Enchanted Cat Cafe Review 6

Enchanted Cat Café in Reno, a Local’s Review

Quickly becoming the coziest café in town, the Enchanted Cat Café in South Reno, offers guests a unique opportunity to enjoy a tasty beverage and cuddle a cute kitty at the same time. 

This café allows for a cozy meeting area and “play zones” by separating the space into a dedicated kitty-loving area as well as other spaces perfect for meeting with friends or clients.  There is even a private room perfect for parties, events, and larger meetings too.

Join us as we tour the Enchanted Cat Café and find out what makes a trip there so magical.

Enchanted Cat Cafe Location & Reservations

Enchanted Cat Cafe Review 6

I’ve read about Cat Cafes in Japan and never thought we would have one locally.  When I had the opportunity to check out this new café in our very own Biggest Little City, I jumped at the chance. We made the outing a “girls trip” and brought my 3-year-old daughter, and my mom along as my guests. 

Reservations were made in advance, and if your plan is to play, it is important to do so before visiting The Enchanted Cat Café. There is a limited number of people allowed in the Cat Lounge, as to not overwhelm the kitties. Spots fill up quickly, so plan ahead if you want to get some good tummy tickles in.

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8555 Double R. Blvd, Suite 104, Reno, NV 89511


10am – 6:30pm, Daily

Contact Info

The Enchanted Cat Café has viewing windows from the main café space to the Cat Lounge, so if you just want to observe and not touch, reservations are not needed.

Located in South Reno on Double R. Blvd in a business center, The Enchanted Cat Café can be easily missed, so keep your eyes open.  Google Maps will not lead you wrong.

Enchanted Cat Cafe Review


NOTE: It is free to visit the café/meeting area.  Guests are welcome to come in for a drink or snack anytime. Reservations are only needed for Cat Lounge access.

Individual Access to the Cat Lounge is on a per-hour basis as follows:

  • $15/hour – Ages 16+ 
  • $15/hour – Ages 6-15 (must be accompanied by adult)
  • FREE – Children 5 & under (must be accompanied by adult)
  • Group Bookings: For groups of 3 or more, the price per person drops to $12 per person. 
  • Membership: $10 per guest when accompanied by Membership Holder

Entering the Enchanted Cat Cafe

Owners, Hayley Meadows and Devin Sizemore have put their heart and soul into transforming this space into something truly magical. 

When you enter the café, you feel like you are in a spring garden. The space is warm and inviting and filled with café tables and couches to relax and chat, or meet with a potential partner.

In the main café, you will find the food counter filled with delicious goodies and treats (more on that later). There is also the most adorable merchandise armoire filled with everything cat-related I didn’t know I needed.  Kitty water bottles? Disney collectibles? Super soft-blankies?  I wanted them all! 

The back wall is open with windows viewing the lively Cat Lounge on the other side.  The built-in bar made for a perfect place to sit, sip, and watch the cats play.

Enchanted Cat Cafe Review

Hayley is an amazing artist and painted everything from the tiled floor in the cafe’s main room, to the murals on the walls. She and Devin constructed the climbing wall and trees and made The Enchanted Cat Café a place that is fun for all ages and all senses.

It is important to note, the cats are kept separate from the “actual” café.  If you plan to enjoy a treat, you will do so in the main café portion.  Drinks are able to be brought into the Cat Lounge when it is your turn to play.

We made an appointment for 4:30 pm on a Friday afternoon and found the café lively and busy. We checked in with Hayley and picked out a few treats to enjoy while we waited for our turn in the Cat Lounge.

Tasty Treats for Sale

Although food & drinks are not the focus at Enchanted Cat Café, they have tried to make sure there is a little something for everyone available. I found myself warming up over a delightful cup of lavender/black tea while my daughter enjoyed a cat-shaped cookie.

I appreciate that they support local with all food and drink from Rounds Bakery/Life Tastes Good, Glory Cloud Coffee, and Lighthouse Coffee. 


Cat Playroom Essentials

When it was finally our turn to play, Hayley escorted us through the double set of doors (to prevent any runaways) into the large Cat Lounge space.  

The space, while inside, has been decorated to feel like you’re outside.  There is a huge climbing tree for the cats in the center, and cozy chairs, couches, and tables for human-friends to play with their new feline-friends.

