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Meet Our Contributor, Megan Rix

Megan was one of first our contributors for Nevada Moms.  Her passion for writing shines as does her love of Northern Nevada!  She is always up for a new writing opportunity and an adventure! We truly love having her on our team and we are excited to share more about her!

Meet Megan Rix

Let’s get to know her more with the 5 questions we’ve asked all of our team members!

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Are You A Mom?

I am a mama of three kids ages 15, 7, and 5 (going on 25). I call them my sweet, kind and sassy humans, in that particular order.

The youngest sassy one is a carbon copy of me in a tiny person’s body and I imagine the universe got a good chuckle when that one came into this world.

What is the best piece of advice you can give to a new parent?

The best piece of advice for a new parent I can give is to get a book or journal and write down the most memorable moments or quotes that your kids say as they get older. Time goes so quickly and you think you’ll remember it all.

My quotable kid is a great purchase. Sometimes I re-read things I have written and laugh hysterically. I know I never would have remembered that moment in time if I had not written it down.

Share one of your most embarrassing mom moments?

One of my most embarrassing mom moments was when my strong-willed, sassy daughter dropped an f-bomb in public. She was 3 and used it in perfect context. Like I said earlier. Carbon copy of me.

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What does the perfect “me day” look like?

The perfect “me day” is a mimosa brunch with my girlfriends, shopping for antiques at Junkeez, and ending with a hot bath and a really good book..and probably another glass of champagne.

If my hubby happens to be off from the fire station and we can get away, we love to hike and try new craft beers from local breweries.

Why do you enjoy writing for Nevada Moms and what is your favorite post you’ve written?

I love writing for Nevada moms because they let us explore things that really interest us and allow us to experience parts of Reno as we write. I have loved getting to write about things that not everyone experiences, like being a stepmom and a firewife.

I also love getting to write reviews about local places for date nights and girls’ nights! It forces me to get out of the house and have some fun!

Read More of Megan’s Articles

We have truly loved having Megan on our team and love reading her articles as much as you do! Here are some of her most viewed articles.

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Interested in becoming a contributor?

We are always looking for awesome new contributors to add to our team! After all, we couldn’t do this without amazing mamas, like Megan!

We like articles that introduce new ideas and advance conversations around topics and trends that engage our readers–think op-ed rather than content marketing.

We appreciate articles that are centered around family life, being a parent, or starting a family.

While we do not add contributors all the time, if a spot opens out and we think you’ll be a good fit for us, we will reach out. Our contributors commit to volunteering their time to write 1 article/month for 12 months. You can learn more and apply here.

Megan Rix Northern Nevada Moms
Megan Rix

Megan Rix is a former at-risk high school English teacher turned stay at home mama, lifestyle blogger, and entrepreneur. After leaving the classroom to focus on being a mama, she needed a place to document the life of her very strong-willed child and what she realized along the way were all the things in her life that “anchored” her. A love for food, beauty, family, and giving back to others helped shape the blog as it looks today.