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Random Acts of Kindness Ideas That Are Kid-Friendly

We try to teach our kids about kindness and generosity. Random Acts Of Kindness Day (RAK), which is on February 17th, is the perfect opportunity where we can lead by example while getting the kids involved.

You can even celebrate all week long during Random Acts of Kindness Week which falls between February 13-19 this year.

Participating in RAOK is a great way to teach our children etiquette, kindness, and the qualities of being a good human. Random Acts of Kindness ideas can be simple acts like holding the door open or donating at a local food bank.

Whatever time you have, we’ve listed some ideas to show kindness that are kid-friendly! We encourage you to partake in this day and continue paying it forward throughout the year.

Kindness Ideas You Can Do Daily or Weekly

These ideas are simple and budget-friendly, yet effective random acts of kindness!  You can not only implement them for Random Acts of Kindness Day but year-round!

  • Hold the door open for someone
  • Return someone’s grocery cart
  • Compliment a stranger
  • Send a text message or letter to a friend or relative
  • Bring up your neighbor’s trash can
  • Pay for the person behind you when picking up coffee or a treat
  • Let a stranger go ahead of you in the checkout line

Leave Kind Notes

kind notes for random acts of kindness

At home print or help your kids write kind notes on pieces of paper, sticky notes! Then head to your local store or coffee shop.  You can leave the notes on windshield, inside the stores or on the coffee tables for strangers to find.

If you plan on making more than 20, simply type them up in a word document and print them out! This is a great idea for businesses as well! Showcase your appreciation for customers!

Clean Up Your Local Park

Grab gloves and a few trash bags and head to your local park. Clean up litter and cans!

Not only does this help others enjoy the park, it teaches our kids to care for the world and the local places we frequent.

Bake Cookies for the Homeless or Local Senior Center

Spend an afternoon baking some cookies and hand them out to your local senior center, the homeless or head to a local shelter or non-profit.

Donate Used books

children book donations

Look through your books at home with your kids and pick out books that are no longer being read or have been outgrown. Make sure they are still in good condition and donate to your local library, doctor’s office, or even school!

Donate to Local Food Bank or Food Box

There are so many families who need assistance and one way to show kindness is by donating to a local food bank. Shop your own pantry or head to your local grocery store and grab a few items that are listed below to donate.

Most Needed Items:

  • Canned Vegetables (No Salt Added or Low Sodium)
  • Canned Meals (Stews, Soups, Spaghetti/Ravioli)
  • Protein (peanut butter, tuna, salmon, chicken, dried or canned beans)
  • Grains (whole-grain cereal, oatmeal, brown rice, whole grain pasta)
  • Canned Fruits (in 100% juice or light syrup), dried fruit, applesauce (no sugar added), 100% fruit juice boxes
  • Dairy (shelf-stable milk)
  • Baby & Kid Friendly (formula, infant cereal, baby food, granola bars, popcorn, crackers)

Karma Box Project

The Karma Box project is a community project located in Northern Nevada. You can donate non-perishable food, first aid, and toiletries.

The Karma Box Project runs year-round. Northern Nevada has several Karma Box locations. Find one close to you here.

Little Free Library

Did you know Little Free Library is a nonprofit organization with more than 100,000 little libraries worldwide?

Learn how that tiny library you’ve seen in your neighborhood is part of a global book-sharing movement—and you can join! Anyone can start a little library for their community.

Donate Items To Children’s Hospital

hospital donation ideas

When our children are hospitalized having some items to keep them comfortable can really nurture their healing.  The healing process can often include items that they can play with to make their stay a little more comfortable.

I know that when my daughter was hospitalized for a week, we were super thankful for toys, crayons, coloring books, movies and more that were provided to her! Most of these items were donated.

For reference, here is a simple wish list and guidelines from Renown Children’s Hospital as well as a donation list & form for Sunrise Children’s Hospital. Please note that for safety concerns hospitals cannot accept used items.

Have your kids involved in picking out items to donate.  You can even include them when it comes time to arrange drop off at your local children’s hospital.

Leave a Review

Do you love supporting local businesses? Leave your favorite local business a 5-star review and make their day. You can do as little as rating 5-stars or you can go above and beyond and share why you love them.

The best way to support them is via Google – not Yelp or Facebook. This way it helps them grow their business.

You can also write them a letter or have your little one color them a picture that they can keep in their office or display at their retail location.

Get Involved!

There are so many ways to show kindness and give back throughout the year. If you’re looking for other ways to show kindness, check out this post with several ideas on how you can give back to your local community year-round.

Are you participating in Random Acts of Kindness Week or RAOK day this year? Let us know what you and your kiddos will be doing in the comments below.

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