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Gymnastics Nevada Reno-Sparks, a Local Mom’s Review

If you’re like me, then you do much better when your kids are BUSY! My youngest is constantly twirling and flipping all over the house so gymnastics was our first stop when moving to Reno. Hopefully, this Gymnastics Nevada review will help you decide if it’s the right fit for your littles. 

With a large span of ages for my kids (4,6, and 14) I have noticed that the more downtime they have, the more chaotic our house becomes. We definitely try not to overshedule our kids. Choosing one “activity” at a time, so that they have a place to release energy outside of school. And, well…quite frankly, this Uber mom can’t handle much more than driving to three separate activities during the week. 

What To Do With All That Energy

Since my youngest, Mack, is only in preschool 4 days a week, it opens up more options for daytime activities when the older kids are at school. I swear this kid came into the world kicking and flipping…she sure did practice while I was pregnant with her. 

Mack has always lived life to the beat of her own drum so I wanted an activity that allowed her to get her energy out. I also wanted something to give her the structure of my strong-willed, high energy kiddo needs. So, off to gymnastics, we went. 

Side note, this Gymnastics Nevada Review is predominantly for the Sparks location and for parents of younger kids.


Gymnastics Nevada has two locations, one in South Reno off Trademark Drive and the one we attend in Sparks, behind the Coconut Bowl.

Their website offers separate schedules for each location and is broken down by categories that include: boys, girls, tots, tumbling and dance and can be found by using this link 

Tots classes

There are four different options for kiddos crawling to age 5. These include wiggle worms, parent and me, preschool, and a gymnastics/dance combo class. Each of these classes is around 45 minutes and costs $72 a month. Their website has a description of each class along with the age requirements and class availability.

Gymnastics + Dance

This was our choice for Miss Mack. It involves a rotation through things like the long trampoline, the marshmallow pit, tumbling circuits and 10-15 minutes of basic dance. During the year, students also learn a routine that is performed at the exhibition for parents. 

While we love this class, the only downside is that despite skill level and age, students cannot move out of the tots classes until they are 6 years old. If you have a kinder aged child that you held back for a year or an incredibly tall 4 ½-year-old like mine, they may be in a class with much younger kiddos which means slightly less structure. 

Regardless, Mack enjoys every moment of tumbling and twirling! 

The morning class sizes are also very small and the gym is super quiet, which allows for more attention on each child and for mine, fewer distractions! 

Classes in the evening, especially for the gym, in general, seem to be a bit more crowded because of the number of parents who work and need evening classes. 

reno gymnastics


Twice a year, the gym puts on a themed performance for families. I love that this is 100% voluntary and parents aren’t pressured into participating. This can be good if you have a younger child who may not be ready for the stage. 

This performance is actually more like an exhibition, where gymnasts from all levels take turns demonstrating the skills from their individual classes, wearing matching leotards according to the theme. 

My daughter loved performing her dance routine and walking through the gym circuits, proudly waving to us in the crowd. 

My only feedback is that the program is a little long for the tot’s kids, around an hour and a half, with around 10-15 minutes of that being their performance time. When they aren’t on the floor demonstrating their skills with their group, they are sitting on the side waiting to go back out.

If your kiddo is anything like mine, then sitting still anywhere for longer than ten minutes is an accomplishment. 

The older kids do have quite a bit more exhibition time which equals less sitting and more bang for your buck when it comes to the performance fee. Participation and the matching leotard run about $50, and tickets to the event are $5 per person. 


If my middle kiddo Grant hadn’t been in both soccer and then t-ball, this is the class I would have chosen for him. As the website states, kids learn “energy release discipline, daily challenges and wins, sweet moves to show off to their friends, and core strength and agility to prep or complement any sport.” 

My neighbor has both of her boys enrolled in the Ninja class and stated that their agility and self-confidence have improved since enrolling in this class! 


These are two of my favorite things about Gymnastics Nevada. You can host your child’s birthday party at the gym, even if you aren’t a member. Parties are an hour and a half and can include up to 40 children. The fee also includes access to a private coach who leads partygoers through the long trampoline, parachute games, obstacle courses and more. 

Parents have access to the balcony where they can serve cake and ice cream and watch the fun happen below.

gymnastics in reno sparks

Parents Night Out 

Looking for a short date night break from your kiddos? Gym Nevada hosts a parent’s night out every few weeks. For around $30, kids ages 6-14 (and 5-year-olds enrolled in kinder) can enjoy 3 hours of open gym, snacks, and games. 

Participants do not have to be members to enjoy the fun as long as a waiver is signed. The event is safe, well-monitored, and is great for my son, who can attend without being a member. It’s one of his favorite things to do in the area.

Additional info

  • There is no dress code for the tot’s classes. I recommend clothing that is stretchy, where kids can move easily (leotards, leggings, athletic shorts, t-shirts, etc)
  • If you cancel your membership to the gym, do so a minimum of 2 weeks before your payment is set to post
  • Parents can watch classes but are asked to do so from the viewing balcony above the gym
  • Kids can try a free class to see if it is the right fit for them
  • The website schedule allows you to see how many available openings there are for each class. If a class is closed, you can be added to the waitlist
  • There are dozens of other classes for older kids and classes for competitive gymnasts as well
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