Babywearing Options in Las Vegas

Babywearing Options and Where to Buy in Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City

Let’s define the term: “babywearing” is using a carrier that is either structured or unstructured to wear your baby close to you instead of a car seat, stroller, or another device. There are many benefits but it takes some practice to feel confident and find what works for you and your family’s lifestyle.

There are a million options and all of the companies claim their carrier is the best but most of the time the best option is what fits your body, what the baby is comfortable in, and is feasible price-wise. In addition, more research reminds us to keep in mind the baby’s hip position, etc.

Locally in Las Vegas, there are a few options and of course, I’m here to share some tips and tricks on selecting a great carrier if you’re out of town!

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Benefits of Babywearing

Babywearing has become a common practice for mama’s in the United States over the years due to a shift in “natural” or “Montessori” based education approaches and “attachment” based parenting. Wearing your baby during daily activities has been commonplace all over the world for centuries but in our communities, it’s become a convenient option.

With mama having many other responsibilities in addition to caring for their little one, babywearing offers support when you are chasing your toddler, typing an email for work, or cooking dinner for the family at the end of the day. Or simply taking some time as a family to explore the neighborhood park – a common occurrence for Las Vegas mama’s since we have lots of sunshine year-round!

As a mama who wants to know the specifics, before I dive into a parenting practice here are some benefits of babywearing:

  • Supports attachment parenting
  • Supports a bond with the caregiver
  • Offers flexibility for the caregiver to perform household or career-oriented tasks
  • Can support infant head control strengthening if worn properly
  • Can support the reduction of torticollis if worn properly

Babywearing Options in Las Vegas

Options for Baby Carriers

There are a million different carrier options for babywearing, but when I’m recommending them to mama I break them into two options: “structured” and “flexible”.

Structured Babywearing Options

The “structured” option is one with buckles and a more solid framework with bonded/stitched material for support. This could be a good fit for you if…

  • You want something that feels more secure on your body.
  • You are sharing the babywearing with your partner.
  • You have an older infant or toddler and need a higher weight limit.
  • You will be chasing after an older toddler or child while wearing your baby.
  • Want less strain on your pelvic floor since the structure of the carrier offers more support than a wrap.

Flexible Babywearing Options

The “flexible” option is one with the least amount of stitching, no buckles, and the person wearing usually has babywearing experience. This could be a good fit for you if…

  • You want minimal structure in your carrier.
  • You are very confident with babywearing.
  • You are going to be doing skin-to-skin at home most of your babywearing time.

Having Both Options In Your Home

If you want to have options then you can get both! As a mama myself, I have a Nesting Days carrier and also a Baby Bjorn carrier because different scenario’s call for different carriers.

It’s a lazy Saturday and we are going to be mostly at home with a newborn?

I choose the Nesting Days carrier for easy on/off and close skin-to-skin contact. See more information about that here.

We are going to the National Hockey League Fan Fest event with our toddler in tow?

Hands down I’m bringing the Baby Bjorn structured carrier. My husband can wear the baby or I can wear the baby and either of us can stay mobile in a crowded event space if our toddler tries to elope. 

The bottom line is keeping in mind your standing posture when using the carrier with a baby in it, baby’s comfort, and when you would likely be using your carrier.

Babywearing Options in Las Vegas

Which is the Best Fit For Me?

The biggest tip for knowing if a carrier is best for you? Try it on!

With your baby in it to truly see whether it will work. If there are in-person “lending closets” in your area that’s great! If not, carefully read the return/exchange policy.

Where to Buy Baby Carriers in Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City?

  • Love Bug Baby
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Archer & Jane (Consignment Store)
  • Buy Buy Baby

Additional Resources

Another option is to get in contact with your local “La Leche League” that has support for chestfeeding mama’s (feeding from the breast, feeding expressed/pumped milk via bottle, etc).

Or reaching out to a local midwifery agency that often is supportive of alternative or holistic methods including babywearing.

Do you babywear?

Let us know what your favorite baby carrier is in the comments below and why you love babywearing with your little ones!

Kelsey Daniels is a mama of two, wife, and physical therapist who works with pregnant/postpartum mamas and babies in their homes. She loves to share information that supports parents in the early years and especially supports mama’s as they navigate self-advocacy. After their first baby, Kelsey and her husband realized they wanted to try out the desert life and moved from the Pacific Northwest to the Las Vegas valley. Kelsey and her family are always in search of adventure but also value relaxing time at home. A passion for her family, movement opportunities for all as a physical therapist, and easy beauty hacks helped shape her blog as it looks today.