Reno Tahoe Dermatology Review

Reno Tahoe Dermatology, a Mom’s Review

If you’re looking for a new dermatologist in Reno-Sparks-Tahoe area and maybe you’ve heard about Reno Tahoe Dermatology before, here are some things to consider before making your decision! As a mama, I feel like taking care of our skin becomes even more important to use after we become mamas.

We start to see changes in our skin, discover new spots or moles, and just get a bit more concerned after going through pregnancy. That’s why I feel like it’s a great idea to see a dermatologist you trust.

Reno Tahoe Dermatology

Reno Tahoe Dermatology is a local dermatology clinic, home to Dr. Billie Casse’, and we wanted to share our review of their facility and services.

[Reno Tahoe Dermatology] is unique, offering a perfect blend of a traditional medical dermatological practice with cutting edge cosmetic skin care. We believe a personalized approach is what you and your skin deserve.

Dr. Billie Casse’ is a board-certified dermatologist, practicing in the Reno area since 2009. She is regarded as one of the area’s top dermatologists. Dr. Casse’s skin care philosophy is centered on the whole patient and considers a more holistic perspective than many dermatologists. In addition to skin health and proactive medical and surgical care, Dr. Casse’ is sought after for her eye and skill with cosmetics. She treats every patient with precision in the art of anti-aging treatments and Botox and fillers.

Growing up in the Reno Tahoe area, she has a love for life and the outdoors. You may see her up at Mt. Rose snowboarding with her two boys, on a hike, riding her bike, or paddling on Lake Tahoe. If two boys were not enough to keep her moving, they have a dog, Finn, Devin the Hamster, and a goldfish her son won from a carnival

Reno Tahoe Dermatology Review

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5452 Reno Corporate Dr
Reno, Nevada 89511


Reno Tahoe Dermatology visits with Dr. Casse’ are by appointment. You can book an appointment during operating hours by calling (775) 245-2426:

  • Monday – Thursday | 8am – 5pm
  • Friday | As needed
  • Weekends | Closed


Medical Dermatology

One of the most important things we do in our office is a comprehensive full body skin exam. We all use a dermatoscope during the exam to see the internal structures of a lesion that gives us a better understanding if a lesion is benign or not. Prevention is our motto, but find it early is our resolute. We are here to make sure you continue to live life with the knowledge and knowhow to decrease your skin cancer risk.

Cosmetic Dermatology

Small imperfections and damaged skin can make a big difference when it comes to your life. Finding a professional cosmetic dermatologist in the Reno, Sparks, or Lake Tahoe area is the first step to reclaiming your skin. Whether you’re looking to reduce scars, look and feel younger, achieve a healthy glow, or increase your confidence, Dr. Casse, her Colleagues, and our professionals are here to help you.

Reno Tahoe Dermatology Review


You can also purchase from any of the product links Reno Tahoe Dermatology offers, plus you’ll receive 10% off products when you use code NVMOMS10 (Expires 12/23). You can find our full list of discounts and offers here.

We recommend purchasing the Skinceuticals or Dr. Casse’s own product line (like the Mineral Powder!) to take advantage of the discount.

Reno Tahoe Dermatology Experience & Pros and Cons

Whenever we do reviews, we like to give all the details through our experiences, but then also give you a quick breakdown of the pros and cons as well as tips for your visit. Here’s our take:

Our Experience

Kacey has been to Reno Tahoe Dermatology for herself and for her son and she saw Dr. Alexis each time. Highly recommend Dr. Alexis as she is very professional and was able to treat warts for son. She also conducted a skin check and biopsy for me, gave tips on things to look for and called with biopsy results in a timely manner.

Please note that Kacey did not have any experiences with Dr. Casse’ herself, so just note that this is our experience of Reno Tahoe Dermatology as a whole. 🙂

Reno Tahoe Dermatology Review

TruSculpt Experience

The TruSculpt experience was quick and painless for each treatment with little downtime. Kacey only had 4 treatments and each one was 15 minutes. She personally observed small changes when comparing the before and after pictures.

While the transformation wasn’t overwhelmingly drastic, it’s important to acknowledge that individual experiences differ, and we fully understand the variability in results.


  • New office, so pretty and clean!
  • Kacey & son saw Dr. Alexis and really liked her – she was great with treating son’s warts and she was very professional.
  • Timely follow-up when it came to results.
  • Private rooms for all treatments (TruSculpt was quick and painless with no down time)
  • Offers their own line of skincare products, so they are very knowledgeable about the formulas used.
  • Offers many in office procedures and services
  • Has an esthetician in office


  • Not as familiar with cleaner ingredients products (which is big for us as we take a more holistic and functional approach with our families).
  • Kacey did the TruSculpt and felt that it was expensive with her results, however this is a personal experience.

Tips For Your Visit

Follow on Social Media

Dr. Casse does a great job over on Instagram sharing tips to help protect your skin as well as sharing deals or promotions that they are offering in their office. Go follow @reno_tahoe_dermatology.

Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask all the questions! Dermatologists are very knowledgable about the skin and can help you make more informed choices after talking with them. Then do your own research to see what works for your family.

Read the Ingredients

Remember, just because you are seeing a medical professional does not mean what they use are the best products for YOUR skin or YOUR FAMILY’S. Read the labels, ask about the ingredients, do your own research.

Dr. Casse notes that she also wants buyers to be aware that many products that say natural may not actually be, as there is no FDA regulation on products over the counter, and many are not effective to be called antioxidants, etc.

Again, we recommend doing your own research. We personally don’t feel that the FDA is the expert considering some of the stuff they put out on the market that they claim is good for you, but from a medical standpoint and licensing we understand why medical professionals have to stand behind something.

Check your Insurance

Don’t forget to see if they accept your insurance or what your out of pocket cost will be prior to booking for your appointment!

How Do You Take Care of Your Skin?

Let us know what you’re doing to take care of your skin and if you have ever considered Reno Tahoe Dermatology as your dermatologist. You can learn more about them on their website as well by clicking here.


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