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My Experience and Review with FemiLift Vaginal Rejuvenation

Whether you’re a mom or not, there is one thing that we as all women share, our vaginal health. I was able to experience the FemiLift vaginal rejuvenation and am excited to share my review.

If you ask most women in Reno who they go-to for all things aesthetics, most likely you are going to hear about Injection Gal.

The Beauty Collective, owned by a board-certified nurse practitioner Darian Thorp, is one of Reno’s most highly rated beauty, cosmetic, and personal care businesses.

In addition to her superior aesthetic work, Darian also spent years in OB, making her the ideal candidate when talking to a medical professional about vaginal rejuvenation.

From Botox to threading, and facials to fillers, Darian’s stunning office is both inviting and beautifully designed.

The Treatment

I was able to experience the FemiLift using the PixelPerfect Co2 laser. This particular vaginal rejuvenation consists of three total sessions, with each session approximately 4 weeks apart.

But the best part, the session from start to finish will take you less time than most Starbucks drive-thru wait times.

How it works

“Pixel Perfect works by creating thousands of microscopic perforations while leaving the surrounding tissue intact. This allows for very rapid healing.”

Although my personal experience was for vaginal rejuvenation, the Pixel Perfect laser can also be used to smooth out acne scars, clear sun damage, decrease facial wrinkles, and improve skin imperfections.

Some of the intended results from the FemiLift sessions include vaginal tightening, bladder control that may be a result of the loosening of tissue, and increased lubrication.

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Women who are not ideal candidates:

  • If you have had a vaginal or bladder mesh procedure
  • Pregnant mothers
  • Individuals with active infections
  • Individuals who are undergoing cancer treatments

The good news? There is no age limit for adult women who are interested in having this procedure.

femilift requirements

What to know before you go:

  • You will need to have your last pap smear results sent in. This can take time so be sure to request that information in advance of your appointment
  • You will need to do a pregnancy test upon arrival before each appointment
  • No sex for three days after the procedure
  • You cannot be menstruating at the time of your procedure
  • You will have light discharge for a few days after the discharge and may need to wear a panty liner

Outside of that, the rest is pretty simple! After your pregnancy test you will remove your clothes from the waist down and don one of those sexy OBGYN paper blankets. You’ll recline in a comfy chair with your legs in stirrups.

All in all, it’s similar to your routine GYN visit, only you know you’re walking away with exciting results!

Pain level

This is probably the most common question I have received. Like any procedure, pain is subjective to each individual. I consider myself someone with a high pain tolerance but I think most women will find this tolerable.

Essentially, a Co2 laser wand is inserted into the vaginal canal and a series of perforations are created in a 360-degree pattern. Each pass takes approximately 3-5 minutes with a total of three passes in each session. Between each pass, the laser energy is dialed up slightly.

As the wand is inserted and the laser begins, the zaps closest to your cervix are almost undetectable. As the laser got closer to the vaginal opening, the sensation was definitely stronger, but again, tolerable.

To me, it felt like a warm, light rubber band snap. But as soon as the discomfort occurred, it was immediately gone. I also noticed that my second session was even more comfortable than the first because I knew what to expect.

I did have light cramping the day after my first round, but nothing after my second round.

The results

I am about 1 week past my third session, I have been able to see some amazing results. Even though I delivered both my babies via c-section, they were each over 9lbs and those pregnancies definitely took a toll on my bladder.

Pre FemiLift, I was like most moms. Too low of a squat, too many jumps on a trampoline, or a big sneeze inevitably came with a need to cross my legs and squeeze!

Additionally, when I had to pee, I had to go like, RIGHT THEN, or I suffered the paranoia of being a 38-year-old woman who peed their pants in public.

Those sensations have almost all but disappeared completely, I noticed this even after only two sessions.

“I am about 1 week past my third session, I have been able to see some amazing results. Even though I delivered both my babies via c-section, they were each over 9lbs and those pregnancies definitely took a toll on my bladder.”

What the husband says

Not that I did this procedure for him, but let’s be honest, I really wanted to know if there were differences that my husband of 11 years could notice. And his response? A resounding yes.

Tightness and lubrication were the biggest differences that he could tell, and sensitivity (in a good way) was what I noticed the most.

Now, I have also personally noticed an increase in sex drive. I am not sure if it has been from the sessions or the confidence to know that my mama regions are getting a little pep! Either way, I call it winning.

The cost

The FemiLift is definitely going to run you more than your average trip for Botox, with the total coming in around $2500. However, the price of the results is, in my opinion, worth every single penny.

As women, our instinct is to care for the health of others, inevitably before our own. The FemiLift is an investment I would recommend to any woman who is ready to care for their own health and experience benefits that many of us don’t even realize we need.

I would highly recommend Darian and her staff if you are interested in learning more or booking an appointment for a FemiLift.


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