organization hacks for your car

7 Organization Hacks for Your Car

Updated 1/9/20

We could all use a little bit more organization in our lives and now that best-selling author, Marie Kondo has hit Netflix, it seems like everyone is getting rid of everything in their homes! Now as much as I love getting rid of things, I love being able to organize what I do have. There is one place that I love having clean and organized all the time – my car.

But when you constantly have friends, family, and kids going in and out, it can be a little messy and things just end up on the floor. You know, crumbs, straw wrappers, the applesauce squeazy pouch from last week – yep, all on the floor.

I have discovered some really helpful car hacks that have helped me save time, money, and my sanity when it comes to keeping it clean.

Organizing Your Car

When it comes to organization hacks for your car, I am all about functionality, but the appearance is HUGE for me! I don’t want to have this nice car just for it to be filled with extra junk and storage that takes up space, doesn’t look like it belongs, or it just looks bulky.

The items we’ve picked out below and already use and love are perfect to add to your car that will add that extra sense of organization without making your car feel like it has a bunch of extra organizing junk in it.

Seat Gap Filler

When it comes to the front seat, the worst culprit is that dang space between the seat and middle console. Everything falls down that space and my big ole hand can barely reach it half of the time. Snag this drop stop gap filler and never lose money, your phone, or that tasty french fry again.

If you want a gap filler, but don’t want to lose that extra storage, this gap organizer provides a pocket for papers, cords, extra devices and more.

Cupcake Liners

I learned about this cupcake liner trick last year and boy has it made a difference. Not only is it kid-friendly, but it actually works very well and keeps your cup holders CLEAN!

Place a silicone cupcake liner in your drink holder with snacks for the kids or yourself. Skip the crumbs and sticky gunk that is left behind because you can easily through pull the liner out and wash it.

You can also use the cupcake liner to hold loose change, chapstick, or

*BONUS – if you have more than one kid, let them pick their color so they know which one is theirs, plus it gives them responsibility if they have leftover junk sitting in it or if it’s MIA.

Car Trash Can

Possibly our favorite under $8 investment – this car trash can has saved us so much. It fits in almost ANY drink holder and is perfect to throw away useless cash receipts, straw and gum wrappers, napkins, and more.

Honestly, just buy two, one in the front and one in the back seat, you’ll be so happy you did.

Clean Car Wipes

You can organize your car all you want, but if you’ve got spilled coffee, smooshed raisins, and dust floating around – that’s another problem! We love this Armor All wipes that are perfect to keep in your car for a quick clean, because let’s be honest, who has time for a full interior car wash?

Storage Hooks

I bought these a couple of months ago and it has been a life changer! These hooks are so affordable and I love not having my bags all over the floor.

I’ve stored my purse, a diaper bag, grocery bags, and clothes on these and they are worth every single penny (plus a four pack is under $8!).

When you are in the car by yourself and can easily through your bag in the passenger seat. But when that isn’t an option and you’re stuck with either holding the bag or throwing it on the floor of the backseat, this hook is amazing!

Car Trunk Organizer

This organizer is perfect for the backseat and won’t let things roll around everywhere. I always like to have some snacks, water bottles, blankets, and a first aid kit on hand. Just in case anything happens so this is perfect to care all of those miscellaneous acts.

Like I said when it comes to functionality, that’s when I am in! Plus, all of these car hacks are affordable. Did I mention they look GREAT in any car without looking cheap, to DIY, or clunky.

Backseat Organizer

Recently, I organized and cleaned out my cousin’s car and bought her this backseat organizer to house toys, books, snacks, extra diapers, wipes, and clothes. 

It is AMAZING and it fits perfectly in the middle seat!

Have some organization hacks to share?

Let’s hear them in the comments below!

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