One of the most visually appealing parts to the room are the cascading butterflies along one of the walls.  Each butterfly camouflages a climbing shelf that the cats can explore on. Colors are neutral and earth-toned, making the space relaxing despite the chaos of the kitties.

My daughter quickly found one of the many baskets filled with kitty toys. She had the best time going from cat to cat, “giving” them a toy to play with.  We are a dog-family so she didn’t quite grasp the fact that a cat will do what it wants, when it wants, but my daughter had fun none-the-less.  My mom and I each found a kitty that needed some extra love and got to petting, until all we heard was purrs.   

Enchanted Cat Cafe Review

Adoptions, Fostering and Rescue Support

We loved our kitties for our full scheduled time and were sad to say goodbye to our new friends.  We did find out that each cat is available to take home with you if one hour is just not enough. That’s right. The Enchanted Cat Café offers the ability to adopt a new life-long companion! 

At the time of publication, 17 cats have found forever homes through The Enchanted Cat Café.

The Enchanted Cat Café is proud to be partnered with a few local and rural cat rescues: ARGONN, Grace for the Voiceless, Precious Paws Society of NV, and Feral at Heart. The rescues specialize in various cat saving efforts, and the café helps by expanding rescue capacities as they work to find forever homes for the kitties. 

In addition to helping the cats “in-house”, the Enchanted Cat Café makes a conscious effort to give back to the community.  They have donated over $2300 to their rescue partners.

Cat Yoga

The newest addition to The Enchanted Cat Café is Cat Yoga. It’s the perfect opportunity to practice your stretching, alongside cats who know how to do it best. 

Cat Yoga is held on Wednesday nights from 5-6:15pm in the Cat Lounge. Space is limited to 15 participants per session, so reservations are recommended.  The cost is $25 per Cat Yoga session.

Enchanted Cat Cafe Review

Book the Space for Parties, Events, and More

One of the things that took my most by surprise when visiting The Enchanted Cat Café was the amount of space the café has.  It was nice to hear that Hayley and Devin encourage people to use the space for meetings, parties, and more.

There is no fee to visit the café/meeting area, and there is plenty of room to hangout, study, work, or have a meeting.

In addition to the two mentioned rooms (the main café and the Cat Lounge) there is an additional, upstairs room, perfect for working quietly, hosting a birthday party, or holding a meeting. 

Passes and Bonuses

The Enchanted Cat Café offers a membership for cat lovers who just can’t get enough! Membership includes unlimited access to Cat Lounge, discounted guest access, discounts on food and drink, access to exclusive members-only events, and more.  Memberships are available for individuals as well as families.

Tips for Your Visit

  • As stated, it is important to make a reservation. You are able to enjoy a delicious snack and watch the cats from the main café room, but if your goal is to tickle some tummies, it’s best to plan in advance and make a reservation.
  • Allergies! If you have them, come prepared.  Take your meds before, or have them ready for after.  The Enchanted Cat Café is a café, not a pharmacy, and does not have allergy medications available.
  • Dress accordingly. You will without a doubt leave The Enchanted Cat Café filled with happiness and glee, but you will also have some fur with you too.  Dress accordingly if you are averse to pet hair.
  • Handler Care. I suggest discussing with your kid, proper pet handling before heading to The Enchanted Cat Café. Even if you have cats at home, it’s important to discuss using soft voices, gentle hands, and walking feet. It’s easy to get excited once there, which can be overwhelming for the kitties.

Enchanted Cat Cafe Review

Have you visited yet?

We would definitely recommend making a visit to The Enchanted Cat Café, whether you’re a cat lover or not. I have to admit, my stress and anxiety decreased significantly after giving some love and attention to a few new feline friends.  

The cats were calm around my daughter and everyone had an absolutely PURRRRRfect time.

Have you been to The Enchanted Cat Café?  If so, what was your experience like?  Please share on NVMoms.com socials, we would love to hear from you!

Sarah Bear Rively is a Reno resident for over 30 years and loves the uniqueness of Northern Nevada. Sarah and her husband are parents to a sassy, smart, considerate “three-anger". Sarah has spent the majority of her career helping Reno’s at-risk populations through non-profit and social service work.  She now proudly works for the Northern Nevada Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association. Sarah considers herself a fun-loving person who enjoys laughing, getting creative, helping the community, and spending time with family.  You can follow her in real life on Instagram and TikTok.