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An Open Letter to You, Soon-to-be Mama

Dear Soon-to-be mama,

“How are you?” I’m not asking that as a general greeting, I want to know how you really are. I know it’s been a wild ride. You’ve put in months of hard work creating life, surviving a pandemic, and are now preparing to navigate the uncertainties of birth, motherhood, and everything in between.

Prepping for Baby

If you’re anything like me, you’re experiencing “all the feels.” The aches and pains of a huge (still growing) belly, the mood swings that seem to come out of the left field, and the overwhelming stress of welcoming a tiny human into this crazy and chaotic world — It. Is. a lot. Period!

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At 39 weeks I’m doing what I can to prepare for my son’s arrival. Setting up the nursery, washing all his clothes, strapping in the car seat — checking off things as I move down the list.

I’m nervous about my impending induction scheduled for this weekend and my doctor’s plans that seem to change almost weekly with updated COVID restrictions, scheduling conflicts, and new regulations.

Is this all just a preview of the unpredictability that babies bring? Perhaps it’s a lesson in patience and giving up control, something I admit I certainly struggle with.

With this in mind, I breathe in and reassure myself over and over, “this moment is meant for me.” I’m meant to be a mother. There’s no mistake in God’s timing and there’s no mistake in the role I’m meant to play.

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Meant To Be A Mother

This letter is a reminder that you too are meant to be a mother, soon-to-be mama. The simple fact you’ve made it this far proves your body’s strength and capability. Bringing a child into the world is no easy task, and there’s no perfect or right way to do it.

The transition you’re in and the feelings you’re experiencing as an expecting mom, both good and bad, are completely normal.

Take comfort in the advice I’m about to share. Yes, these final days of pregnancy are hard, but they’re also purposeful and beautiful. Channel your inner strength and dig deep because “go time” is right around the corner and no one else can finish this job for you.

The Final Days

First, seek support. Call on your friends and family as you near your due date. Find the value in connecting with others and build your tribe. We’re not wired as moms to go through this journey alone.

You’ll find relief knowing there are other women dealing with the same issues, mamas who believe in you, mamas rooting for you every step of the way.

Next, relax, relax, relax! I know it’s easier said than done, but stress is working against you – especially as you prepare to deliver. You may be tempted, like me, to try all the natural remedies for inducing labor.

Drinking red raspberry leaf tea, eating dates, bouncing on an exercise ball, etc. (none of which worked for me by the way,) but the only real “trick” for inducing labor is to completely relax your body.

Meditate, take a bath, play some music. Studies have shown fear of childbirth or frustration over failed attempts to bring it on naturally, only prolongs the process. Focus less on getting the baby out and more on getting proper rest, so you’re fully prepared to meet your newborn.

Also, ignore the unsolicited advice you’re sure to get as an expecting mom or parent in general. Overall baby care is constantly changing – what may have been the delivery “norm” for your mom, friend or grandma, is likely no longer.

Things have drastically changed over the years, especially in these challenging COVID times, so trust your body and trust your healthcare team, soon-to-be mama.

Lastly, take a moment to recognize how far you’ve come and how close you are to the end. Visualize the best possible outcome for you and your baby and give it your absolute all. It’s often said giving birth is the ultimate achievement … how lucky are we to experience it?

We’ve got this, you’ve got this.

Fellow Soon-to-Be Mama, Shannon

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Shannon Bonetti

Shannon Bonetti is a former TV news anchor turned PR consultant expecting her first child in July 2020. She’s originally from the Bay Area but has lived in Nevada for the last 10 years. When she’s not managing clients, Shannon is usually hanging with her hubby Brett and their two pups Timber and Bentley. Her hobbies are cooking, reading and volunteering with local nonprofits. Her favorite weekend activities include day-tripping to Tahoe or scouring the internet for good deals!