6 Amazon Products to Kick off your New Year

We are a few weeks into 2021 and I’m sharing 6 amazon products to kick off your New Year! Whether you make New Year’s resolutions or not, I think these are 6 products we could all invest in!

My 6 Amazon Products

These are items I have personally purchased and absolutely love.  I really think they would be a great purchase for anyone.

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amazon products

Gratitude Journal

Start your day off with writing in this gratitude journal.  It really helps me focus and start my day off on a positive note.

Parenting With Love

I am all about self-help books.  After a frustrating day with my 6-year-old (who knew 6-year-olds knew everything?)  I took to seeking out a few parenting books.

This book is very short and easy to read.  It was filled with powerful tools and information.  I am always up for empowering parents and this is a book I can get behind!

5 Ingredients: Quick and Easy Food

Our contributor Meg Rix has gotten me hooked on Jamie Oliver’s cooking show on Hulu! Then I found out he made a cookbook and I was sold!

One of my goals for 2021 is to cook more.  I actually hate cooking but I want to be able to prepare meals my entire family can enjoy.

Jamie Oliver’s tv show and cookbook are all about delicious meals that are quick and easy AND with only 5 ingredients! That is something I can do!

Meal Planning Notepad

I ordered this notepad to pair with my goal of cooking more this year.  I love that you can not only meal plan for the week but you can write your grocery list right along with it!

Want a FREE version instead?  We have created this FREE printable for you!

Venture Pal  1 Galloon Water Bottle

2020 I was the worst water drinker. I think I survived on coffee and wine. Going into 2021, I knew I needed to take my water intake seriously and my bestie shared this water bottle with me I was hooked.

My husband has one too and we both swear by them!

Icyzone Workout Tank Tops

These have been my favorite workout tanks since 2019.  You literally cannot beat the price and I love the color combos.  They run true to size.  Nothing like some new workout gear to keep your motivation going!

What are your Amazon Favorites?

There you have it! My top 6 picks to get your year started!  What other products are you swearing by this 2021?

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