Organization Tips For Your Family

8 Organization Tips For Your Family

We are sharing organization tips for your family.  If you are looking for ideas to have your days run more smoothly and have a more organized home life then this list is for you!

Organization Tips For Your Family

Here are our 8 organization tips for your family.  Check them out and let us know which ones you plan on trying!

Family Calendar

Utilize a calendar system.  Whether it’s on Google or Mac having a calendar synced for family activities, appointments, etc. is essential.  You can color code different types of activities and people.  The Cozi Family Calendar is also a great app that syncs calendars and to-do/grocery lists.


We all thrive from routines.  Having a daily routine for not only yourself but your kids is a huge organizational tip for your family.

This includes a similar wake a sleep time.  What does your daily routine look like?  For us, my kids know that following breakfast they need to get dressed, make their bed, and brush their teeth so they are ready to start school (we homeschool) by 9am.

Part of your routine should also include cleaning, laundry, and dishes.  We are giving some times for each below.


If you can prep your load of laundry the night before and set your washing machine to “Delay Wash”.  Set it for 1 hour before you wake up so that by the time you wake up your laundry is ready to be switched.


Run your dishwasher nightly.  When you wake up have your cup of coffee while you unload.  Bonus:  If your kids are old enough have them unload while you make breakfast.


Make it a point to pick up daily.  In our home, we pick up around 4 pm during the week. Toys that were brought out are put back the counters are picked up and I do a quick sweep or vacuum.

Have a separate routine for the actual cleaning.  This will look different for everyone but maybe 1x a week you are able to clean each room, or Tuesdays you clean the bathrooms, and Wednesdays you clean the kitchen and mop.

Find a cleaning routine that works for your family dynamic.

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Meal Plan

Meal planners will help your weeks and evening run so much smoother.  Sit down weekly and plan your meals and your grocery list.  Download our free weekly meal plan here!

make a to-do list

Prep Work

We get it, mornings are busy! Prep as much as you can the evening before.  This includes packing lunches, setting out clothes, water bottles, school bags, sports clothes/equipment, etc.

On Sundays prep not only by doing your weekly meal plan and grocery order but also prep some food.  I will brown up some ground turkey and veggies for lunches for the week as well as 5 days’ worth of protein overnight oats for breakfast for my husband and me.

Folder Systems

Each person in the family has their own folder.  The folder is for important information and documents. Keep them all in one organizer together.


Make things that are important to you accessible.  If you want your family to take daily vitamins have them somewhere you’ll see them daily.  Hiding in a cabinet likely will be forgotten.

brain dump to-do list

Make Lists

I like to call this a daily brain dump. Make a list of what you need to have done for the day, whatever isn’t marked as complete by the end of the day can be carried over to the next day.


Another great organizational tip for your family is to delegate! Some examples include ordering groceries online and having them delivered, and hiring a cleaning company to clean 2x a month.

Delegate chores and responsibilities to different members of your family.  Kids are able to help with more than we give them credit for.  Picking out clothes for the week, Folding laundry, picking up zones in the house, vacuuming, etc.

Family Organization

Once you have your family life a little more organized you can work on organizing other things like your home.  We love a good organizing session.  We hope you found these organization tips for your family helpful! Let us know which ones you plan on implementing.

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