Children’s Music Classes In Northern Nevada

Learning music is beneficial for your child’s brain development! Scientific evidence shows that learning to play a musical instrument at a young age improves brain structure in the language and reasoning regions of the brain.

I’ve researched and compiled a list of children’s music classes in Northern Nevada. There are many options out there, starting for babies as young as 6-months old!

In addition, learning music is similar to learning math principles like ratios, fractions, and proportions. This all equates to a likelihood to excel in academics! Plus, there are several long-term benefits of learning music.

Studies also show that learning music boosts emotional and behavioral skills. It builds confidence and ability to focus.

What age should you start your child?

As previously noted, music enrichment programs for babies start as young as 6-month old! These group-based classes are focused on gently exposing your child to an environment of music:

  • Songs
  • Movement
  • Singing
  • First introductions to instruments

It’s a great way to socialize your baby!

For curriculum-based enrichment programs look for the key-word Musikgarten, Music Together, or First Steps in Music. There are some teachers in Reno, Nevada that have this specialized background.

Musical training for kids can start at age 5 or 6. The best indication that your child is ready for music lessons is the ability to sit for 30 minutes while being engaged in one task. If they have the eagerness to connect with a teacher, that is even better.

Before the age of 6, it is difficult for a child to have attention span, focus, or dexterity to learn how to play an instrument (although there are always exceptions!)

Most importantly, learning music should be fun! Let your child naturally show interest in and gravitate toward a certain instrument.

Observe the thoughts and emotions of your child; the benefits of learning an instrument are lost when it is forced. Makes sense!

What’s the difference between enrichment and musical training?

Before the age of 5-6, music programs are considered enrichment, fun and social group classes that involve the parent or care-taker.

After the age of 5-6, music programs are considered training, focused group or private lessons. These involve learning to read music [music notation], play an instrument, practice and perform.

Enrichment Classes In Reno for Ages 0-5

Check out these children’s music classes in Northern Nevada to get your kiddos engaged in the wonderful world of music!

NNMTip: To encourage curiosity and interest in music, keep small instruments like shakers and small drums in a basket that’s easily accessible to your child at home.

Step Into Music/ Biggest Little Baby (formerly The Nurturing Nest)

At Biggest Little Baby, Steven Alberti leads the music program (also Gymboree Reno’s music teacher). He teaches babies, toddlers, and age 3-4!

The curriculum-based Musikgarten program is a multi-year educational program. Classes involve singing, moving, and exploring rhythm instruments, then adding levels of complexity as children grow.

The Budding Musician/ Mountain Music Parlor

Chris Reinitz heads this curriculum-based Musikgarten program at both The Mountain Music Parlor (a non-profit bluegrass performance venue in Reno) and her home studio.

Music classes 1-4 are specific for ages 6-18 months, 18 months-3 years, 3-4.5 years, and 4.5-6 years. Musikgarten is a multi-year educational program.

Classes involve singing, moving, and exploring rhythm instruments, then adding levels of complexity as children grow.

Chris plays piano, violin, and sings. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development from UC Davis and a teaching credential from San Diego State.

Gymboree Play & Music, Reno

Based on a blend of early childhood development theories, this popular franchise has one location in Reno. Owner Sherii Hess offers a warm, cheerful and inviting environment for families.

Gymboree offers Play, Art and Music classes for ages 6 months – 5 years. Music classes are membership-based and are broken down into age groups to ensure they are age-appropriate.

It provides a laid-back setting for your child to be exposed to music genres, movement, singing, and first introductions to instruments.

The music teacher is Steven Alberti, a member of the Reno Wind Symphony and bassoonist. He holds a Master’s of Music Performance degree from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in Sydney, Australia.

Rhythm & Sol

Rhythm & Sol is affiliated with the Arizona Children’s Association (AZCA). Their developmental music curriculum is guided by research from Dr. Stamm’s best selling books, Bright from the Start, and Boosting Brain Power. Shelby Lively is the owner and has taught developmental play and music classes to Infants and Toddlers for over eighteen  years

The classes are designed for children ages 0 – 3. Classes are designed to be age-appropriate and are membership-based. They even have a class designed for siblings to enjoy together.

Classes involve singing, music, dancing, and play.

Musical Training in Reno for Ages 5-6 and Up

Did you know that scientists recommend learning music before the age of 10? The brain is nimble and especially receptive to new experiences at this age. It makes sense!

With this in mind, Reno has some great options for beginning your child in group or private lessons that involve learning to read music [music notation], play an instrument, practice and perform.

Music for Little Mozarts/ Steinway Piano Gallery

Christine Barden leads this classical series. This class is offered for 4-5.5 year olds and can serve as a prerequisite for private piano instruction that starts at age 6.

Barden is an internationally recognized author and educator. She teaches students in piano and composition. She holds a degree in Piano Performance from San Francisco State University.

