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Meet the Businesses Behind Our Mother’s Day Giveaway 2019

This past week, we hosted our 1st Annual Week of Giveaways to honor our northern Nevada mamas. It was an amazing week where we gave away over $3,000 in products and services from local businesses.

We could not have done it without our amazing sponsors and wanted to give our readers a chance to dive deeper into some of their businesses and what they stand for.

Giveaway Winners

  • 1st Winner – Stasia C.
  • 2nd Winner – Cindia N.
  • 3rd Winner – Austin M.
  • 4th Winner – Angie W.
  • 5th Winner – Cassie D.

Meet the Businesses

We’ve organized these businesses in no particular order and hope you take the team to read through each of them.

Even better, take a look at their websites and see how you can support them! We love shopping local to support some of the businesses that make our community rad.

Here what our sponsors have to say about the businesses they are building!

Kaiser Photography

I am a new mom to a 3-month-old baby boy. I have been doing photography part-time for about 7 years now – I am a civil engineer for my full-time job.

Capturing some of the most important moments in people’s lives through photographs that they can cherish forever is my favorite thing!

Bei Momenti

I am a family photographer of 7 years; passionate about inspiring other women to become a better version of themselves.  

bei momenti

Through photography, health and fitness, and headbands with a purpose, I share a story of courage and hope that through our own personal stories we can serve each other and the world.

CariAnne Photography

I am a family photographer who stops time for moms whose kids are growing way to fast, allowing them the opportunity to step away from behind their camera and be in the moment with their family.

carianne photo reno

Mama’s Motivation

Mama’s Motivation features all-level group fitness classes for mamas with kids in tow.  With an emphasis on Postpartum Corrective Exercise, classes are designed with the postpartum body in mind and geared towards developing strength where mamas need it most!

The community of Mama’s Motivation also gives mamas (and kiddos!) a safe place to connect, socialize and gain support from fellow mamas.

Nail Ninja NV

Hi! I’m Lexi, a gel nail artist located at Beautymark Salon in Sparks, NV.  A former art teacher turned licensed nail tech, I specialize in unique nail art!

I love working from original art found by clients or out of my own huge stash of inspiration photos/artworks. I work with gel only (No Acrylic) and offer gel manicures, overlays, and hard gel extensions.


At NØRDIK you will find a beautiful selection of authentic Scandinavian home decor, tableware, glassware, textiles, jewelry, gifts and more! We are passionate about sustainable design and environmentally friendly materials and production methods.

nordik reno

Our products are carefully selected to honor the skillful and award-winning designers and brands. Our products are smartly designed, high quality, functional and timeless – perfect for any home. They are meant to be used every day,  last a lifetime and bring joy to your life!

Wolf Valley Performance

My name is Stacey Rikalo, I was born and raised in Carson City and I am one of the owners of Wolf Valley Performance here in Reno. I have worked with more than 75 clients aged 18 to 74 – clearly of varying levels of strength and skill!  My current partners include pregnancy and post-partum specialists to offer training specifically tailored to mamas.

I love working with beginners and helping make people feel comfortable with starting where they are at right NOW.  A little progress in the right direction each day, no matter how small, adds up. I love empowering people to take the little steps to make their lives healthier and happier through exercise or nutrition or both!

Heavenly Becked Desserts

My name is Kristin Beck and I am a gluten-free baker. I have been gluten free for 5 years and had no choice but to turn my love for baking gluten-free as well.

I created Heavenly Becked Desserts to share my treats with as many people as I can reach.

Mother of Macros Meal Prep

Mother of Macros Meal Prep is passionate about utilizing local, responsibly sourced ingredients to create macronutrient balanced meals to nourish you down to a cellular level.

mother of macros reno

We encourage and support the decision to eat healthy foods by creating quick, convenient meals to support your lifestyle.

Kristi Gayton Photography

I am a newborn and portrait photographer in the Reno area. Sessions can be done in my home studio, but I also offer in-home lifestyle sessions.

I serve expecting parents, new parents, and parents that have already “been there, done that” by providing an outstanding portrait experience and capturing images that will stand the test of time. Safety is my number one priority during a session.

kristi gayton

I am a proud member of APNPI and continually take classes and attend workshops to provide the best possible experience for my families.

Regulus FIT

Regulus FIT is a world-class training facility for professional athletes, soccer moms, overworked bankers, and tired teachers. Whether you are looking to get fit to improve your life, lose weight, compete in the sport of Fitness, or turn pro at your own sport, Regulus FIT is the place for you.

regulus fit reno

Formerly known as CrossFit Regulus, Regulus FIT aims to provide fitness solutions for all people regardless of strength, speed or skill. We are a family that is seriously good at fitness but second to none at delivering good times. We pride ourselves on being purveyors of fun and positivity.

Don’t believe it?  Come in and see for yourself.

Loved Momma Fitness

As a Crossfit Level 1 Coach and a Certified Pregnant and Postpartum Athleticism Coach, I help Mommas stay moving and fit during pregnancy and to feel empowered choosing movements and modification to workouts that they are already doing that is safe for both them and baby and work to preserve pelvic floor health.

I help women prepare for birth as well. I talk about; the biological changes a mother’s body goes through during each trimester at a time, laboring positions, coping strategies and helpful ways to push during labor.

loved momma fitness

Complete Sponsor List


  • CariAnne Photography
  • Mother of Macros Meal Prep
  • Kristi Gayton Photography
  • Bei Momenti
  • Dena Roy
  • AB Photo
  • Wolf Valley Performance
  • Nail Ninja NV
  • Oneloa Nevada
  • Heavenly Becked Desserts
  • Loved Momma Fitness
  • North Lake Massage & Skin Care
  • State 36 Clothing Co.
  • Mama’s Motivation
  • Nicolle Gust Real Estate – Chase International
  • Regulus FIT
  • Kaiser Photography

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Leanna Carson is an expecting mama via IVF and a serial entrepreneur.

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