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Best Places to Shop Local

As a girl born and raised in Reno, my local roots run deep.  I know that when I shop local, I am contributing not only to the shop but to the dreams and passions of someone that I know. Or at least know through some minimal degree of separation since Reno can still feel like a small town.

As a customer, I want to feel connected to the owner, to recommend the shop to others, and to ultimately support another human being, because that’s what being rad boils down to.

I can be a pretty social gal, and I really love walking into a place where I feel like I am truly welcomed back and embraced with gratitude.  Those are the kinds of places that I want to spend my money.

FULL DISCLOSURE: This is not an advertisement or sponsored in any way.  I spent my own money when visiting these shops. None of these shops provided me with any sort of compensation or discount for including them in this article (…but like, now that they see it, if they wanted to help a sister out, it’s not like I’m one to refuse a gift or anything…just saying…JUST KIDDING, JUST KIDDING…but not really).

Shop Local

Here are a few local shops that I frequent (or was finally given an awesome reason to check out for the purpose of this article…I know, a high price to pay, but I’m willing to make the sacrifice for you guys!

For Her:

Strange Bikinis

If you know me at all, you know that my love for Strange Bikinis is real and it is deep…like, I may as well make myself a plaque that says I am a Self-Appointed Ambassador because that’s how much I won’t shut up about being a Stranger.

Last year was the first year in my whole life wearing a bikini.  I purchased about four from a big box retail store before committing to Strange Bikinis, and ya know what??  NONE of those swimsuits flattered my body the way that a Strange Bikini did. Not one. Not only are the fabrics like butter and the styles incredible, but the owner (Ali Conway) is a gem.

She preaches a mission of body positivity, which she actually believes in. She aims to create a culture of body confidence, and she was doing it long before it became mainstream.  Body positivity has become a big deal for me as I raise my babes, and we’re truly pretty fortunate to have a swimsuit store in our area that screams that message.  Come be a Stranger with me!

Biggest Little Fashion Truck

I set up a styling appointment with the Biggest Little Fashion Truck and it.was.MAGNIFICENT. Britton Murdock Nunn, the owner, had me try on some super fly trends.  I am absolutely the type of person that will find a shirt that I like and get one in every color. I *can* be adventurous with my clothes, but that takes time and effort, which I am typically short on both, as all moms know. Britton had racks and racks of clothes, selected some pieces for me to try, and gave me tips on accessorizing.

She very gently and with wonderful encouragement pulled me out of my comfort zone with some outfits and prints and I truly loved every minute.  You can set up a styling appointment to go by the office and get individualized attention (which, HELLO!! A mom getting someone else’s attention all to herself?! YES, PLEASE!), or you can stop by one of their pop-ups at events all over town. You can even schedule your own private event for you and your gal pals.

One of my other favorite parts about the Biggest Little Fashion Truck: the prices. The prices are so very reasonable, it’s astounding.  And Britton gave me the sweetest and most sincere compliments, which made me feel even better about shopping with her.

Sierra Belle

I have followed this store on Instagram forever but visited for the first time last month.  When I walked in, I immediately felt at ease. I chose some outfits to try on and then I found the clearance rack (NOTE: I am a sucker for the Clearance Rack.  Not sorry). I snagged this perfect little leopard print dress for $20…I repeat TWENTY DOLLARS.

The employee working was so kind and even let my kids “help” her wash the mirrors, which I am almost certain she had to rewash as soon as we left.  As I was leaving, another customer was commenting to her, “I just love coming here. You guys are always so friendly, and I always find something.” Definitely check it out.

Prude & Boujee

This is the sweetest little shop ever.  This giant floral wall was just outside of the doors and was absolutely adorable. The shop itself sells Korean sheet-masks and other facial care products.  The prices were reasonable, and the employee totally helped me out with some masks that would suit my skin (i.e. Mom Wrinkles).

It felt pampering just to be in the store itself, and my sheet masks felt phenomenal.  In the words of Prude & Boujee: Let’s get sheet-faced.

For the Home:

Sittie & Sage

Ok, this store is as much for the home as it is a lovely boutique full of adorable and trendy outfits. The owner, Joanna Cuenza, was extremely friendly and easy to chat with.  I bought an art print of Reno that I have been eyeing for months and she informed me about her friend the artist. It just felt very much like I was visiting with a buddy.

I also perused the racks of clothes that she had and found so many beautiful pieces and accessories.  When I checked out, my girls were fighting over who got to carry the bag, and Joanna totally saved me and gave my girls another (empty) bag to alleviate the argument.  She gets it.

BONUS: the store is named after two pups and if you’re lucky then you get to visit them at the store. Sign me up for shopping and dog-petting any time.


I love Larkellen.  If ever I am at a loss for a gift to give, I can always find something at Larkellen.  This is usually where I go to get something for my husband for his birthday or Christmas because they always have such unique and awesome stuff. Their décor for sale is amazing…like, I want it all.

Most of it is so very Reno and/or Nevada-centric, so it speaks to my roots. Most recently, I got a pair of Tahoe Timber sunglasses for Mark and he loves them (also super appropriate since our small business has to do with trees).  I find myself back here again and again and am never disappointed.

Sierra Water Gardens

If you love plants and greenery in your home, or know someone who does, this is THE spot.  I have visited here all seasons and all of the plants that I have walked out with are still *alarmingly* alive.  That is because Sierra Water Gardens helps me out. With each plant, I have been told how to care for it in the easiest way possible.

I also felt way better after admitting that I had killed houseplant after houseplant, and she told me that she has killed more than anyone she knows because that’s how you learn.  My kids have plants from here, I have gifted plants from here, and its right next door to Strange Bikinis. YAS.

