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Mermaid Shows at Silverton Casino, a Local’s Review

If you’re local to Las Vegas, you have most likely heard of the famous kid-friendly mermaid shows at Silverton Casino. Known as the “Best Free Attraction in Las Vegas”, you’re in for a fun adventure with your kiddos.

We recently visited the Silverton to check out their aquarium, which holds 117,000 gallons of water and thousands of fish. 

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mermaid shows at silverton

Three additional aquariums at Bass Pro Shop (connected to Silverton) feature trout, channel catfish, carp, and bass and include a flowing canyon river featuring ducks, turtles, bluegills, and sturgeon.

Mermaid Shows at Silverton Details

Not only do they have the mermaid shows for you to enjoy, they also have daily interactive feeding shows with the stingrays! 

During the shows, one mermaid will swim through the tank and stop to say hi to all the guests. She will do some flips and tricks and then ascend back up until her next show.


The aquarium is located in the Silverton Casino right as you exit/enter the Bass Pro Shops area.

3333 Blue Diamond Road

Las Vegas, NV 89139

We prefer to park in the Outdoor Worlds – Bass Pro Shop parking lot because I find it easier and more exciting to walk the kids through Bass Pro Shop to see the aquarium and animals prior to exiting into the casino. 

The show is right outside the exit, so you don’t have to walk through the casino at all.

mermaid shows at silverton

Show Times

Mermaid Shows (Updated on 2/17/2022)

Thursday-Saturday | 12PM – 8PM

Sunday | 10:30AM -6:30PM

Interactive Feedings

Daily | 1:30PM and 4:30PM


The shows are completely free!

mermaid shows at silverton

Tips For Your Visit

With a two-year-old in two, I was hesitant to see her reaction and to ensure she liked it. Here are some tips from our visit you’ll want to hear.

  • Park at Bass Pro Shops and walk through that store to the Silverton
  • Come a little early so you have time to walk through and grab a spot at the tank
  • Eat before you come, it’s only 15 minutes, but there is nothing worse than hungry kids!
  • Bring sanitizer, because those tanks are touched by a lot of little ones
  • Does your little one want to become a mermaid for a day? Check out Mermaid School on select days and times here.

Have you been to the mermaid shows at Silverton Casino?

mermaid shows at silverton

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