non-toy gift ideas kids will love

20 Non-Toy Gift Ideas Your Kids Will Love

As the holiday season approaches, the hunt for the perfect gift for your loved ones begins. While toys often seem like the go-to choice, there’s a whole world of non-toy gift ideas out there that can spark joy and create lasting memories.

Non-Toy Gift Ideas For Kids

Here’s a list of non-toy gift ideas for kids that go beyond traditional toys, providing entertainment, education, and experiences that keep on giving.

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Experience Gifts

Consider gifting experiences! Whether it’s learning a new skill or exploring a hobby, these experiences foster growth and confidence.

  • cooking class
  • arcade gift card
  • roller skating
  • ice skating
  • sledding
  • ski tickets

Experience Ideas in Nevada:
Indoor Activities in Northern Nevada
Indoor Activities in Southern Nevada


Think beyond toys with memberships to zoos, museums, or local clubs. These memberships offer year-round entertainment and learning opportunities.

Membership Ideas in Northern Nevada
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Event Tickets

Surprise them with tickets to a concert, sports game, or theater show. It’s a chance to create cherished memories with family or friends.

Music Lessons/Instruments

Encourage their musical side with lessons or even a beginner’s instrument. It’s a gift that nurtures creativity and discipline.

One-on-One Outings

Plan a special day out, just the two of you or for everyone! It could be a picnic, a hike, or a visit to their favorite place. The gift of quality time is invaluable.

Nature Gifts

Explore the outdoors with camping gear, gardening kits, or nature exploration tools. Foster a love for the environment and outdoor activities.

Kid-Friendly Kitchen Tools

Introduce them to the joy of cooking with safe, age-appropriate kitchen tools. It’s both fun and educational!


A watch can be more than a timepiece; it can teach responsibility and time management while being a stylish accessory.

Art and Crafts Supplies

Foster their creativity with a bundle of art supplies. It’s a gateway to self-expression and imagination.


Challenge their minds with puzzles that range from simple to complex. It’s entertainment that also sharpens problem-solving skills.

Monthly Subscription Box

Keep the excitement going all year round with subscription boxes tailored to their interests, whether it’s science, crafts, or books.

Season Passes

For theme parks, local attractions, or sports events. It’s a gift that keeps on giving fun and entertainment.

Yoto Player

Introduce the joy of storytelling and audio adventures with a Yoto Player, an interactive audio device that lets kids explore a world of stories and music. My kids each one one and in my opinion is a must. They love listening to their favorite stories and podcasts. No internet needed so perfect for on the go as well.

Movie Tickets

Treat them to a movie night out or a streaming subscription for cozy nights at home.

Educational and Family Games

Games that entertain and educate simultaneously are a win-win for both kids and parents.


Kids absolutely love capturing photos! My kids love having their own camera and even printing photos.


A captivating adventure or a new series to read together as a family is a favorite activity.

Mani/Pedi Gift Card

For a special pampering session, allowing them to experience some self care!

Bike or Roller Skates

Encourage active fun with a bike or roller skates, igniting a passion for outdoor adventures while promoting exercise. You could pair the roller skates with a coupon that can be used at your local roller rink!

Piggy Bank

Teach them the value of saving with a personalized piggy bank. It’s a fun way to introduce financial literacy. Below are a few of our favorites:

Non-Toy Memories

These non-toy gifts are not only thoughtful but also enriching. They encourage learning, exploration, and quality time, making them perfect for any occasion. So, this year, consider stepping away from the traditional toy aisle and give a gift that creates lasting memories and valuable experiences.


Kacey Queen is a co-founder of Nevada Moms

Kacey received her bachelor's in Psychology while cheering for the University of Oregon. They moved to Reno in 2014 and have loved it ever since. She is a dedicated homeschooling mother to her three children.

She serves on the hospital board for Northern Nevada Health Systems and is passionate about her community.

Kacey loves exploring with her family and finding family-friendly events and activities! A few of her favorite things include family adventures, traveling, working out, coffee, and dessert!