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My Reflections and Notes on IF Gathering 2024

The 2024 IF Gathering marked a decade of inspiration, uniting a diverse array of speakers who delivered powerful messages resonating with the fundamental themes of faith, compassion, and transformation.

Rooted in biblical passages, their insights served as a catalyst for profound reflection on my connection with Jesus, urging me to embrace life’s challenges and joys. This event was genuinely life-changing and inspirational for me.

Note: These are my personal takes from IF, and others may have different thoughts and reflections.

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Christine Caine

Mark 6:30 – The Miracle of Abundance

The miraculous feeding of 5,000 men by Jesus, emphasizing the importance of teaching with compassion. The key takeaways included the idea that our limitations are often dwarfed by God’s possibilities, and it’s not about what we can’t do but about who God is.

shift our mindset from cursing their perceived “not enough” to blessing it, recognizing that God works within order and systems, even in the midst of life’s storms. Pick up our bags of broken pieces served as a powerful reminder of what God can do with our vulnerabilities.

Jesus Walks on Water – Navigating Life’s Troubles

A reflection on the troubles we face in life, drawing inspiration from Psalm 46. Surrender and understand that God holds us during the hard times. The marriage of joy and suffering, God is with us even when He doesn’t take away our challenges. Embrace personal stories as a display of God’s work, turning suffering into a transformative process that makes us new.

Katherine Wolf

Katherine Wolf shared insights from John 9, illustrating how Jesus dignifies our stories despite our spiritual blindness. She emphasized the importance of personal healing over material possessions, and how suffering can mold us into a new creation. The idea that loving who we become in the midst of dust is a profound perspective shift.

  • Jesus responded to only 3 out of 183 questions throughout his life.
  • “Blessed are the poor.”
  • The works of God manifest through our personal stories and the transformations He has wrought in our lives.
  • Beware of spiritual blindness akin to that of the Pharisees.
  • It’s not the external adornments that hold significance; true importance lies in the healing process.
  • Suffering serves as a catalyst for personal renewal.
  • Embrace the person you become amidst the dust of life’s challenges.
  • In the crucible of suffering, Jesus molds us into a new creation.

Jenni Allen

Jenni Allen’s message was so powerful, we all were in tears (let’s be honest, we were in tears with every speaker!). It revolved around the transformative power of Jesus in overcoming addiction and apathy.

Through Hebrews 12, we were urged to run their races free from entanglements. The reflection on Jesus’ empathy for our brokenness and the healing power of shared pain underscored the importance of bringing struggles into the light.

  • Transformation unfolds through the influence of Jesus.
  • Circumstances can evolve into feelings of hurt, which, if left unattended, can breed bitterness, leading to numbness or apathy. This apathy, in turn, paves the way for sin and addiction.
  • Contrary to popular belief, our addictions are often not linked to significant things (social media, etc).
  • Drawing inspiration from Hebrews 12, we are reminded that we have races to run and work to do, and we cannot effectively engage in them when entangled in destructive patterns.
  • Referencing the poignant moment in the Gospel of John when Jesus wept, we are reminded to consider how Jesus views us in our moments of sin. Many live as if God is disappointed in them, but the truth is that Jesus empathizes with our brokenness and weakness, shedding tears alongside us.
  • Hebrews 4:15 reinforces the understanding of Jesus’ empathetic nature, acknowledging that He understands our struggles.
  • A shift in perspective is proposed: instead of allowing emotion and hurt to isolate, use them as tools to connect with God and one another.
  • Sharing pain with others becomes a healing process for the brain.
  • Bringing our struggles into the light robs the enemy of power, as highlighted in Psalm 24:5.

Sadie Robertson Huff

Drawing from Luke 10, Sadie Robertson Huff emphasized that the journey God calls us to may be challenging but is ultimately guided by the desire to do His will. The reassurance that God sustains us and our names are written in heaven served as a source of strength for those facing difficulties.

