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Le Cafe Du Vegas, A Local’s Review

Have you had the chance to stop by one of Le Cafe du Vegas’ convenient locations? With so many specialty restaurants and cafes in Las Vegas it’s easy to drive by, but never actually visit one. This one is a must see and definitely worth the stop!

Le Cafe Du Vegas

Le Cafe Du Vegas is a a local, neighborhood french cafe perfect for family and friends to unwind and enjoy delicious food, great ambiance and service.

They offer two locations – one in Green Valley, Le Cafe Du Val, and one in Southern Highlands, Le Cafe Du Sud.

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le cafe du vegas


When leaving Le Cafe du Sud more people began to show up and the line was out the door. I think what sets this establishment apart from other restaurants and cafes is the location. It is truly a neighborhood cafe located right down the street from many. No need to drive 20 minutes or find parking at a casino in order to find high quality food and beverages.


Le Cafe Du Val
1550 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy. Suite G
Henderson, NV 89012

Las Vegas

Le Cafe du Sud
11350 Southern Highlands Pkwy. #155
Las Vegas, NV 89141


Please note that depending on the season, their hours do change and vary. Please verify prior to visiting.

  • Monday – Friday from 7am-5pm
  • Saturday – Sunday from 7am-3pm

le cafe du vegas


I won’t sugar coat it, but whenever we visit, we do spend a pretty penny for two of us – typically $50-60. To give you an idea:

  • $4-8 | Pastries
  • $8-14 | Galettes
  • $8-16 | Sandwiches, Crepes
  • $5-9 | Drinks

They do offer half-priced pastries during their last hour of business, but it is only on the most expensive pastries and does not include their simple croissants, danishes, etc. which is really a bummer.

Their menu is huge and guaranteed to accommodate everyone’s taste buds. They offer a wide selection of French pastries, coffees, paninis, crepes and gallettes, specialty toasts and salads. If you are celebrating a special occasion they also serve champagne and wine, as well as caviar and escargot if you’re feeling super fancy!

You can view the full menu here (no prices, sorry!).

Le Cafe Du Sud Experience

We had lunch at Le Cafe du Sud in Southern Highlands, a beautifully decorated French cafe. Upon arrival we noticed a lot of couples and families showing up via walking or riding bikes, this gave us some comfort as we knew it was going to be kid-friendly (a major plus for us!).

We ordered a Caramel Latte, an Americano, the Cucumber Sandwich, the Jambon Fromage Gallette and the Bread Pudding to share. My latte was rich and creamy while my cucumber sandwich was packed with fresh crisp ingredients.

We thought the gallette would be fun to try and was so happy we ordered it, simply delicious. While the decor and ambiance is enough to make you want to stay and enjoy a cup of coffee, we highly recommend that you try their food and pastries as well.

The staff was friendly when taking our order and the bussers assisted us in finding a high chair, water cups and to go containers at the end of our meal. Everyone was very helpful and made our outing with the baby an easy one. They also offer catering which would be perfect for a baby or wedding shower, or birthday celebration.

le cafe du vegas

Tips For Your Visit

We visit Le Cafe du Vegas locations regularly, so here are some tips. Also, note that we have had a few poor experiences here – mainly being shoo’d out when having coffee with a friend as it was busy and the owner wanted us to get up to give the table to someone else.

We stopped visiting for a while due to that poor service, but since then we have not had any issues.

Go Early

Depending on the location or day of the week, you’ll want to get their early or at an off time to beat the crowd. The Southern Highlands location is much larger than the Green Valley location. We’ve been to both locations several times. While I prefer the proximity of the Green Valley location more (plus it’s the original!), the Southern Highlands location is larger and better for parties larger than 3 or 4.

Share The Food

Most of their dishes and pastries are sharable and it’s what we recommend doing. It’s also more cost-effective considering their pricing.

Be Prepared to Wait

Not only if you go during a busy time, but for your food and drink. Even if you order a plain old coffee, they won’t bring it to you immediately, which is frustrating. They will wait until more of your order is ready or your ticket is up in the order it was received. It is one of the things my husband – major coffee lover, especially in the morning – complains about almost every single time we visit. Not sure what their training is on this.

Our Favorite Menu Items

  • Cheese Danish
  • Croissant Egg Sandwich
  • The Chicken
  • La Complete Galette
  • Coffee (I don’t think their iced lattes are that great, but my husband enjoys their coffee!)


If you are new to a french cafe and haven’t had a Galette before, BEWARE. While I personally have not had any allergic reactions, my aunt found out she is VERY allergic to buckwheat and was sent to the ER after a visit here. Buckwheat is not as common as you think, so definitely do a small taste test prior to enjoying anything brand new to you.

le cafe du vegas

Bon Appetit!

Let us know if you try one of Le Cafe du Vegas establishments, we love to hear from our readers! Bon Appetit!

le cafe du vegas

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