my first rodeo birthday party

How To Plan A My First Rodeo Birthday Party Decorations, Vendors, & More

Saddle up for a rootin’ tootin’ good time! We recently celebrated my son’s first birthday and if you know me, planning and hosting people is one of my favorite things to do. For his party, we went with a My First Rodeo birthday party theme and I am going to break it all down for you so you can plan your own!

Now while there is a pun to My First Rodeo and it being my son’s 1st birthday, you can do a rodeo theme for any age birthday with little to no changes.

My First Rodeo Birthday Party Decorations

Celebrating your little one’s first birthday with a “My First Rodeo” theme is a perfect way to embrace their adventurous spirit and create a unique and memorable party experience. My husbands family comes from deep country roots, so it seemed only fitting – plus we have tons of western wear already, so it was easy to grab from what we had.

From adorable decorations to fun activities, here’s your guide to throwing a wild (but manageable) first rodeo for your child, family member, or friend.

You can use the Table of Contents above to drop to a specific section – but I am going to share our main vendors first and then the rest of the vendors below.

my first rodeo birthday party

Welcome Sign & Backdrop | Vendor: Little Flower Moments

For our welcome sign and main backdrop we used Little Flower Moments. Little Flower Moments is an all-inclusive event décor company committed to complete customization and handcrafted designs.

This was one of the BEST decisions we did at this party. It pulled together my entire vision and the team at LFM went absolutely above and beyond. The welcome sign and backdrop were stunning and from the very beginning when meeting with them and giving them the theme and my vision, I was blown away with their mockup.

They designed and built the welcome sign, backdrop, and all balloon garlands and arches as well as brought props (rocking horse, saddle, wheels, haybales, etc.) and even the rope “Atticus” name keepsake that we got to take home. They were amazing for set-up and teardown and I cannot wait to use them again.

Discount Code

Get $50 Off Event Decor Rental with Little Flower Moments when you use code NVMOMS50. Must be given at time of booking.

my first rodeo birthday party

Audio Guestbook | Vendor: Recording Joy

So I love the idea of doing a time capsule for Atticus, but just knew people would forget to write a note on paper. So instead, we decided to have an audio guestbook through Recording Joy (the sister company to Little Flower Moments). Recording Joy is an audio guestbook & camera rental service. 

This was such a fun and different experience to include in my event planning. I had never seen it at a party I went to, but I know I wanted something for my son to have as he got older so we could listen back and hear the voices of people who love him wishing him well.

So the audio guestbook took place of the time capsule and friends and family could wish him a happy birthday, leave him wishes for the future, and any other love notes. Recording Joy sent me the files the other day and I cried listening to them and cannot wait for him to listen to them.

my first rodeo birthday party

Bounce House & Soft Play | Vendor: Soft Play NV

I knew this was going to be a kid-focused party with almost all of the children being under the age of 5. So it was an absolute MUST to have a bounce house and soft play area. I had looked at a few vendors in town and when I visited Lisa from Soft Play NV‘s website and chatted to her via message, I knew she was the perfect choice.

Not only was she affordable, but she was a mama herself and she was so willing to bring my vision to life to have the area be fun, but still neutral with the rest of the My First Rodeo birthday party decorations.

They set up a soft play area in addition to the bounce house – and let me tell you this – if I could give you ONE tip, it’s to get the soft play and bounce house for the party. The kids played in there the ENTIRE time. It was amazing. They got their energy out, played with friends, and the parents could enjoy conversations with each other. GAME CHANGER.

my first rodeo birthday party

Birthday Cake & Smash Cake | Vendor: CAKELYFE by Nattie J

I am very picky when it comes to food vendors, because often times they don’t use high quality ingredients or cut corners when making something for a large amount of people. So I went to all of you on Instagram and asked who made delicious cakes in town and my friend recommended Natalie (CAKELYFE by Nattie J) and how her designs were not only amazing, but the cake is delicious, too.

