Hospital Must-Haves for Expecting Moms

Hospital Must-Haves for Expecting Moms: What to Pack for the Hospital

Preparing for the arrival of a newborn is an exciting journey, and one essential aspect is getting your hospital bag ready.

While the hospital will provide many necessities, having a personalized bag with items tailored to your comfort and preferences can make the birthing experience more enjoyable. Here’s our list of hospital must-haves for expecting moms!

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Hospital Must-Haves for Expecting Moms

We have broken our hospital must-haves into different categories for you making it easy to pack your bag along the way!

Printed Birth Plan

Your birth plan is a crucial document that communicates your preferences and wishes during labor and delivery. Having a printed copy ensures that your medical team is well-informed about your choices and helps create a smoother birthing experience.

Portable Cell Phone Charger

Labor can be unpredictable, and you’ll want your phone fully charged to capture those precious moments and stay connected with loved ones. A portable charger ensures your device stays powered throughout your hospital stay.

Personal Care Items

Pack your favorite shampoo, conditioner, brush, hair ties, face wash, toothbrush, and toothpaste to maintain a sense of normalcy and freshness during your hospital stay.

Don’t forget contacts, solution, and your glasses if you need those as well!

Comfort Items

Bring a pillow and blanket or a cozy robe from home to make your hospital room feel more comfortable and familiar. Personal touches can contribute to a more relaxed environment.

Consider button down pajamas for easy breastfeeding and postpartum care.

Snacks Galore

Labor and postpartum recovery can be energy-draining, and having a variety of snacks such as chomp sticks, trail mix, and dried fruit can keep your energy levels up. Staying hydrated is crucial, so pack a water bottle and electrolyte mix.

Sleep Essentials

A sleeping mask and a fan can help create a soothing environment for rest. Adequate sleep is essential for recovery, so make sure you have the tools to promote a restful night.


Create a playlist on Spotify or Apple Music for both labor and postpartum relaxation. Bring a speaker to enjoy music during labor and create a calming atmosphere on the postpartum floor.


Facilitate breastfeeding with a comfortable nursing pillow. It provides support for both you and the baby during nursing sessions. Include nursing pads and nursing cream too!

Postpartum Care Items

Postpartum underwear and postpartum spray for your comfort and well-being during the initial days after delivery.

Baby Essentials

Pack baby clothing, swaddles, a car seat, wipes, and diapers to ensure your newborn is well-cared for during your hospital stay and the journey back home.


Bring an essential oil diffuser and your favorite essential oils to create a calming and pleasant atmosphere in your hospital room.

Items for Dad

Don’t forget to pack essential items for the supporting partner, such as comfortable clothes, toiletries, snacks, and entertainment to make their stay enjoyable as well.

Feel Prepared with these Hospital Must-Haves

Packing your hospital bag with these must-haves ensures you are well-prepared for a comfortable and positive birthing experience.

Customize the list according to your personal preferences, and don’t forget to involve your partner in the preparation process.

With these essentials in tow, you can focus on welcoming your new bundle of joy with peace of mind and comfort.

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