Love is in the Air with The Dolly Llama’s Limited-Time Valentine’s Day Waffle!!

Ditch the box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day this year, because The Dolly Llama is crafting a super sweet Valentine’s Waffle!!

On February 14th and 15th only, The Dolly Llama is offering their Valentine’s waffle featuring strawberry ice cream, nutella sauce, a pink strawberry kit kat bar and sweetheart toppings with sprinkles! Guests may top it on a Bubble Waffle or enjoy in a cup! 


Known for their over-the-top desserts featuring fun ice cream flavors and waffles inspired from around the world, The Dolly Llama always brings something special to their guests for the holidays. Guests are encouraged to decorate and personalize their own desserts with their choice of waffle: either the aesthetically pleasing Bubble Waffle that is derived from Hong Kong or the traditional Belgian-style waffle. Offering lots of toppings and sauces, the possibilities for desserts are endless! The concept also offers milkshakes, waffle ice cream sandwiches and personalized waffle boxes, proving that not all waffles need syrup!


This limited-time Valentine’s Day Waffle is ONLY being offered for two days, so bring your valentine to The Dolly Llama for a delicious & lovable sweet treat! 

The event is finished.