Hikes in Carson City and Carson Valley

Family Friendly Hikes in Carson City and Carson Valley

If you are looking for some family friendly hikes in carson city and carson valley you have come to the right spot!

I’m sharing my favorite spots for your family to enjoy!

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Tips for Hiking Trails With Kids

Getting the family out for fresh air can lead to amazing memories! Here are some basic tips for hikes in Carson City and Carson Valley with your loved ones.

  • Let the kids set the pace
  • Make sure restroom visits are done before the hike
  • Apply sunscreen 15 minutes before hike and re-apply every 2 hours
  • Bring snacks and hydration
  • Dress in layers ,wear sturdy shoes and bring hats
  • Educate children to look and not touch wildlife or plants
  • Make sure cell phone is charged and available to make emergency calls if needed
  • Teach, play and sing songs along the trail. Ask questions and bring a notebook to write questions down to research when you return home.
  • Do not leave anything, including trash, behind on the trail


Family Friendly Hikes in Carson City and Carson Valley

Kings Canyon Waterfall Hike

This short hike includes some steep areas but the reward at the end is the beautiful waterfall. Right now dogs are no longer permitted due to the need to protect Carson City’s drinking water. This hike is recommended for children that can walk/hike or use a hiking baby carrier.

Exposure: This hike is mostly sunny. Some shaded areas near waterfall

Tip: Trail may be closed occasionally. Check roadside signs on your way up to the Canyon.

Ash Canyon Creek Trail

This hike will take you down by the creek area. Parts of this trial have some side spaces that would be perfect picnic areas. This hike has rocks, jumps and some drop offs.

Length of the trail is half a mile. The hike is one of the more difficult hikes in Carson City for young children.

Tip: Wear appropriate shoes for trail. This is a very popular mountain biking area. Stay alert for bikers.

Exposure: Partially shaded near creek area

Carson River Area

Empire ranch trail, Riverview park trail, Carson river trail, Mexican Ditch Trail

All of these hikes are the easiest for young children.

Tip: An off road stroller can be used for these hikes

Exposure: mostly sunny

C-Hill Trail

access at longview trailhead, half a mile, beautiful  views of city. Dirt two track trail. Easy trail system for young children. May be difficult with a stroller.

Tip: Please be courteous of neighbors nearby

Exposure: mostly sunny

Genoa Vista Trail

This paved 1.3 mile trail between Genoa and David Wally’s Hot Springs resort is perfect for a stroller and quick walk with the kids after a lunch in the small town of genoa

Tip: off-road gun shooting area is nearby. Sounds of gunfire may frighten children

Exposure: mostly sunny

North River Fork Road trail system

This trail system is further south of Genoa Lane in Minden, Nevada. See beautiful views of Job’s Peak. Four-mile round trip flat hiking with 0.7 mile loop.

Tip: dogs are not allowed due to the protected wildlife area. Download and print off the River Fork Ranch Trail Treasure hand out

Exposure: mostly sunny

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Enjoy The Family Friendly Hikes in Carson City and Carson Valley

Have you hiked and experienced any of these trails, please let me know which ones are your favorites.  These are just some of my favorites! Happy Trails Northern Nevada Mom Families!

Courtney is a wife, mom of three, pharmacist and health coach. She enjoys traveling/camping with her family and comedy shows. Her hobbies include cooking, running, hiking, and skiing. She was born and raised in Kentucky but has loved Northern Nevada and called it home since 2014.