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Drive-by Birthday Celebrations: Car Parade Ideas

Remember all of the birthday parties and gatherings with family and friends to celebrate the big and small moments? While you may not be able to throw the monkey themed party you had in mind, why not still celebrate big with a car parade and indoor decorations?

Drive-by birthday parties have been all the rage over the last couple of months and boy, they are so fun! While they are definitely different than your typical birthday party, the global pandemic happening has brought some creativity out of families all around.

So are you considering a drive-by car parade for your special celebration? Or maybe you just need some ideas to celebrate indoors?

We’ve got you covered!

Honk & Wave, It’s a Birthday Car Parade!

Alright, a celebration is underway! Here are some different things you can do during your car parade.

Coordinate a Parade

Get in touch with friends and family (even your neighbors!) and see if they would like to celebrate with you by driving by your house and wishing a happy birthday to the birthday girl/boy!

You don’t need to send out an official invite, but if you’d like to there are a lot of free printables and graphics online.

car parade
Photo Courtesy of Pretty Little Co.

Have them meet up in a line down the street and drive down at a designated time.

We’ve even seen some families get in touch with local first responders (like the fire department, police offers, and paramedics) to do a fun and quick drive-by — now that is COOL!

Some common decorations we’ve seen for car parade are:

Grab a few chairs or a blanket, sit on your front lawn and enjoy the parade!

Rent a Yard Sign

reno yard greetings
Photo Courtesy of Reverie Beauty

Yard signs and greetings are all the rage right now. You can rent them from the following:

Decorate with Balloons

Head to a party store or shop online and decorate with some balloons. If you want to DIY your balloon decor, we recommend the following items:

We are very fortunate to have an amazing balloon arch and set-up designer. Choose your colors, the amount, and more.

Write Birthday Wishes On The Sidewalk

Use your favorite chalk (or whatever you have lying around) and write some birthday wishes on the sidewalk. These will be so fun to wake up to!

Another idea is to leave out some chalk or have friends and family bring their own to write and draw. It would be so fun to have notes from everyone to look forward to throughout the day.

You Can Still Have CAKE

Whether you are a cake lover or have a special dessert in mind, you can still most likely get it. Most bakeries are still offering curbside pickup or delivery. You can support local businesses as well.

A few places that are currently open for orders and have cake, cupcakes, and other baked goods:

Or maybe you want to bake a cake? You can keep it simple with a simple box cake, sprinkles, and candles! You can enjoy some cake on the lawn while the parade is happening or save it for later!

Other Ways To Celebrate

While a car parade is always wonderful, it may not always make sense for every family. Here are some other ideas you can also consider celebrating!

Send Text, Photo, and Video Messages

It’s the little things in life! If you are the one coordinating, see if friends and family will send text messages throughout the day!

Share the things they love and appreciate the person you are celebrating. They can share fun photos or videos as well.

birthday car parade

Jump on a Group Video Chat

Get everyone together to sing “Happy Birthday” via FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangouts. We did this for my cousin and it was the best, most uncoordinated birthday song ever and so fun to hear everyone.

Get together to play games digitally to celebrate. Make your favorite dessert or drinks and chat the night away!

How Are You Celebrating?

So, are you planning on hosting a car parade for someone special in your household?

We would love to see the different ways you are celebrating special occasions! Be sure to tag us across social media @northernnevadamoms.


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