winter emergency car kit

Must-Have Items for Your Family’s Emergency Car Kit

As moms, we’re always prepared for the unexpected, from tball practice meltdowns to forgotten homework crises. But when winter rolls in, those everyday hiccups can be magnified by Mother Nature’s fury. Snowstorms, blizzards, and even just plain icy roads can turn a quick trip to the grocery store into an overnight adventure (and not the fun kind).

That’s why, mamas, we need to be ready to face any frozen foe with a trusty arsenal of emergency supplies. So, buckle up and let’s pack the ultimate winter car kit for our precious little adventurers!

Emergency Car Kit

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Full Tank

Running on fumes when you need your car most? Not ideal. I am so guilty of this, let’s all pledge to stay topped off and avoid emergency pit stops!

Jumper cables

You want these in your car year round and yes even mom needs to learn how to use them. Bonus points for a portable jump starter – no flag-down heroes needed!

Ice scraper and snow brush

 You will want to clear those windows after sitting for an extended amount of time.

Warm clothes

Pack an extra layer for everyone, in the winter you want to include hats, gloves, and cozy socks. I even recommend keeping an extra pair of shoes in the car for each child.


Wool blankets are the warmest choice, but any blanket is better than no blanket at all.

Non-perishable food

protein bars, trail mix, chomp sticks, applesauce – anything that keeps little tummies happy (and avoids meltdowns) while waiting for help. If your children are babies pack bottles with extra formula or breast milk.

Water bottles

Don’t forget water bottles, you will want to store them separately to avoid freezing.

First-aid kit

A must for your car year round. Don’t forget to restock after you use up items.

Bathroom items

Let’s be honest, when you have littles they have no control over their bladder. You may want to keep extra wipes, diapers, pullups or a portable potty in your car especially if you are traveling further from home.

Winter Warriors’ Secret Weapons:

Traction aids

Sand, kitty litter, or even floor mats can give your wheels a grip on slippery roads.

Flashlight and extra batteries

Because seeing in the dark is essential, especially if your phone dies (speaking of which, bring a portable charger!)

Reflective triangles or vests

Stay visible in case of breakdowns.Reflective triangles or vests

Entertainment for the littles

Entertainment to to keep cabin fever at bay. Don’t forget the downloaded movies on your tablet!

  • books
  • games
  • cards
  • coloring book and crayons

Bonus Points for Superheroes

  • Portable shovel: Dig yourself out of a snowy situation (literally!).
  • Fire extinguisher: Just in case.
  • Compass and paper map: Because technology isn’t always reliable in the wilderness.
  • Small toolkit: Basic tools for minor car repairs.

Check it Regularly

Remember, mamas, being prepared is the key to conquering winter. So, assemble your emergency car kit, check it regularly, and most importantly, stay calm and collected when the snow starts to fly.

P.S. Don’t forget to get your kids involved in packing your kit with you! Make it a fun learning experience and they’ll be mini Winter Warriors in no time!

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