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Baby Items You Need: Cocoonababy and Moses Basket Review

After having my first two children I didn’t think there were any additional items that I’d need for my third. I quickly learned that I would make any adjustments necessary to ease into life with two toddlers and an infant including these baby items you need.

As a seasoned mom, I knew that sleep was crucial, so here is my review of your not so typical baby items.

A Little Background

With two older daughters to tend to, I wanted my third daughter to sleep within reach, no matter what activity was taking place. I’ve always been relaxed about sleep schedules during infancy.

My belief is that they sleep when they’re tired until they’re old enough to have an established pattern (i.e. two naps a day).

Sleep is my Achilles heel, so when it came to baby items I was willing to try anything to positively impact my nightly ritual. That’s where my favorite baby items surface.

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Baby Items You Need For Restful Sleep

I couldn’t narrow down my review to just one of these two baby items because I feel like they go hand in hand. Also, one is outgrown much faster than the other.

As you read this review, you’ll understand why I include both baby items.

Cocoonababy Review

Think of the Cocoonababy as a nest outside the womb. My description of this cocoon-like mattress will not do it justice.

The angles and wedges that are built into the design of this sleeper soothe babies in all the right places.

It fits in a crib (on top of a crib mattress), most bassinets or simply set on the floor. I particularly love that the wedge and velcro fasteners are both repositionable to accommodate baby’s growth.

Here’s a video to learn how the Cocoonabay works.

I prefer the bad news before the good news, so here it goes:

Cocoonababy Cons

  • Price: The Cocoonababy runs about $200. If you want extra covers or accessories for it, then the price quickly goes up.
  • Short Lifespan: As a sleeper, the Cocoonababy doesn’t last long. The instructions state to discontinue use around 3-4 months, or when baby starts rolling over.

Cocoonababy Pros

  • Limits waking from startle reflex: I noticed that my little one would sleep for longer periods of time when I set her in the Cocoonababy.
  • Ergonomic: The shape and foam material of this sleeper allows for baby’s development and growth to be fully supported.
  • Because of its shape and portability, I placed it inside a Moses basket, which brings me to the second part of my review.

Cocoonababy Price


Overall I would rate this as a great baby item for those who want to set down a newborn in a comfortable area knowing that the item promotes healthy development and restful sleep.

Two in One – Restful & Convenient

As I mentioned above I’m including two baby items you need into this review. They can be used separately, however, I loved complementing one with the other.

My mother in law had a Jolly Jumper Moses basket stand that she said was free to us if we wanted it.

I had admired photos on Instagram where babies looked relaxed in beautiful baskets, so I did a little research.

baby items you need - moses basket

Moses Basket Review

The portability of the Moses basket caught my attention. They are light enough to be moved to any room in the house, and the jumper basket stand is only optional.

The Moses basket can sit on the floor or in a stand. A couple of brands that I especially like are Plum and Sparrow and Design Dua.

Although I particularly like the Cocoonababy placed in the Moses basket, the baskets typically come with a cover and fitted mattress.

The Cocoonababy is thicker than the Moses basket mattress, so it raises baby up higher.

I liked this because I was able to see my little one better. Also, the support during the early weeks seemed more beneficial.

Moses Basket Cons

  • Space: If space is limited, then a Moses basket may not be a necessity for your little one. You may find it in the way, and not as useful as a bouncer or seat.

Moses Basket Pros

  • Space: This could be listed as both a pro and a con. Because of portability, I think the basket can add convenience in spaces where an extra lounger is needed.
  • Longevity: Moses baskets can be used from the early newborn days to the late months of infancy.
  • Aesthetics: Many of these baskets are handcrafted, therefore the colors and designs are beautiful and likely add to any decor.
  • Bonus: After your little one outgrows the basket you have the option to pay it forward or use it around your home for storage.

Moses Basket Price


The longevity of this baby item allows for long term use. There are now play gyms created for placement over Moses baskets, doubling the use of the basket to sleep and play.

Get Some Sleep

The combination of the Cocoonababy and Moses Basket provides support and comfort for babies.

With all the options for baby sleep loungers, it is hard to know which provides the most support.

These two baby items are worth considering when you and baby are in need of deep sleep.

Lacy Catao

Lacy Catao is a certified Holistic Nutritionist, former paralegal and Army veteran. Motherhood inspires Lacy to share her knowledge of nutrition and optimal wellness, while also providing lifestyle insight as a mother striving to parent with grace and patience. This California native planted her roots in northern Nevada with her husband in 2016. She contributes her love for country living to Idaho, which is where she spent most of her school-age years. Lacy is the mother of three girls and two stubborn Bulldogs.