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Anytime Fitness, A Local Mom’s Review

Walking into the gym there is a feeling of inspiration and community. Anytime Fitness-Yerington is a little different because of the people who fill the space.

It is much like Cheers without the beers. Everyone is friendly, there is no judgment or stares.

The feeling you get is empowering. It is very humbling, you will find female and male bodybuilders, people who are starting in the gym the first time.

You will see so many body shapes in sizes using all parts of the gym.

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 That Small Town Feeling

anytime fitness review

What I have noticed in bigger gyms is that a lot of the more buff intimidating men are at the free weights. As a woman who is just starting or who is well trained it can be hard to get the gumption to work out in that area.

With this Anytime gym I have experienced the opposite, I have received encouragement and respect. Everyone is welcome no matter what age, gender, or fitness ability.

Having the option to have a personalized plan helps keep you accountable and build upon victories. You are more likely to succeed in your goals with a support system and anytime fitness in Yerington has that.


I have met a lot of really wonderful people in the gym. One of them is Korina Santos. She is a Kindergarten teacher by day and mom of two girls. She is one of the many people who go to the gym and is an inspiration.

She has competed in various bodybuilding divisions. She has done 9 figure shows and 5 bikini show. She placed in top 3 in each one. At Nationals this past summer, she placed 6th out of 23. At Best of the West show in Reno, she won overall in Figure.

fitness competition

The Manager Pricilla has also competed in a bodybuilding show and currently training for the Motherload show in Reno. What I love about the women you meet here is that they are nice and approachable.

As a side note for those who do not know much about this industry is on your off-season you don’t look as ripped. The mindset is usually to beat the current best self or package you have had.

Every day we are working on a better version of ourselves mentally and physically. I go to the gym for my sanity as a mom and to remind myself how strong I am. It is “me” time, I get to play my explicit music and solely focus on me.

I love seeing the changes in my body and my attitude. I am less stressed and healthier with the gym as a part of my weekly routine.

What I love about Anytime Fitness Clubs:

  • Has 24/7 access for more than 4,700 locations worldwide
  • Every member receives a free Fitness consultation with a body scan to help determine their strengths, limitations, exercise experience, workout preferences, goal, and Baseline for measurement
  • Every member gets a free personalized Get Started Plan from their coach.
  • Anytime Fitness clubs are smaller and less intimidating than traditional bigger clubs, allowing trainers and staff to get to know members on a personal level. A tightly-knit support system is key in numbers that successes
  • The atmosphere is friendly and supportive at many Anytime fitness clubs, trainers and managers know the names of every single member.

 A Few Cons:

  • No Childcare
  • No group classes


24 hour gym yerington

They have gym equipment that you would find at most gyms! Making it an easy transition if you’re coming from somewhere else. Equipment includes:

  • treadmills
  • ellipticals
  • exercise cycles
  • stair climbers
  • rowing machines
  • free weights
  • racks
  • synergy 360 systems
  • cable crossovers
  • kettlebells
  • lateral x trainers
  • amt cross-trainers


  • personal training
  • team training sessions “Build, Base, and Burn” one month free and after they are 10 a session
  • Tanning


  • 24-hour access and 24-hour security
  • convenient parking
  • anywhere gym access
  • private restrooms
  • private showers
  • health plan discounts
  • wellness programs
  • cardio TVs

If you want to go to Anytime Fitness in Yerington here is some info you might find helpful:

  • You can try a month free for team sessions “Build, Base, Burn” and after that, they are $10 a session.
  • 16 year old and up can join (under 18 years old needs a parent/ guardian to sign them up)
  • To start it is currently $39 down and about $30 a month
  • They offer discounts to Lyon County employees, City employees, etc
  • The office is open from 9 am -1 pm and 3 pm – 6 pm Monday to Friday
  • Find them on social @adyeringtonnv and Facebook

Ready To Workout?

My review is based on the Yerington location but I can imagine that most locations offer the same experience.  I would definitely recommend checking it out if you’re on the hunt for a new gym and this fits your lists!

tiffany whittmore
Tiffany Whittemore

Tiffany Whittemore is from the Reno area but moved further out of the area to the Mason Valley area. She is a stay at home mama and entrepreneur. She is active with two kids and a husband in Law Enforcement. Her passions are natural living, bodybuilding at the gym, and loves to be involved in her community. She loves to empower and motivate women while also being real about motherhood.