Genoa Candy Dance

Genoa Candy Dance, a Local’s Review

The Genoa Candy Dance is such a fun family event! Located in the beautiful town of Genoa, NV, and full of history and excitement, this event is great for all ages.

We will go through the history of the Genoa Candy Dance, as well as the pros, cons, and tips!

Genoa Candy Dance

Genoa is the oldest settlement in Nevada and back in 1919 the town needed to raise money to purchase and install street lights.

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A Genoa resident, Lillian Virgin Finnegan, thought up the idea to host a dance and pass out homemade candy in order to raise funds for this endeavor.

The event was a success and the town was able to host the event every year to help pay for the maintenance and electric bills. Several years later, the arts and crafts fair was added and the tradition has continued on over 100 years later.


Genoa is located 20 minutes from Carson City, or about 45 minutes from Reno. The event itself takes place on Foothill Blvd in front of Genoa Town Hall.

There is plenty of parking if you head out early enough. There is also plenty of staff and security to help direct you to the best parking lot.

Genoa Candy Dance Parking

Hours and Cost

The Genoa Candy Dance Arts & Crafts Faire takes place annually on the last full weekend of September.

The Candy Dance is free to attend, but you will want to make sure to have your wallet with you to indulge in the delicious food and treats as well as pick up a few handmade items while you’re there.

Tips for Your Visit

Come Early

This event can get very crowded and have long lines for fun activities. If you and your little ones want to get the most bang for your buck, make sure to arrive early.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time to Enjoy

Give yourself plenty of time to check out the Candy Dance. Allot yourself around 3 hours to experience the full event.


There is a shuttle that can take you from the parking lot to the event if you would prefer to not do the short walk from the parking lot to the event.

Have a Meeting Spot

If you’re trying to meet up with friends or family, definitely plan a meet-up spot ahead of time. There is little to no service, so it will be difficult to find each other. Choose a meet-up spot in case anyone gets lost.

Genoa Candy Dance Crowd


Since the Candy Dance takes place in September, you will want to prepare for warmer weather. Things to bring:

Sunscreen is also highly advisable to put on before attending. Comfortable walking shoes are a must as well.


This event is dog friendly so feel free to bring your pups along! Make sure to have extra bags to clean up after them.

Since there will be a lot of people and other dogs, it is best to make sure you and your dogs feel comfortable in crowds.

Genoa Candy Dance Candy Shop

Bring Cash for Vendors

There are vendors for anything and everything at the Candy Dance!

My advice would be to walk through all the tents and check out what there is to offer, then circle back and make your purchases.

You never know what might be around the corner!

Also, it would be best to bring cash with you in case any vendors want a cash purchase. Don’t forget to check out the shops that are along the main road as well!


The Candy Dance has a selection of fair food including, but not limited to, corn dogs, fries, lemonade, cotton candy, kettle corn, and of course candy! They do also have adult beverages. Even the pickiest eater will have something they will want to eat.

We always recommend bringing a small cooler with some water and snacks as it can get hot and lines can get long.

Have You Been To Genoa Candy Dance?

If you haven’t been to the Genoa Candy Dance I highly recommend checking it out and spending some time exploring the town.

It is one of the top events in Carson Valley that you don’t want to miss!

Candice is a new mom to a little boy born in April of 2022. She moved from Los Angeles to Gardnerville in the summer of 2019 and loves exploring everything Northern Nevada has to offer. Candice has run 2 marathons, enjoys hiking and backpacking with her family and their two dogs, and loves heading out to watch a good movie for date night.