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Galentines Day Gift Ideas

I am so excited to share Galentines gift ideas. Valentines is one of those holidays many love or hate but its’ cousin, Galentines’ Day, can almost certainly be loved by all and appreciated as a way to celebrate womanhood. I personally have always loved Galentines Day!

I have often used Valentines as a way to treat many of my gal pals. Turning Valentines into Galentines. I remember being single during several Valentines Day’s and having amazing friends plan a date night to a fancy restaurant or schedule pedicures and cocktails.

Those memories where we focused on womanhood and talked about our dreams stay with me to this day.

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Treat Your Galentine

Here are some great ways to treat your Galentines this year no matter what stage of life they are in.

For The Always-Too-Busy Pal or Mompreneur

We all have great intentions of getting together with our girlfriends but somehow life gets in the way. This Valentines, commit to making it happen by setting a time and date to check out that new coffee shop or wine bar that you both have been wanting to check out.

Galentines Day Coffee Date

Have a friend that really can’t get away? Find out what their regular coffee order is and order it ahead by using the Starbucks app and sending the order to their closest Starbucks location. Shoot them a quick text saying “Happy Galentines’ Day, coffee is on me today! Let’s get together soon”.

Check out our favorite Nevada coffee shops below!

For the friend that is killing the game but may be too busy or far away to meet up, send them an inspiring message from a female-empowerment Instagram account such as @recipesforselflove or and let them know how much you inspire and love them.

Group Activities

You’re gonna want to get the gals together for this one and the more the merrier. Plan an in-home spa day. We all know that spa days at a luxury spa day are, not only nearly impossible to schedule but also can be a bit pricey.

Plan a fun spa day at home. Choose a hostess and have everyone bring a drink or spa-themed snack.

Pick up some sheet masks or under eye gels and have a fun time relaxing make-up free while watching the latest female-empowerment movie, playing board games or simply catching up with each other.

As a little take home gift, give your Galentines a small skincare treat such a this Rose Water Toner from Trader Joe’s ($3.99) to help them keep treating themselves at home.

I promise they will smile every time they do their morning routine knowing their gal pal keeps them glowing. Check out other fun ways to have a moms-night-in.

Take A Class

Another great group activity to try out with a special Galentine or a group is a fitness class. Check out that new Barre or boxing studio you have all been talking about. Can’t get a babysitter? Plan a hike together and bring the kids along for it.

Family Friendly

Sometimes it’s just hard to schedule time away without the family. Cooking together or making Valentine cookies for the kiddos are great options for family-friendly Valentines, but how about getting the ladies together and getting things done at the same time? Here are some ideas that are also family friendly!

Swap Clothes

Clothing swaps are a great way to get together and also purge your closet. You can base it on a theme to make it easier to focus on what to bring such as summer clothes or accessories. Get the kids involved by having them bring clothes they’ve grown out of or toys they no longer use.

Whatever doesn’t get swapped can be donated to a locate charity that accepts clothing donations. Knowing that funky necklace you didn’t wear as much as you wanted, knowing it went to a good home will bring you both joy and the kids will learn the valuable lessons of recycling, reusing and donating.

Snow Fun

Plan a snowshoeing or sledding date. This is easy enough to do with just your Galentines or the whole family. Click here to check out some great local spots for sledding and snowshoeing.

For The New Mom

For those of us that have new moms in our lives,  Chances are they have barely had a moment alone and self-care seems like a distant thought.

How about treating them and yourself to a manicure or pedicure?

Catching up with your new mom Galentine will truly show them how much you care but make sure to plan ahead and let the momma know you want to schedule this for them.

If needed, help them get childcare by booking your niece, another close family friend or even yourself to watch the baby.

My favorite local place to get pedicures is Soak Lounge where they use natural and organic skincare ingredients in all their services and even offer delicious cocktails to enjoy while you receive your service.

For The Single Ladies

Singletons can have it hard around Valentines especially if they are going through a breakup or divorce. Make sure to reach out to them and send them a little love.

For a way to splurge on both of you, book a reservation for a Valentines pre-fixe dinner or plan a weekend getaway to check out a few wineries.

Can’t get away? How about picking up a small bouquet of flowers at your local grocery store or from your local florist to simply let them know you are thinking of them.

Take The Time

No matter what your relationship status is this year, remember you are always surrounded by friends. Take the opportunity to send our girlfriends a message of love.

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Vania Carter-Strauss

Vania Carter-Strauss is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner with experience in vascular health, wound care and pulmonology. She is also co-owner of Prude & Boujee, a sheet mask boutique in Reno, Nevada that specializes in sheet masks and Asian skincare. Vania believes in the balance of science and art and loves using her knowledge about the body and health to help people feel empowered in their healthcare and skincare decisions. Visit the shop at 606 W. Plumb Ln. #9 Reno, NV.