Moving to Las Vegas With Kids

3 Reasons You Should Consider Moving to Las Vegas with Kids

Las Vegas is known as “sin city” but there has been a transformation over the years and a lot has changed. If you’ve considered moving to Las Vegas with kids in tow, now is a perfect time.

Las Vegas and surrounding cities like Henderson and Boulder City are all great options to plant new roots in, especially because there is so much to offer and the weather is amazing practically year-round!

Moving To Las Vegas With Kids

Here are my 3 top reasons why you should consider moving to Las Vegas with kids – trust me! 

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Neighborhood Parks

Moving to Las Vegas With Kids

The parks almost always have splash pads in Las Vegas are amazing. They are clean, open year-round, fairly new, and almost every park has a splash pad on site. 

Plus there is likely one close to your home – you don’t have to drive far to access them! 

Splash Pads & Parks

In the desert summer heat splash pads are necessary since kids want to get out, play and not be stuck inside all day long. They also offer some relief if you are pregnant or just want to cool off too! 

They are maintained well and are close to the playground or covered areas so you have a spot to take a break and eat some snacks or picnic lunch. Our favorites are:

  • Mountain’s Edge Regional Park:no splash pad but tons of space to run and a playground appropriate for a toddler). 
  • Cougar Creek Park: splash pad, toddler to elementary aged playground, fields to run/play). 
  • James Regional Sports Park:splash pad, toddler to elementary aged playground, fields to run/play). 

Moving to Las Vegas With Kids

Hiking Close By:

If you’re feeling adventurous or have older kids who can handle a longer hike then there’s also easily accessible national parks including:

  • Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
  • Mt. Charleston Area: Trail Canyon Trailhead, Echo Trail, Stanley B Springs Trail
  • Lake Mead National Recreation Area
  • Valley of Fire State Park: If you’re up for about an hour drive


As a young family part of the draw is that cost of living is less expensive which includes home prices. There is a bit of a suburbia vibe, but the beauty of that is meeting neighbors and a higher likelihood of living near a family. 

When you’re working hard to provide for your family and feel like you’re stuck because you can’t build equity in a home it can be frustrating. 

Moving to Las Vegas With Kids

In the Las Vegas valley, you have a chance to start a legacy for your family and get out of a renting or apartment situation. It’s best to get into a house sooner than later to capitalize on the market! There are some amazing Las Vegas Realtors in the area that can help you find your future home.

Even though the cost of living has been increasing (like everywhere else in the country), moving to Las Vegas with kids provides opportunities and opens doors that you may not find elsewhere. Because our city is a hub for traveling, there is always something happening that brings people here from all over the world.

And because tourists are traveling here, we can keep our affordability at a decent rate, plus there is no state income tax, property taxes are low, and flights are cheap to visit family in other areas of the country.

Social Activities

Moving to Las Vegas With Kids

There is almost always a community event happening on the weekends in Las Vegas, especially during the holiday season and the rest of the year since the weather is often clear. 

“Off strip” activities including seasonal events like fall carnivals, 4th of July parades, and other events are common. There are always various exhibits and attractions happening on The Strip at the casinos/resorts. 

Depending on whether you have younger or older children there’s always something to go see or an activity which can be great during the summer months when it’s hot and you need to escape to air conditioning!

Minor and Major League Sports:

Sport activities including minor league baseball, major league hockey and football and potentially major league baseball in the future!

  • Aviators Minor League Baseball Team
  • Golden Knights Major League Hockey Team (Silver Knights in Henderson Minor League Hockey Team)
  • Raiders National Football Team
  • University of Las Vegas Collegiate Teams (baseball, football, rugby etc)

Moving to Las Vegas With Kids

Bonus: Accessibility

One of our favorite things about moving to Las Vegas with kids is the proximity to other cities and states.

We are so close to the California coast for that ocean breeze, a quick trip to Arizona for Spring Training, and Utah National Parks that are half a day’s drive away!

Thinking About Moving?

When moving to a new state and city, the overwhelm can be real.

You’re probably starting a new job as a parent, integrating into a new social community (church, exercise group, etc) and trying to stay sane for your little ones sake. 

But living in the Las Vegas valley truly affords you the flexibility to be as busy or as relaxed with your community exploration as your family needs. In addition cities like Henderson or Boulder City are so close that you can explore a different part of the valley easily without being too far from home. 

Las Vegas truly has a big city vibe combined with many small-town areas to satisfy the needs of families with young or older children and a great place to start as a new homeowner.

So come visit the valley during the winter and spring seasons to explore and you may get the itch to permanently come back and enjoy the over 300 days of sunlight a year!

Moving to Las Vegas With Kids

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