Tip: Accomplished classical concert musicians in the Reno area serve as on-site instructors at Steinway Piano Gallery. The Gallery also has a performance hall and offers piano recitals year round!

Music Institute and Educational Facility/ Jampro Music Factory  

Jampro is a state-of-the-art music school and recording studio for musicians of all skill levels. Programs for kids are the most popular.

Chris Sewell, owner, is a former Wall Street trader and hedge fund manager that has created this comprehensive offering of music instruction (music foundation, artist development, intermediate and advanced band programs) for kids.

The music school has experienced musicians with formal training that serve as on-site instructors for voice, piano, guitar, ukulele, bass, drums, and DJing.

Jampro is an impressive space. It features several sound-insulated lesson rooms equipped with iMacs, a retail store, two recording studios, on-site audio and production team, and a performance stage.

Concerts are seasonal and feature as many as 25 students performing on stage.

NNM Tip: Stop by and take a tour of this immaculate and tech-savvy facility!

Music School/ It’s All About Music

John Ponzo, owner, is a guitar player and teacher who holds a Master’s degree in Music Theory, Orchestration and Guitar Performance. The School offers private lessons and recording services by accomplished musicians in voice, guitar, piano, strings, woodwinds, brass, drums, and audio design.

It’s All About Music is active in community service. The School partners with local schools to develop music programs.

In addition, the School contributes fundraising efforts to support kids in need of instruments or private lessons. Two causes supported by the School are Guitars for Kids and Guitars for Vets. Check it out!

Rental Instruments and Lessons/ Absolute Music and Muzic Fuze

Retail music stores offer a large selection of instruments for sale and for rent. Music lessons can be facilitated by the owner and there is a roster of teachers (on-site and off-site) that can be matched with a prospective student.

Retail stores offer instrument and sheet music sales, and oftentimes instrument consignment, instrument service and repair, recording, and piano tuning.

Steve Gibson, the owner of Absolute Music, is a member of Reno Wind Symphony and the Reno Municipal Band. The store and repair facility has the largest rent-to-own program for musical instruments in Northern Nevada.

Muzic Fuze is owned by Tim Lake and Kyle Collinsworth. Tim has over 25 years experience teaching and repairing guitars.

Kyle is passionate about playing guitar and helping students of all ages find their musical niche. Muzic Fuze offers affordable school rental instruments.

Tips for Choosing a Music Instructor

There are many options available in Reno to find music instruction for your child! Look for curriculum, lesson room/facility type, teacher (style and specialty), and overall feel of the program that best suits your child’s personality. Here are some tips to find a great teacher:

  • Ask for recommendations from trusted friends and colleagues.
  • Meet with the program manager/owner and tour the facility.
  • Interview the teacher; find out about his/her experience, qualifications and teaching style.
  • Once you’ve selected a teacher, sit in on a few lessons to observe.
  • Make sure there are goals being set for your child’s progress and periodic evaluations.
  • Is your child excited, engaged, and eager to learn more?

Get Involved! The Reno Phil’s Annual Family Concert, Holiday Concert, and Youth Orchestras

Did you know that The Reno Phil (The Reno Philharmonic Orchestra, Northern Nevada’s largest performing arts organization) offers a free Family Concert each fall as a kid-friendly introduction to the orchestra and the concert-going experience?

The 2019 concert was on September 28th, and if you missed it, keep it in mind for next year! For this event, The Reno Phil partners with the Terry Lee Wells Discovery Museum and local music stores to provide a variety of pre-concert activities.

Children and their families explore the science of music and try out various musical instruments at the “instrument petting zoo.”

There is one other annual kid-friendly concert in December. This event is not free, however, it’s a chance for you to attend the Pioneer Center for the Performing Arts with the whole family. This year, the concert, Spirit of the Season, is scheduled for December 6th and 7th.

Additionally, the Reno Phil has four kinds of youth orchestras for different ages. These orchestras perform twice a year, in Fall and Spring, to showcase their work. Participants are selected by open regional auditions.

Sign up!

Science tells us that learning music is beneficial for your child’s brain development. It can improve language, reasoning skills, understanding of math, and in turn improve academic performance!

I like this USC article, it details the emotional and intellectual benefits of learning music as a child.

Whether it be for enrichment or for formal training, it’s a great idea to gauge your child’s interest in music and start them early. Considering how many options there are for children’s music classes in Northern Nevada, why not?

Have you enrolled your baby, toddler, pre-k, or school-age child in music classes? I hope this article encourages you to consider incorporating music into your child’s education if you haven’t already!

See you out there, Northern Nevada Moms!

Maureen Lowe
Maureen Lowe

Maureen Lowe is a Bay Area native that relocated to the high desert mountains of Southwest Reno with her family in 2017. Mama to her active pup and toddler boy, Maureen is a textile designer and graduate of CCA San Francisco. With a lifelong love of nature and the arts, Maureen has made it a mission to explore Reno’s scenic trails and cultural offerings to find kid and dog-friendly outings that work in all seasons.