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Meet Our Contributor, Shannon Bonetti

Did you know that we have a whole army behind Nevada Moms? We may be small, but we are MIGHTY! Nevada Moms would be nothing without our AMAZING contributors (some who have been with us since the very beginning).

Meet Shannon Bonetti

Meet our contributor, Shannon Bonetti, who often shares about her journey as a new mother, hacks she’s learned along the way, and how she balances running a successful PR Agency with a newborn.

Shannon has been a contributor for Nevada Moms since February 2020. She has been an advocate for our local community and families.

You can check out her first post, Tips on Surviving the First Trimester.

Are you a mom?

Yes – I am a mom. I have a handsome little 4-month-old named Braven.

What is the best piece of advice you can give to a new parent?

The best piece of advice I can give a new parent is, have grace with.

You’ll have days where you feel like nothing gets accomplished when you feel like the weight of the world and the responsibility of raising this perfect child is heavy on your heart.

Let go of the irrational high standards we set for ourselves. Stop focusing on getting things “right” and instead live in the moment – these times are fleeting! Learn to enjoy them.

Share one of your most embarrassing mom moments?

Most embarrassing mom moment – two words, leaky boobs.

Left a client meeting with a room full of men and noticed two giant milk stains on my shirt.

What does the perfect “me day” look like?

My perfect day would consist of a good night’s rest, a morning spent with prayer and journal time then a trip to Target.

I’d stop by the spa on the way home for a 90-minute massage and facial, then complete all my work projects while the baby naps.

My husband would get home to a deliciously prepared meal that we’d share together just before catching up on the latest home makeover show.

I’d kiss my sweet boy goodnight and thank God for another day!!

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Why do you enjoy writing for Nevada Moms and what is your favorite post you’ve written?

I love writing for Nevada Moms because it allows me to connect with other moms.

It doesn’t matter how many kids you’ve had or how many books you’ve read – motherhood has to be experienced to be understood and that mom-to-mom support makes your days (and nights) a little more manageable.

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Shannon Bonetti

Shannon Bonetti is a former TV news anchor turned PR consultant expecting her first child in July 2020. She’s originally from the Bay Area but has lived in Nevada for the last 10 years.When she’s not managing clients, Shannon is usually hanging with her hubby Brett and their two pups Timber and Bentley. Her hobbies are cooking, reading and volunteering with local nonprofits. Her favorite weekend activities include day-tripping to Tahoe or scouring the internet for good deals!