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Guide to FREE Henderson Park Pals & Vegas Pop-Up Parks (2024)

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As the Nevada sun warms up and families crave outdoor adventures, two exciting programs are springing into action – Henderson Park Pals and Vegas Pop-Up Parks.

Offering a vibrant blend of free activities and interactive games, these initiatives promise to transform local parks into hubs of laughter, exploration, and community spirit.

Whether you’re a seasoned parent searching for engaging activities or a newcomer seeking ways to connect, read on to discover the magic that awaits in Henderson and Las Vegas parks this year.

henderson park pals vegas pop-up parks

What is Henderson Park Pals?

The Henderson Park Pals program, typically held every Wednesday from April through May, has become a beloved tradition for families in the area. Once the summer heat comes around, Park Pals turns into SPLASH PALS!

A variety of sport activities and games will be set up each day for your enjoyment. From kickball to tag, each day from 10am-noon will be a new activity.

Imagine your little ones kicking off a friendly game of kickball, honing their hand-eye coordination in a game of tag, or learning the basics of basketball with expert instruction. Park Pals provides a safe and encouraging environment for children to explore different sports, develop teamwork skills, and get their energy pumping in the fresh air.

The beauty of Park Pals lies in its inclusivity. It caters to a wide range of ages and abilities, ensuring that every child can participate and have a blast. Parents can look forward to not only witnessing their children’s joy but also connecting with other families in the community. Pack a picnic lunch, spread out a blanket, and enjoy an afternoon of laughter, exercise, and friendly competition under the Nevada sun.

Park Pals Schedule

Note: This schedule is subject to change per City of Henderson.

  • April 12: Madeira Canyon Park (2390 Democracy Dr.) – CANCELLED
  • April 17: Citrine Park (137 E. Warm Springs Rd.)
  • April 19: Desert Pulse Park (475 Pulse Ave.)
  • April 26: Attesa Park (2445 Via Centro)
  • April 27: Tuscany Park (1550 E. Galleria Dr.)
  • May 1: Water Street Plaza (240 S. Water Street)
  • May 3: Paradise Pointe Park (15 Archer Glen Ave.)
  • May 8: Cinnamon Ridge Park (825 Burkholder Blvd.)
  • May 10: Avellino Park (1050 Chaparral Rd.)
  • May 15: Water Street Plaza (240 S. Water Street)
  • May 17: Allegro Park 1023 Seven Hills Dr.
  • May 22: Montagna Park (3495 Via Altamira)
  • May 24: Solista Park 1890 Via Firenze Rd.
  • May 25: Aventura Park 2525 Via Firenze Rd

Splash Pals Schedule

Note: This schedule is subject to change per City of Henderson.

  • June 7: Mission Hills (551 E. Mission Dr.)
  • June 14: Reunion Trails Park (44 Chapata Dr.)
  • June 21: Saguaro Park (600 Pounds Way)
  • June 28:  Weston Hills Park (950 Weston Ridge St.)
  • June 29: Dundee Jones Park (10550 Jefferys St.)
  • July 5: Acacia Park (50 Casa Del Fuego St.)
  • July 12: Aventura Park (2525 Via Firenze Rd)
  • July 19: Hidden Falls Park (281 W. Horizon)
  • July 26: Amador Vista Park (1562 Amador Ln.)
  • July 27: Mission Hills Park (551 E. Mission Dr.)
  • August 2: Montagna Park (3495 Via Altamira)
  • August 9:  Weston Hills Park (950 Weston Ridge St.)
  • August 16: Saguaro Park (600 Pounds Way)
  • August 23: Esselmont Park (2725 Anthem Highlands Dr.)
  • August 30: Wells Park (1640 Price St.)
  • August 31: Reunion Trails Park (44 Chapata Dr.)

What is Las Vegas Pop-Up Parks & Recreation?

Beyond Henderson, the innovative Vegas Pop-Up Parks program is bringing temporary parks to underserved neighborhoods throughout Las Vegas. Launched in 2023, this initiative aims to address the lack of green spaces in certain areas and provide residents with accessible recreational opportunities.

These pop-up parks are more than just grassy patches. They’re vibrant, interactive havens filled with playful equipment, artistic installations, and engaging activities.

The focus on accessibility is a key strength of the Vegas Pop-Up Parks & Recreation program. The locations are strategically chosen to ensure easy access for families who may not have the resources to travel to larger parks. This approach helps bridge the gap and ensures all children have the opportunity to experience the social, physical, and mental benefits of outdoor play.

Las Vegas Pop-Up Parks Schedule

Building a Community Through Play

Both Henderson Park Pals and Las Vegas Pop-Up Parks offer more than just physical activity. They provide an opportunity for families to connect and build a sense of community.

These programs foster social interaction between children and parents, encouraging them to engage in playful activities together. Additionally, they create a space for neighbors to meet, chat, and build friendships while their children have fun.

For parents, these events can be a valuable resource for finding support and creating a network with other families. They can share experiences, learn from one another, and create lasting memories alongside their children.

Plan Your Park Adventure Today!

Whether you reside in Henderson or Las Vegas, make sure to take advantage of these vibrant programs. Grab your family, pack some snacks, and head down to your local park.

LIST: Local Parks & Splash Pads

You’ll experience the joy of sports and outdoor games, build connections within your community, and create lasting memories that your children will cherish. Remember, Henderson Park Pals and Vegas Pop-Up Parks are more than just programs; they’re invitations to connect, have fun, and make the most of the beautiful Nevada weather.

So, lace up your sneakers, grab your little ones, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in the park!

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