best party favors for kids birthday western rodeo cowboy

Best Party Favors For Kids Birthday Parties

Planning a party for your little adventurer? The dilemma of party favors for kids rears its head every time. You want something kids will enjoy, but avoid adding to the mountain of plastic trinkets destined for the donation bin or worse – the trash.

We’ve gotten all of your feedback on Instagram to hear what the best party favors for kids you’ve received and the worst. Today we are going to share a range of options, from delectable snacks to exciting activities, ensuring your favors spark joy without fueling clutter chaos.

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Party Favors for Kids

We are going to break down a bunch of ideas below. You can also shop quickly directly on our Amazon storefront using this link here:

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The Consumable Crew

  • Snack Attack: Bite-sized bliss is always a winner. Think mini cookies, pretzel bites, or individually wrapped fruit snacks. Bonus points for homemade treats like rainbow muffins or trail mix in cute bags.
  • Squeeze Sensation: Pouches filled with juice, yogurt, or applesauce offer delicious fun on the go. Opt for reusable pouches for an eco-friendly twist.
  • Fruity Frenzy: Dried fruit or fruit leathers satisfy sweet cravings while packing a healthy punch.

The “Less is More” Minimalists

  • Memories Over Matter: Sometimes, the best favor is the experience itself. A personalized card thanking guests for sharing in the celebration goes a long way.
  • Plant a Thought: Donate to a children’s charity in their name, planting a seed of generosity and social awareness.
best party favors for kids birthday western rodeo cowboy

The Sensory Soothing Squad

  • Tube-tastic Fun: Glittering, swirling sensory tubes mesmerize and provide calming tactile stimulation.
  • Fidget Frenzy: Pop its, squishy balls, and mini puzzles keep little hands pleasantly occupied.

The Creative Crew

  • Croc Charms: Jibbet attachments let kids personalize their shoes, expressing their unique style.
  • Coloring Chronicles: Classic coloring books and crayons never go out of style. Level up with themed activity mats or personalized coloring sheets featuring the birthday child!
  • Bookworms Rejoice: A captivating children’s book sparks a love for reading and opens doors to fantastical worlds.

The Playful Posse

  • Balloons Unbound: Skip the helium and let loose a pack of empty balloons for inflatable fun. Add markers for a personalized touch.
  • Shady Style: Mini sunglasses are cool party props and perfect for sunny adventures.
  • Beach Bucket Bonanza: Fill a small bucket with sand toys, bubbles, or sidewalk chalk for beach-themed fun wherever they go.

The DIY Delightful Duo

  • Playdough Pals: Homemade playdough with natural ingredients sparks creativity and keeps little hands busy. Add cookie cutters for extra fun.
  • Sensory Kit Sensations: Create customized kits with rice, beans, pasta, and small toys for endless sensory exploration.
best party favors for kids birthday western rodeo cowboy

The Active All-Stars

  • Ribbon Twirlers: Vibrant ribbons attached to sticks let kids dance and create colorful swirls.
  • Temporary Tattoos: Safe, temporary tattoos offer instant cool points and wash away easily.

The Grand Finale: Custom Coloring Chaos

Skip generic sheets and create personalized coloring pages featuring the birthday child, their favorite characters, or party theme. Include fun facts, inside jokes, or scavenger hunt clues for an extra interactive twist. This unique favor doubles as a keepsake and ensures your party lives on long after the last slice of cake is gone.

I made ours directly in Canva (it’s FREE!) and printed them at home to keep it affordable.

Do You Like to Give Party Favors to Take Home?

Remember, the best party favors are those that align with your values and your child’s interests. Consider age, theme, and budget when making your choices. Don’t be afraid to get creative and think outside the plastic box!

With a little thought and effort, you can send guests home with memories that last, not clutter that collects dust. Happy celebrating!

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