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Clark County Wetlands Park, a Local Mom’s Review

Truly tucked away on the east side of the Las Vegas Valley, the Clark County Wetlands Park is a must-visit for those with a little one who loves outdoor adventures. With hundreds of miles of trails to explore, more species of birds and animals than I could ever count.

Where is the Wetlands Park Located?

The park is located at the lowest point of the Las Vegas Valley and part of the natural path that carries our precious water downstream to Lake Mead.

Clark County Wetlands Park
7050 E. Wetlands Park Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89122

This family-friendly, Las Vegas outing has something for anyone of any age. It’s a great way to get outside and reconnect with nature.

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Nature Center

Personally, your first stop has to be nature conservatory. Boosting an amazing, hands-on educational museum; this spot will introduce you to what the wetland park has to offer as well as kick off a day of fun.

Clark County Wetlands Park

With interactive exhibits, lots of places for children to do puzzles, draw, and (my personal favorite) a reading nook.

The whole family will leave anxious and ready to head out on to the trails to find and identify some of the plants and animals featured in the nature center.

The best part about this stop is that it is a FREE visit for all (how can you beat that?)!

Out on the Trails

With a nice paved walkway loop that even the littlest legs can handle, taking in the waterways, various plants, and animals is a simple task at the Clark County Wetlands Park.

For those looking to get a little more adventurous, there are plenty of places that are cleared for you to step off the path and explore. A grove of cottonwood trees is a personal favorite to stop off at and take a rest and have a snack.

Clark County Wetlands Park

You can stop by the nature center to get a scavenger hunt page for the kiddos to look for while enjoying the nature walk. We have spotted turtles, roadrunners, more birds than I can even identify during our time at the park.

I would suggest bringing a wagon or stroller to hold all the treasures that your little one will want to collect during their walk.

We have taken several different paths around and so far our shortest path has been about 1.25 miles (as much energy as my little guy has he gets pretty tired towards the end) around. The paved paths are perfect for a nice bike ride as well!

Why We Love the Clark County Wetlands Park

The park has a large variety of activities and programs for the whole family that are available on their website. 

Personally, we will be heading back for nature tales (think nature-based storytime) and nature tykes with our “young” family this season! Also, they have many different kinds of guided tours and activities for those of us who are still “kids at heart”.

It’s just a nice little spot that gets you away from the “big city” feel and is somewhere that my rambunctious two years old can run around and explore without worrying too much about his impact.

The Clark County Wetlands Park is definitely a favorite family outing for us and as soon as we leave we start planning our next trip back!

Melissa Bellflower

Melissa is a wife and mama to a sweet and wild little boy. She is getting her Masters Degree in Elementary Education. She is also working on living a more minimal, simple, and natural life. Melissa is a second generation Native Nevadan and loves all things Nevada; she is passionate about supporting local businesses, restaurants, and dreamers. In her free time, Melissa loves spending time with her boys at the golf course or out at the lake!