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Baby Goat Yoga at Ferrari Farms, a Local’s Review

I don’t know about all the other moms out there, but I could use a little extra laughter in just about every aspect of my life right now – enter baby goat yoga.

As we enter life after COVID, some people look to invite a small sense of normalcy into their lives again.

If your mental health needs a good old-fashioned day out with a high dose of laughter, then look no further than this review of baby goat yoga at Ferrari Farms in Reno.

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What Is It

The idea is simple. Put a bunch of people in an old barn. Have them go through various yoga poses while relaxing music plays in the background. Oh, and then add about ten goats to run freely while you stretch.

Baby goat yoga was started as a way to incorporate animal therapy into exercise. As a former FFA kid, I am not sure if goats would have been my first choice of animal, but after five minutes of goat yoga, you understand why it has become so popular.

I cannot stress this enough. Come prepared to laugh until you truly think you might pee your pants. But beware that the calm, peaceful yoga session you had in mind, might just look a little different when you add goats in the mix.

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As we settled into our first few poses, the goats began to not only headbutt each other, but take their energy out on the barn walls.

Within the first three minutes, I was laughing so hysterically that my eyes watered to the point of temporary blindness.

What to Expect

Keep in mind that if you come too late in the Spring, you’ll be participating in teen goat yoga. Not baby goat yoga.

My friends and I went in late August, and what we expected to see were tiny baby goats, curled up on people’s backs or settled calmly in their laps.

What we got were cranky, combative, full-size goats whose horns you had to keep a special eye out for unless you wanted to lose one.

What we also got was poop. And pee.

Yep, I said it. These feisty little farm animals could care less that you are trying to get your zen on. They will, quite literally, relieve themselves where and when they feel like it.

This means if you aren’t paying attention during downward dog, you may look up and find tiny little poops on your yoga mat, or a puddle of pee on your shoe.

The owner, however, is incredibly diligent about quickly cleaning and sanitizing as the class moves along. He is also there to help move extra feisty goats along their way when needed.

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Do you have to be a pro?

Not even a little bit. The class includes a ton of really simple stretches, mixed in with a few intermediate yoga poses. But for the most part, anyone, any age can easily enjoy this class.

Classes during COVID

Ferrari Farms has decreased the size of their classes to accommodate social distancing. There is also a cleaning station that provides hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, and sanitizing spray for public use.

Masks are mandatory upon entering with many patrons choosing to continue wearing theirs throughout the class. (subject to change)

Cost and Location

Located at 4701 Mill Street, goat yoga takes place in their large, open barn. For $20, you and your friends can enjoy a 45-minute class that typically begins around 10 am.

Tickets need to be purchased in advance through their website or their Facebook page and tend to sell out quickly.

Ferrari Farms also offers a ton of other family-friendly events from sunflower picking to movie nights under the stars.

You can even rent out their venue for family photographs or private parties. Check out their calendar of events.

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The class is incredibly laid back and even the newest yogis can enjoy this event. All you need is a yoga mat or towel and a water bottle. Classes are typically done barefoot.

I would highly recommend not bringing extra items with you to class. Goats have a knack for finding just about anything to nibble on or knock over so keep that in mind.

Keep items in a loose bag or sack and try to hang it on a boarding high up on the barn walls or leave it on the table upon entrance.

Cameras are a must

Ok so I know this is about as non-yoga as it gets but truthfully, how seriously do you expect to get with goats running around head butting each other? You have to bring a camera to capture some of those moments.

I am definitely not a yoga expert, but what I can tell you, is that I know a good time when I see one. And if you couldn’t tell already from this review of baby goat yoga, this is a must-try…at least once in your life.

Grab your girlfriends, reserve your tickets, leave the Lululemon at home (remember the poop and pee), and be prepared for what was certainly one of my COVID 2020 highlights.

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