The Nest

This is such a rad and eclectic shop.  It’s a vintage store and the finds in there are truly magnificent.  They have furniture, art, jewelry, clothes, and the list goes on and on.  One of my finds from The Nest is a chair that I use at my daughters’ desk, and it’s just one of those chairs where you know they don’t make them like that anymore. It is sturdy and heavy, and I love it. Whenever I am looking for a new piece for my home, I always hit The Nest first.

Virginia Street Antique Mall

I have some killer treasures from the Virginia Street Antique Mall.  I have a tall vintage file cabinet that I use as a jewelry armoire.  Doilies that I use as wall décor. As well as a milk glass and serving ware that looks dope at parties.

It can take a while to traverse through all of the individual booths, but I have never not been rewarded for my efforts here…and sometimes you can barter with the price if it is a high-ticket item and you’ve got cash.  Need more incentive to check it out? Currently, almost all of the booths there are selling their wares up to 30% off because the Virginia Street Antique Mall is moving!

For the Family:

Grassroots Books

A visit to Grassroots is literally a treat for our whole family.  My kids jump for joy whenever I say that we are going to Grassroots.  The staff are insanely helpful, and the prices are INSANELY AFFORDABLE.  Unstickered kids’ books are 99 CENTS. How crazy is that?! They also have Warehouse Sales where books are only $0.25!!

grassroots books reno shop local

They always have what I need, but I’ll call ahead if I’m not sure and they will get it for me.  Once I needed a vintage dictionary for a graduation party and they sold it to me for something crazy like $5.  We would all spend hours here if allowed, and we wouldn’t even break the bank if we did.

Golf Headquarters

My dad made my brother and I start golfing when we were kids.  Still not 100% sure if that was more for us than it was for him, but either way it worked out.  My husband and I fell in love on the golf course. We were both captains of the golf team in high school and he worked at the course that we would practice at, and so the rest is history.

Golf is an activity that we do as a family and my two oldest kids have their own tiny set of clubs. For gifts or for yourself, Golf Headquarters is the place to go if you are in need of golfing supplies.  The employees at the store are all extremely helpful and knowledgeable, and in my experience, have never judged me for my skills or lack thereof.

They have everything from accessories to bags, and of course, lots and lots of clubs to test and demo to see what is best for you.  And really, golf is a wonderful activity for the whole family whether you’re just going to the driving range or playing a round. Just so you know.

Eclipse Running

This is by far Mark’s favorite place to go for running shoes.  He’s completed two marathons and four Ironman triathlons, so I like to think he knows what he’s in the market for when it comes to comfortable shoes that he can put some miles on.

The store carries running shoes and accessories, as well as other gear if you’re preparing for a race.  The employee who helped us out was experienced and knowledgeable in making sure Mark got the shoes he needed for his upcoming Ironman in May.

Whispering Vine Wine Company

I say this one is “For the Family” because I’m pretty sure the whole family benefits when Mom has a stock of wine at home.  Not only do they sell wine and bubbly at an affordable price, but this is probably my favorite place to go for a girl’s night.  Their 4th St. location serves small plates along with their bar menu and it is just such a good time every time.

Their wine prices are comparable to a grocery store, the staff is friendly and always ready to help if you have any questions about what you’re looking for…plus one of my teachers from high school owns it with her husband and when I think of her I think of how Mark and I would get in trouble in her AP Stats class when we first started dating and I laugh…ohhhhhh, the memories!

Great Basin Community Food Co-Op

great basin coop shop local

I visited here for the first time for the purpose of this article and I’m hooked.  This grocery store was legit, and I’m not just talking about the prices. The store carries local, fresh, and organic produce and meats. As well as items that are made in-house, and a café upstairs!

The produce prices are what I would pay in the organic section of the grocery store, but I know this produce is local (or as local as it can be), and that makes it even more awesome.

Truly, this store had everything that I would normally grab at the grocery store including dry goods, but I get 10% off of every purchase for being a member (owner memberships for the Co-Op are $20/year).

I visited like, 4 days ago, and I can’t even count the number of people that I’ve told about it since then.  You do not have to be a member to shop there (but $20/year for 10% off every purchase seems like a sweet deal to me).

Keep It Local

My husband and I started our own small business last year. It has become increasingly clearer to me how very much of an impact I have when we support and shop local. We absolutely work to create as positive of an experience for our customers as possible, because we personally have a lot riding on it.

This is how I feel when I shop local.  Other business owners that I have met are so incredibly passionate about what they have invested their lives into, and this is the culture that they create for their local shoppers.

My husband and I agree that we want to feel valued as a customer.  I can honestly say that I have felt like a valued customer, and even friended in some cases, at these establishments.  I dig that. Yes, we may pay a little bit more sometimes, but my family is willing to do that to support the passions and dreams that ultimately enhance our area.  People helping people is a beautiful thing.

I would highly encourage you to shop local and give these shops a try if you haven’t already.  Let them know Northern Nevada Moms and I sent you. Feel loved as a customer and let me know what you think.

And for goodness sakes, pass along other rad stores for me to check out!

Jenelle S

Jenelle Stathes married her high-school sweetheart and they share their love with their three darling and fierce daughters. She works as the CEO of their small family business and as a group fitness instructor for a local gym. Jenelle was born and raised right here in Reno, Nevada, and is doing her best at living a non-judgy and tribe-loving mom life. She has experience with infertility, weight loss, body positivity, fitness, and most recently, a tummy tuck. You can follow Jenelle to laugh either with her or at her as she traverses through the daily adventures of motherhood.