meet jenelle stathes

Meet Our Contributor, Jenelle Stathes

Did you know that we have a whole army behind Nevada Moms? We may be small, but we are MIGHTY! Nevada Moms would be nothing without our AMAZING contributors (some who have been with us since the very beginning).

Meet Jenelle Stathes

We are so excited to introduce you to our contributor, Jenelle Stathes.  Jenelle has been with Nevada Moms since 2019!

We love her passion for moms, our community, and her sense of humor you will often find in her writing! Jenelle often writes passion pieces that are relatable, helpful, and enjoyable to read.

jenelle and family

Are you a mom?

I am lovingly (and repeatedly) called Mommy by my three fierce little ladies.  I could not be prouder or more honored to be raising my daughters.

What is the best piece of advice you can give to a new parent?

It is normal to feel like you’re doing it wrong (and by “it” I mean everything: nursing, diaper changing, sleeping, not sleeping, scheduling, not scheduling, etc.)…don’t be afraid or even ashamed to ask for help or advice, but know that its ok to figure out what works best for you and your babe.

There’s no “right” way to do everything. Also, pay for the extra cloud storage because you will absolutely take a bajillion pictures. Trust me on this.

jenelle and family

 Share one of your most embarrassing mom moments?

Honestly, I don’t have a super embarrassing moment that stands out…and now I’m kinda bummed about it!

One of my more *challenging* memories was when I was working from home before heading into the office when one of my daughters was about a year and a half (not disclosing which one it was for fear that she will hate me forever for sharing this story on the internet!).

It was her nap time, so I was busting my butt trying to get work accomplished. I saw on the baby monitor that she had woken up, but was quietly reading books, so I kept working.

It was a few minutes later when I couldn’t see her anymore that I decided to head upstairs to check on her…and that’s when I saw it…full-on actual sh*t show…as in she had pooped in her diaper and then proceeded to use it as finger paint all over her wall, carpet, FACE, and body…I screamed, I laughed, I cried, all in about a 5-second window.

I had to call my boss to let her know that I would NOT be making it into the office that day and spent the following 2 HOURS cleaning everything up! It was awful!!!

What does the perfect “me day” look like?

Um, I probably have a dozen different ideas of what a “perfect” day looks like…it could be all day long with my sweet little fam, or ONE WHOLE DAY without them! HA! I could have a perfect day with my husband or a perfect day with my besties…

I guess I would probably need a whole week to have all the “perfect” days that I could imagine!

Essentially, as long as I feel loved, get to laugh, have a full belly (and probs throw in some prosecco), that would be the recipe for a perfect day to me!

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Why do you enjoy writing for Nevada Moms and what is your favorite post you’ve written?

My hope is to help fellow Nevada mamas feel like they’re never alone! We are all in the trenches, battling our failures and celebrating our successes every day, most of the time on our own.

I just want other mamas (and dads, too!) to feel supported as much as possible, knowing that the journey of raising babies does not have to be a lonely one.

My fave article that I have written for Nevada Moms would probably have to be 9 Lessons Learned from Being a Mom. I’ve learned so much from others who are with me in the trenches now, or who have blazed the trails of motherhood before me.

While I’m certainly not a perfect wife/mom/daughter/sister/friend/anything, I cling on to valuable pieces of advice and hope to provide those learned lessons to a fellow mom in need!

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Jenelle S

Jenelle Stathes married her high-school sweetheart and they share their love with their three darling and fierce daughters. She works as the CEO of their small family business and as a group fitness instructor for a local gym. Jenelle was born and raised right here in Reno, Nevada, and is doing her best at living a non-judgy and tribe-loving mom life. She has experience with infertility, weight loss, body positivity, fitness, and most recently, a tummy tuck. You can follow Jenelle to laugh either with her or at her as she traverses through the daily adventures of motherhood.