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8 Immune Boosting Supplements For The Family

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I feel like we need to talk more about ways we can support our immune systems and bodies! That’s why I’m sharing 7 immune boosting supplements that my family and I do year-round! 

8 Immune Boosting Tips 


Studies are still out on how well elderberry works, but they suggest that elderberry can help boost our immune system and even shorten the duration of illnesses if we do get sick.  My son loves and prefers Elderberry Drops

 I love that the entire family can take these! You simply follow the dosage for each age category 6 months and up!

If you are feeling super motivated you can make your own Elderberry syrup with this recipe.

Vitamin C

For my kids, we love this spray Vitamin C.  and my husband and I take Truvani Vitamin C!

We also try to increase our Vitamin C with actual whole foods.  Broccoli, brussels sprouts, strawberries, and oranges are my go-to sources, but tons of fresh foods naturally contain a lot of Vitamin C.  

Here is a list of the top 20 Vitamin C foods so I suggest reading through the list and adding in what your family would enjoy eating.  We try to incorporate vitamin C foods daily into our diet. 

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Vitamin D3

During winter our vitamin D levels are known to be lower.  It’s cold so we aren’t spending as much time outside. Therefore we aren’t absorbing all of that vitamin d that we do during the warmer months. 

Vitamin D is a natural anti-inflammatory and is suppose to help us fight against the flu.  I love this Vit. D for adults and this is the spray we use for our kid’s vitamin D3.

Bone Broth

Bone broth contains several inflammation-reducing compounds that heal the gut. Since the health of our immune system is directly linked to the health of our gut and our gut lining, a healthy gut means a better ability to fight infection.

We cook with bone broth whenever possible! Boil your rice in bone broth instead of water, use it for soups, stews, etc! 


Just like bone broth, probiotics help our gut health and our ability to fight infections. We love and recommend Mary Ruth’s Probiotics for both kids and adults.  For adults, we also love Silver Fern Brand or  Truvani


We use multivitamins year-round and we all love Llama Naturals! First off, they have great reviews. They are made with whole foods, no synthetic colors, artificial flavors, and are also organic. 

If you prefer a liquid vitamin we also like to rotate in these


Magnesium is a mineral most people are deficient in.  Magnesium supports your immune system, sleep bone health and so much more!  For adults, I use this one.  We haven’t found one we love for our kids, so let us know if you have a suggestion! 


Honey is a natural immune booster and also great for antioxidants, and antibacterial compounds.

I add honey to our greek yogurt 1x a day and my kids will eat it in unflavored yogurt because it naturally sweetens the plain yogurt, you can also add it to oatmeal, tea, or just take a spoonful.

I try to buy local raw honey when I can because it is also great for allergy prevention.

Remember no honey for kiddos under 1.

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A Little TLC Never Hurts

Of course, when our kids are sick it is always best to seek guidance from your pediatrician or family doctor as well as discussing any supplements or remedies you may be offering.

From one mama to another we just do the best we can and when our kids do get sick I know we wish we could take their place.  Wishing us all a healthy fall and winter!

What are your go-to supplements to boost your immune system?

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