  • Reflecting on Luke 10, it becomes evident that the task or journey God has called us to undertake is not without its challenges. Despite the difficulty, the inner desire to fulfill His calling becomes our guiding light.
  • A reassuring truth emerges: we are never alone in our journey. If God has called us to a task, He will sustain us through it.
  • The aspiration is simple: to align ourselves with God’s calling in every facet of our lives. This prompts a reflective question: What is God calling you to do? It’s a recognition that everyone is called to a unique purpose.
  • An affirming reminder follows: our names are written in heaven, signifying a divine recognition and purpose.
  • The overarching motivation remains clear: undertake every endeavor for the glory of God, acknowledging that our actions and pursuits can be a testament to His greatness.
IF gathering recap

Bianca Altoff

Reflecting on Mark 4, Bianca Altoff highlighted the inevitability of storms in life and the significance of controlling our responses. The message encouraged participants to find purpose on the other side of challenges and to rest in the peace that Jesus provides, even when the boat is rocking.

  • Exploring the wisdom of Mark 4 reveals an inevitable truth: storms will arise in our lives. The pivotal question becomes, how will you respond?
  • It’s acknowledged that circumstances are beyond our control, but what we can manage is our response to them.
  • Amidst the turbulence, there lies a purpose on the other side of the storm, a perspective that provides hope and resilience.
  • Recognizing the universal reality that people around us are facing storms, a call is made to find solace in the peace that Jesus offers.
  • Rest becomes attainable when we acknowledge the presence of God in the midst of life’s challenges.
  • A cautionary note is sounded: the enemy seeks to obstruct the transformative work that God is orchestrating within us.
  • The exhortation follows: be children of God even when the boat is rocking, emphasizing faith and trust in turbulent times.
  • Transitioning to practical guidance on following Jesus in our daily lives, the understanding is reinforced that God is actively at work in our everyday tasks.
  • Delving into the disciplines of daily life, the importance of finding suitable rhythms for the current season is highlighted.
  • An encouraging reminder is presented: despite God’s vastness, He is intimately connected to us, meeting our personal needs.
  • A crucial directive echoes: run the race marked out for you, resisting the temptation to compare with others.
  • The wisdom in 2 Corinthians 12:9 is shared: the more we transparently share the darkness in our stories, the more we can illuminate God’s love and goodness.
  • The emphasis concludes with a profound truth: pleasing God is not about checking off a personal to-do list but, rather, about surrendering to His divine will.

Practical Steps to Follow Jesus Daily

Practical advice was given on following Jesus in everyday life, emphasizing that God is present in our daily tasks. The importance of finding the right rhythms for different seasons and running the unique race marked out for each individual was stressed. Surrendering, sharing personal stories, and relying on God’s grace are key components of a fulfilling spiritual journey.

Curt Thompson & Ann Voskamp

Reflect on our longings and grief. To what degree are you willing to be vulnerable in your faith journey.

im only able to bw loved to the degree i can be vulnerable.

Jada Edwards

Jada Edwards spoke about the deep thirst within us and how attempts to satisfy it with worldly things fall short. The call to admit our thirst and choose Jesus resonated, with the reminder that true satisfaction comes from the gospel.

  • Delving into the symbolism of the Feast of Booths, a significant aspect of the end gathering, we turn our attention to John 7.
  • Jesus, in this context, is urging us to make a decision, a crucial call to admit our spiritual thirst.
  • The acknowledgment of our true thirst becomes paramount, as our lives cannot be satisfied until we confront this genuine longing.
  • Mere survival through the day does not constitute abundant living; rather, it is the recognition of and response to our deepest needs that lead to a truly fulfilling life.
  • There’s a cautionary note that the habitual reliance on fillers can obscure our awareness of the authentic thirst within us.
  • Drawing a parallel with the role of a good father, it’s acknowledged that true fulfillment often involves the removal of unnecessary elements, emphasizing the transformative power of recognizing and addressing our genuine needs.

Hosanna Wong & Luke Lefevre

  • Don’t give up on people you love
  • The most significant testimony comes from your presence.

David Platt

David Platt concluded the gathering by highlighting that God meets us where we are because He is for us. We are urged not to hold back from Jesus, emphasizing the promise found in Revelation 7.

  • God meets you precisely where you are because His favor is steadfastly for us.
  • A heartfelt plea echoes: Do not withhold yourself from Jesus.
  • The wisdom and revelations found in Revelation 7 underscore the significance of God’s presence and favor in our lives.

IF Gathering

IF Gathering was truly a life changing experience for me to to attend in person. They are taking 2025 off and hosting GATHER instead but I am hopeful that this will be equally amazing and I’m looking forward to IF Gathering returning in 2026!

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