I filled out an inquiry form on Natalie’s website and waited anxiously – mainly because I asked a bajillion questions regarding the ingredients used and dyes… and was nervous the person on the other end would be annoyed. Instead I was met with this:

I do use everything organic and very seldom use any of those oils, I use mostly coconut oil if I have to use oils, but I stick to real butter in my cakes. I also do not use any powdered sugar in any of my recipes, but I use organic granulated sugar. Depending on on the design, dyes are necessary but for the decorations which most people don’t eat anyways, but with your theme of cowboy, the browns can be made with chocolate & cocoa powder.

Immediately, I knew my son’s My First Rodeo birthday party cake would be made by CAKELYFE by Nattie J just by her response – and she did not disappoint. We got the chocolate cake with chocolate mousse/buttercream and a vanilla buttercream on the outside (because I didn’t want fondant!). I think everyone was talking about the cake before, during, and after enjoying it. It was THAT GOOD.

P.S. She WON Crime Scene Kitchen!

DIY Party Favors

I wanted to put our own party favors together and kept it simple with some personalized coloring sheets, mini colored pencils, jibbetz, and a couple clean ingredient snacks.

You can see everything I included in the video above and more ideas for the best party favors for kids here.

More Decorations We Had

my first rodeo birthday party

I wanted to include some more decor we did and links below in case you’re interested. I’ll try to add more as questions come in!

  • Invitation, Signs, Decor Bundle | I purchased this bundle off of Etsy and personalized it to fit my needs for stickers, signage, etc.
  • 1st Year Photo Banner | I wanted to do a photo banner, but didn’t really want to have to find somewhere to hang things on the wall. So I DIY’ed my own and used it as centerpieces and table decor. They turned out amazing! I grabbed cheap white frames and painted cow spots on them with paint I had on hand, added photos I printed at Walgreens, and then added the corresponding age.
  • Face Stickers & Face Magnets | We buy stickers from here all the time and so I cropped my kiddos face from family photos we did and put them on stickers and magnets for friends and family to take home. These were so affordable and a hit at the party. I have his face on my water bottle now. (Use this link for a free $10 credit on your first purchase!)
  • Cake Topper | I found this cake topper and thought it was perfect to add to the cake.
  • Tablecloths | I opted for disposable tablecloths for easy clean-up. I wanted everything to still be within the theme but neutral and not too dark. These say “rose gold” but were more of a light brown and went perfectly.
my first rodeo birthday party
  • Personalized Coloring Table Covering | This was on the kids table with snacks, crayons, and more. It was a hit and said my son’s name on it.
  • Disposable Cameras | It was a bit pricey for us to have a photographer come and capture my son’s birthday (almost $250/hr!), so I decided to buy a handful of disposable cameras and have people take photos throughout the event on them. Cannot wait to develop them and see everyone’s views of the party. This is the most affordable spot for them in a 2pk. You can get them developed at CVS, Walgreens, Photoshack, or Walmart according to you guys!

Additional Vendors We Used

I won’t deep dive below, but here are a few other vendors we used:

  • Venue: The Gathering Place (you need to book hours for set-up and clean-up too)
  • Food: Vegas Taco Bar Drop-Off Catering (affordable, delicious, and homemade)
my first rodeo birthday party

Tips for Planning a My First Rodeo Birthday Party

  • Keep it age-appropriate. Focus on simple activities and decorations that are safe and engaging for young children. This is where Soft Play NV came in – bounce house, soft play, that’s all they need.
  • Don’t overcomplicate things. A few key decorations and activities are enough to create a festive atmosphere. Little Flower Moments was key for this and took off so much unnecessary stress and headache.
  • Let your creativity flow! Personalize the theme with details that reflect your child’s personality and interests.
  • Most importantly, have fun and enjoy celebrating your little one’s first birthday with a rootin’ tootin’ good time!

I hope my guide to planning my son’s birthday and a dash of your own imagination, you can throw a “My First Rodeo” party that will be remembered for years to come.

Just remember to relax, have fun, and cherish the precious moments as your little cowboy or cowgirl celebrates their first trip around the sun!

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