Father’s Day Gift Guide (12 Gifts They ACTUALLY Want!)

If your husband, brother, or father-in-law is tough to shop for, here is your go-to Father’s Day Gift Guide.

I’m pretty lucky that 11 years of being with my husband has led to simplified Christmas and Father’s day lists. I send him links to exactly what I want and he does the same.

I know, it’s so boring. But when you have 3 kids to shop for, it just makes life easier. We save the surprises for anniversaries.

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Fathers Day Gift Guide

Fathers Day Gift Guide

Melin hats

My husband is what you would call…well, there’s no way around it. He’s bald. Has been since I met him. There are two things you can absolutely count on when it comes to Ryan. Number one, he will know the make, model, and year of every classic car he passes on the road. And number two, he will undoubtedly be wearing a hat.

If your husband is a lover of baseball hats, then this is an absolute must purchase. Now, I will start by saying that it is definitely expensive as far as hats go, but it is worth every penny.

How, might you ask? Well if your husband’s closet looks anything like mine, there are a dozen or more hats piled high. And you know what they have in common? They stink and they have sweat stains.

Problem solved with Melin’s A-Game Hydro and its magical anti-absorption material. No sweat marks, no stink. Magic.

BruMate Insulated Can Cooler

Cheaper than a Yeti with more color options, the BruMate is an anti-sweat copper layered beer holder to keep his libations icy cold.

Hint. Tell your hubby they also make BruMate champagne flutes to keep your bubbles extra cold.

Reebow Gear Tactical Backpack

This is actually an item on my husband’s wish list this year. If you have an outdoor guy, this heavy duty backpack includes multiple compartments, one of which fits a hydration bladder. It’s perfect for hunting, backpacking, and as a backup survival bag.

Handmade Wallet

As a service wife, I am always looking for unique gifts for my firefighter hubby. This fire season has been one of the most difficult in the 11 years I have been a part of this life.

If you have someone special in your life that is a current or former firefighter, then this gift is definitely something special. It’s a wallet handmade from a real, recycled fire hose, and adorned with an American flag.

These do sell out fast.

Eclipse Holsters

Calling all CCW carriers or gun enthusiasts! Not only are you supporting a small business with this gift, but you’re getting a quality, made-to-order product.

Eclipse creates custom-made Kydex holsters and magazine pouches. All you need to know is the make/model of your hubby’s weapon and which hand he shoots with. Then you select your custom print and voila, your holster will be on its way in under 3 days.

G-Shock Watch

Funny story. I bought this watch for my husband for a wedding anniversary one year. Three years later, our youngest, most strong-willed child lost it. We’re pretty sure she threw it in the trash and to this day, Ryan hasn’t recovered.

If you are looking to go big or go home, this is one of those gifts. It’s manly, it’s rugged, it has gauges that don’t even make sense to me. But it will be a winner in the gift department.

Just make sure you learn from Ryan and set an alarm to go off on your watch every day at the same time. You know, in case you have to go trash diving.

Craft Beer Club Membership

I won’t even lie, I kind of want to put this on my wish list. If your husband is a beer connoisseur, then a membership to the craft beer club will get him a combination of 12 beers a month.

Perfect to use on poker night, working in the garage…or sharing with your wife.

Black Rifle Coffee

Not a beer guy? How about coffee? Black Rifle Coffee is a veteran-owned coffee company whose mission is to support veterans, law enforcement, and first responders.

Choose from a selection of their bold flavors and once your hubby finds his favorite, you can join the Black Rifle coffee club so that his roast arrives on time each month. BR is also sold at various stores in Northern Nevada, including Scheels.

Wood Phone Docking Station

Wallet, keys, extra change…this docking station will hold it all while also charging his phone. The sleek brown wood organizer is compatible with all smartphones and will keep his side of the bed looking neat-ish.

Hedge Trimmer

While I have never attempted to use this specific tool (unlike the dozen screwdrivers I secretly steal for various purposes), it is a tool that is commonly borrowed by my husband’s man friends.

It trims hedges and stuff. That’s all I got.


If dad likes to read, Matthew McConaughey’s newest bestseller is packed full of wisdom, life lessons, and how to look for “green lights”. Or as he calls it, a love letter – to life.

Car Jump Starter

Does the dad in your life like gadgets? Then this needs to be at the top of your shopping list. Not only is it compact, but this little power pack will jump-start a vehicle and quickly charge his electronic devices through USB ports.

Father's Day Gift Ideas

When In Doubt…

Hopefully, this Father’s Day gift guide was helpful! If all else fails, gift cards to Scheels, Summit Racing, Best Buy, and Home Depot are always a winner in my house.

Now…if I could just get him to put “renovate kitchen” on his wishlist.

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