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Avance Plastic Surgery Institute, a Local Mom’s Review

Considering a decision to have an aesthetic procedure? Co-founder Kacey Queen and I got the chance to interview one of Reno’s top plastic surgeons Dr. Dayan from Avance Plastic Surgery Institute and I’m excited to share that review here.

The Space at Avance Plastic Surgery Institute

One step inside and you feel like you’re in a posh New York office. Dr. Dayan’s office at Avance Plastic Surgery Institute 1 is beautifully designed but not overwhelming.

The space invokes a feeling of beauty and peace while large flat screens play videos of innovative procedures, interviews, and informative press spots.


While at Harvard University, Dr. Dayan told us that he used to volunteer to pick up visiting physicians who came to the college to speak. He felt these were valuable opportunities to pick the brains of some of the country’s top plastic surgeons.

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It was these conversations that set the tone for what would become his overall outlook on plastic surgery and aesthetics in general.

Who are his patients?

Typical clientele can range from any age but at Avance Plastic Surgery Institute, the 30-50 year old female range is who Dr. Dayan dedicates a lot of his time to. More specifically, mothers with abdominal and breast concerns.

Many of these mothers are seeking ways to improve their physical attributes, without the typical downtime of major surgery.

This is where Dr. Dayan excels.


As more and more innovations are created in the world of aesthetics, one of the most fascinating conversations we had was how many procedures are now done in the office under local anesthesia.

Dr. Dayan prides himself on minimizing downtime and utilizing technology to avoid long procedures in the operating room under full anesthesia when it may not be necessary.

Minimally invasive technology using radiofrequency for skin tightening (he has 9 or 10 devices) is a common procedure in his office.

This can be used on a variety of areas including the face, breasts, tummy, and even for pelvic floor tightening for mothers who have urinary incontinence issues.

Determining surgery vs minimally invasive.

While most women who come in looking for improvement may be surgical candidates, many mothers aren’t able to commit to surgical downtime. It’s hard to recover from a full tummy tuck and care for toddlers.

But these days, procedures like mini facelifts, liposuction, and fat transfers can be done comfortably in Avance Plastic Surgery Institute office.


I was able to book a consultation with Dr. Dayan several weeks later. I wanted his advice on my number one trouble area, my post-baby tummy. What I loved most about our interaction was his honesty in tempering my expectations.

While these minimally invasive procedures are effective, they accomplish roughly 40-60% of a traditional surgical procedure.

Avance Plastic Surgery Institute 1

For me, even 40% improvement in areas I struggle with is a huge advantage. At 38, I am not looking to have the body of a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model.

I was also drawn to the idea that these in-office procedure costs are half as expensive, accompanied by only 3-4 days of downtime.

Precision and purpose

What struck me as the most interesting, was that Dr. Dayan tends to focus his efforts on his strengths. While many aesthetic institutes offer a full range of beauty regimens, facials, and injections, Dr. Dayan believes in utilizing practices and innovations that offer tried and true results, which is exactly what happens at Avance Plastic Surgery Institute.

Additionally, he prides himself in the precision and purpose of his results for both in-office sessions and full surgical procedures.

For example, when measuring out the incision for a tummy tuck, Dr. Dayan says he measures out every 5cm. This pre-planning process takes about an hour before he even picks up a scalpel. But in his words, this ensures that the incision is exactly where it should be.

For Dr. Dayan, his overall goal is less invasive, less incision whenever possible.

Hospital privileges

One of the perks of choosing Dr. Dayan, is that he has surgical privileges and is contracted at almost all Reno hospitals. So whether you are a fan of Renown or St. Mary’s, your procedure will take place at the hospital most comfortable for you.

This contract also means that Dr. Dayan also serves as an on-call surgeon for lacerations or other aesthetic medical emergencies in the Reno area.


If you are interested in booking a consultation with Dr. Dayan, all you need to do is call the office. Upon choosing a date, which is currently booking several weeks out, you will pay a $125 consultation fee.

This fee holds your appointment and if you decide to book a procedure, that fee will go towards your total cost.

Community Involvement

We wrapped our lunch interview with conversations about Avance’s involvement in the community. Dr. Dayan is an advocate for breast cancer and reconstructive cases. And when insurance companies turn down a patient, he often performs these cases pro bono.

Each year during breast cancer awareness month, Avance Plastic Surgery Institute also fundraises money to the organization Moms on the Run.

Despite his stellar medical background at Harvard, his multitude of contributions to aesthetics journals, and his phenomenal work, Dr. Dayan is an incredibly humble and down-to-earth surgeon who truly enjoys his work.

I would highly recommend any woman who is looking to have an aesthetics procedure done to check out Avance Plastic Surgery Institute.

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