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5 Amazon Baby Registry Items For Every Nursery

It’s easy to get carried away when buying for your baby’s nursery, especially as a first-time mom. But before you blow your budget on fancy wipe warmers or register for other nonessential items, do your research.

Focus your Amazon baby registry around the basics of what baby actually needs and less on building the perfect space.

Go for multi-purpose items and remember you can always shift things later down the road.

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Top 5 best Amazon buys for every baby registry and nursery

I’m sharing my top 5 baby registry items I would personally recommend for every nursery!

The Keekaroo Peanut Changer 

The Keekaroo was recommended to me by another mom as a “must-have” item. It’s a water-resistant, soft to the touch changing pad.

There’s no need for additional sheets or pads and can easily be wiped down / sanitized after every dirty diaper, meaning no extra laundry for you! It doesn’t absorb any liquid limiting bacteria growth and deterioration.

Price: $129.95

Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier 

This was an “Amazon choice” humidifier, perfect for Nevada’s dry climate. Not every baby will need a humidifier, but it can definitely help with everything from nasal congestion and sleep, to dry skin and even eczema.

I chose the *cool-mist humidifier (recommended by our pediatrician) versus a warm mist option simply to reduce the risk scalding dangers if baby were to get his little hands on it.

Be sure to change your water out every 24 hours regardless of hot or cold mist and choose a machine with an automatic shut-off so if the tank runs out of the water, it will turn off.

Also, check to make sure the humidifier is appropriate for the size of the room. Too small and there will be no benefit; too big and you risk mold growth. Look at the model’s recommended square footage when shopping.

Price: $39.99

Drawer Organizers 

nursery organizers amazon

Proper storage is essential for any nursery. Getting organized early on will save a lot of time and energy once the baby arrives.

These little boxes are super affordable, lightweight and easy to put together.  They come in a set of 6 with several different sizes and are made with mold-proof non-woven fabric. Great buy!

Price: $13.87

Newborn Lounger – DockATot 

DockATot must have registry

While this item isn’t an absolute necessity, it can certainly give you a much-needed break from holding your newborn should you need it, say to shower or empty the dishwasher.

The item comes with removable covers that are machine washable and foam sides to prevent the baby from rolling over.

The Boppy Lounger is also a great option and a lot more affordable than the DockATot. The entire Boppy pillow is machine washable, though removable covers are sold separately.

DockATot can be used as the baby grows (0-8 months) Boppy is intended for newborns. (0-4 months)

DockATot Price: $175 — Boppy Price: $32.83

The Happiest Baby on the Block

My girlfriend gifted me this book, and I absolutely love it! It’s full of great advice for calming a crying newborn. From soothing techniques (the 5 S’s) to red flags/reasons to call the doctor.

It’s sort of like a new parent’s survival guide, would highly recommend for any new mom. It also comes in DVD.

Paperback Price: $10.70 —- DVD Price: $25.17

The Fourth Trimester Book is also an awesome read for mom offering physical, emotional and spiritual support as you recover from all the hard work you’ve done.

Price: $15.43

Ask Other Moms!

Remember, the most valuable information usually comes from other parents who have actually been there. So tap into your mommy network and ask them about their favorite products!

Want to share a must-have item? Shoot me a message or comment below! I’d love to hear about it.

Bonus: Every Amazon baby registry comes with a completion discount of 10-15 percent to use on unpurchased items. You’ll have a total of 120 days to take advantage of the discount – 60 days before your baby’s birth, to 60 days after baby’s birth.

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