prenatal education classes

Free Prenatal Education Classes in Reno-Sparks

It can be such an exciting time when expecting a child, but it can also be overwhelming. Whether you’re a new parent or a parent to multiple children, prenatal education classes can serve as a great opportunity to learn information about having a baby.

Prenatal education classes are designed for parents and family to learn important skills before baby arrives.

Classes offered at Northern Nevada Sierra Medical Center include:

  • Coping With Labor
  • Birth Mapping
  • Movement and Positioning in Pregnancy
  • When to Go and What to Expect at the Hospital
  • Breastfeeding
  • Friends and Family Infant CPR
  • Newborn Care
  • Postpartum Expectations and Planning

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Free Prenatal Education Classes Offered in Reno-Sparks

Getting ready for labor, delivery and postpartum can be an overwhelming task. Whether you plan to labor in a labor tub, utilize an epidural or not, or have a partner and a certified doula, don’t skip these important classes.

We even courage moms on their second or beyond pregnancy to refresh their knowledge with prenatal education. Not only can elements of education change with time but it is a great way to meet other expecting families.

Coping with Labor

Labor can be mentally and physically challenging, and it can be hard to predict how each laboring experience will progress. This class will review different pain management techniques you can use both on your own and in collaboration with your care team.

Birth Mapping

Before you arrive at the hospital, it can be helpful to think about, discuss and plan for the journey of having a baby. Identifying things that are important to you or things that may give you pause and discussing your expectations can help you work your way through this journey.

Birth Mapping prenatal education classes will help you explore the different paths this journey can take you on and you will have an opportunity to discuss and ask questions of the nurse instructor.

prenatal education classes

Movement and Positioning in Pregnancy

Learn how to work with your body and your baby through movement and positioning, which may help labor progress and increase comfort. In this class, you will learn tools for working with your partner during the laboring process.

Going to the Hospital: When to Go

Waiting for your little one to join you is a time of great anticipation, but that same excitement can make it difficult to know when it is time to head to the hospital.

In this class, you will learn about the signs and situations in which it is best to wait at home before heading to the hospital or when it is time to head to a hospital for monitoring or delivery.


Breastfeeding is wonderful for both mom and baby. However, there can be a learning curve with breastfeeding as every baby and experience can differ.

This class will talk about the common difficulties with breastfeeding and discuss various tips and tricks to help make the transition for both mom and baby as smooth as possible.

Friends and Family Infant CPR

CPR is a life-saving skill for anyone who may be interacting with a child, including friends and family! This class will be a hands-on demonstration of the steps of CPR.

Life-saving Practices for Learning Infant and Child CPR

One of the most critical skills to learn is how to respond to an infant or child who is experiencing a cardiac or breathing emergency. The American Red Cross recommends the following steps for performing infant and child CPR.

Always remember to dial 9-1-1 to ensure emergency medical personnel can quickly get to your home or other location.

Performing CPR Step-by-Step

  1. Place the child on their back on a flat, firm surface
  2. Give 30 compressions. Performing CPR on an infant versus a child is different, and you will need to learn the best hand or finger movements to ensure it is properly done. Visit the Red Cross’ website to review practices for different ages.
  3. Give 2 breaths.
  4. Continue giving sets of 30 compressions and 2 breaths until you notice a sign of life, an AED is ready to use, EMS personnel have arrived, or if the situation becomes unsafe to continue performing CPR.

prenatal education classes

Newborn Care

It might be overwhelming as a first-time parent to grasp the various considerations that come with caring for a newborn. In this class, you will learn about the top tips and tricks to keep in mind when bringing your little one home.

Newborn care prenatal education classes will include time for questions to ensure you are able to address any concerns you have.

Postpartum Expectations & Planning

Having a new baby is an amazing experience but it can be challenging.  Come to this class to discuss and learn about all the many changes that can happen when a new baby arrives.

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