated water bottle is crucial for the summer. We always have a big 40oz bottle for us and one for the kids. These ones keep ice water color for 24 hours, although the water never lasts that long since we refill 3-6 times a day!


You’ve heard us talk about these electrolytes time and time again, they are our absolute favorite currently! Real salt with trace minerals and nothing bad added – all clean.

We add electrolytes to waters once a day when it is super hot out or we know we are going to be out in the sun.

Buy them here.

Bucket Hats or Wide Brim Hat

Hats are a must for sun protection and bucket or wide brim hats provide a little more sun protection then a baseball cap.

Sun Shade and Window Shade for Car

A sunshade like this is going to help keep your car cooler in the heat and these are great if you are parked outside. Window shades are great for the side windows and we love that a lot of newer cars are having these built in.


6 Activities to Beat the Heat This Summer

Splash Pads

Pools / Water Parks / Lakes

Indoor Activities

outdoor movie night

Host a Movie Night

Host your own movie night! We do this all the time, not only is it more affordable, but it’s so comfy! Sometimes our movies nights are indoors and other times they are outdoors.

Here’s some things that make movie night even better:

  • Projector & Screen (this is the one we have!)
  • Popcorn
  • Chocolates
  • Drinks
  • Snacks (Lesser Evil Popcorn with Unreal Gems tossed in them!)

Want to go somewhere else for a movie night? Check out our The Ultimate Guide to Summer Movie Deals for Kids!

Host a Game Night

This is a great way to get the kids away from the screens and engaged in play! We love hosting game nights with friends or family once a month or more often when people are out of school. Here are some of our favorite games to play.

  • Uno
  • Deck of Cards for Kings Corner, Go Fish!, Rummy

Outdoor Water Play and Games

We encourage you to play outside in the morning and evening before the heat of the day.  We all love a good water balloon fight or a run through the sprinklers! Here are a few other water activities you can do outside before it gets too hot!

  • Toy Car Wash:  Plastic container, water, soap (optional) and let the kids wash their toys.
  • Frozen Toys:  Fresh small toys ahead of time and let the kids use play tools to crack the ice open.
  • Water Bucket Race: Divide the kids into even-numbered teams facing each other, each equipped with a bucket or large red Solo cup. The objective is to transfer water from a full bucket to an empty one down the line, with the team having the most water remaining in their bucket declared as the winner.
  • Water Gun Tag: Have a thrilling water battle royale by equipping kids with affordable spray bottles, squirt guns, etc. Players are eliminated when their shirts get wet, making the game exciting and competitive.
  • Drip, Drip, Drop: Children sit in a circle as one person drips water from a cup on others’ heads. When they decide to “dunk” someone, they pour all of the water over that person’s head, prompting them to chase the dunker around the circle.

Beat the Heat This Summer

How are you and your family staying cool? We want to know your favorite ways to stay cool in the heat this summer in the comments below.

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