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Reno Axe, a Local Mom’s Review

In May of 2019, downtown Reno joined the list of trendy cities that now offer good old fashioned axe throwing – Reno Axe.

So, I did what any mom who needs a night out might do, I convinced five of my nearest and dearest to accompany me on an axe adventure. Here is my full Reno Axe review!

I’m not gonna lie, what seemed like good fun for myself and several of my mom friends, turned into slight fear upon walking in. I imagined the meme we had all been passing around in our group chat, of the cute blonde throwing an axe at a target, only to have it come flying back at her head.

Reno Axe Review

Turns out, our fears were quickly put to rest, at least most of them, after meeting our “axe master”, Jesse. A  tall, burly, bearded man who greeted us with a warm smile and gave us the lowdown on how to be expert axe throwers…or at least how NOT to harm ourselves.

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A quick lesson in axe holding, a few tips on how to release, and a slight mention of what to do if the axe does come barreling back at you (yes, this actually happens) and we were well on our way.

What followed was a full hour of laughter, competition, and pure fun. I will say it took each of us about 8-10 throws to get the hang of it. But as I looked around at the overzealous man groups hurling axes with brute force, I realized we were doing far better than them.

Pricing and Reservations

If you and your friends are considering heading to Reno Axe, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Parties of 6 or more can make a reservation here
  • 6 or more throwers with a reservation guarantee that you get two targets and the full lane; an online deposit is required. Lanes are separated by rope walls, thereby shielding you from neighboring throwers who may have had one too many libations

Reno Axe Review 2

  • Each lane contains two targets with a maximum of 12 throwers per lane, 6 per target
  • Parties of less than 5 cannot make a reservation but may walk in. They will receive their own target but may have to share a lane with another small party
  • Prices are $25 per person for one hour of throwing and $43 per person for two hours
  • You must wear closed-toed shoes when throwing. You can rent a pair of Crocs for $2 if you forget so… don’t forget
  • Children ages 10 and older may throw, but anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult


Our group of 6 girls made reservations for 5pm on a Saturday night. Upon walking in, there were only about 4 other groups there, but by 6pm the whole venue was completely packed. I highly recommend making a reservation or getting there early, especially on weekends.

Refunds are available if you cancel within 72 hours of your reservation or you can reschedule your event if the change is made within 24 hours.

Hours for Reno Axe

Reno Axe is located at 100 North Sierra Street in Downtown Reno, next to Liberty Food and Wine Exchange. The hours listed on Yelp seemed different than what Jesse told us. You may want to call and confirm.

Sunday – Wednesday | 11am to 9pm

Thursday – Saturday | 11am – 1am

(lanes close between 10-11pm with other games like Beer Pong running until closing)

Food and Drink

Reno Axe has a full bar inside with a variety of beers on tap. Alcohol is allowed beyond the bar, into the throwing area.

However, I’m still not sure if I like the idea that I can throw an axe while sipping on a cold beverage, or if throwing blunt axes next to people who are drinking is a terrible idea. The jury is still out on that one.

If you’re hungry, there are a variety of tasty options available to order from the neighboring restaurant, Liberty Food and Wine Exchange. They offer a condensed menu of some crowd favorites. I highly recommend the meatballs and their wood-fired pizzas!

Reno Axe Review 1


  • The whole experience is really pretty fun. It’s also a great way to get rid of any bottled up aggression
  • If you get lucky enough to have Jesse as your axe master, he’s the best! He also throws axes in competitions so…you’re basically learning from an expert
  • I brought my husband back the next day and he absolutely loved it. It was a great venue for both a moms’ night out and a date night


  • $25 for one hour seems a bit steep, but if you have a great group to go with, it is worth it. The cost is cheaper for two hours of throwing, but on both occasions that I went, one hour seemed sufficient
  • Throwing seems relatively safe; however, I’m not sure how comfortable I would feel with strangers throwing axes in the same lane. Trust issues maybe? I’d stick to reserving a private lane

BONUS: Dark Pursuit

This Reno Axe review has a bonus! The owner of Reno Axe also owns several other venues in downtown Reno. We learned that Dark Pursuit, located inside Reno Axe, is a labyrinth with live actors.

In an effort to confuse, intimidate, and terrify those who enter, patrons must escape a dark maze laid out over 4,000 square feet.

I’m gonna have to pass that review to someone who is much braver than me. I’ll stick to blunt axes! You can learn more about Dark Pursuit here.

Have you been axe throwing? I would love to hear your review of Reno Axe if you have gone.

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