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Northern Nevada Based Podcasts in Reno, Sparks, Carson City, Lake Tahoe

I recently attended a local networking group meeting and the topic was focused on podcasting. We chatted about our favorite podcasts and recommendations, but then we got to talking about podcasts that are based out of Reno and that there wasn’t really a directory for them!

So we decided to put one together! Here are Northern Nevada based podcasts in Reno, Sparks, Carson City, and Lake Tahoe (Truckee, too!). Please note, that unless we are already aware of a podcast or have easily found it online, that this may not be a complete list. All podcasts below are available through Apple Podcasts (IOS).

Any podcast not available through Apple or Spotify have not been listed, due to ease of accessibility.





Games & Hobbies

Government & Organizations

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Kids & Family


News & Politics

Religion & Spirituality

Science & Medicine

Society & Culture

Sports & Recreation

TV & Film


If you know of a podcast that is based out of northern Nevada that we do not have listed below, comment below with the name of the podcast.


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Leanna Carson is an expecting mama via IVF and a serial entrepreneur.

Born and raised in Las Vegas, she loves sharing all things family-friendly as well as local spots most don’t even know about! She co-founded Nevada Moms in 2018 and it has become the #1 Family Guide to Nevada experiences, activities, happenings, and more.

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