new year goals printable resolutions for kids

New Year’s Resolutions For Kids & Families (Free Printable)

A new year is here and it is not too late to make goals and resolutions for kids and as a family!  This year I am making goals individually with each of my kids, for myself, and as a family.  I love having goals and resolutions to work towards and writing them out makes it fun for everyone involved.

Bonus:  One of my favorite books for creating habits and reaching goals!

We have created this fun free printable for your family and you!  Sit down make a yummy snack together and create goals for the year! Plus I am sharing some of our family goals!

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Resolutions for Kids

Resolutions for kids will really vary on their age.  Make sure you are setting age-appropriate goals.  We recommend sitting down with each child and explaining what resolutions are, creating a list together as well as ideas/strategies on how they can accomplish each one.

  • Clean up toys at the end of the day
  • Read X amount chapter books
  • Learn a new skill
  • Improve in a current skill or sport
  • Brush and floss daily
  • Work towards an academic goal (grades, projects, subject)
  • Behavior goal (attitude, being kind to siblings, sharing, respecting elders, etc.)

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Family Goal Ideas

Once you’re done with your resolutions for kids move onto your resolutions as a family! If you need some inspiration getting started, here are some great goals that could make it onto your list!

1000 Hours Outside

This is one of my favorite goals and I 100% recommend adding it to yours!   The idea is that if kids can spend 1200 hours in front of screens annually (yes that is a true statistic) they can easily spend it outside!

We have an entire article on 1000 hours outside and a freebie that you can print and track hours outside. It’s okay to “fail” but the point is to fail trying! Every hour outside is actually a win!

Favorite Memory Jar

Set a day of the week where you each can write down your favorite thing from that week and place it in the jar.  On New Year’s Eve, you get to read each of them and reflect on your year!

Eat Meals Together

We know schedules can get busy but there are just too many known benefits of eating together as a family to not include this.  Even if it is just 1 day a week.  Make a goal and be intentional about this.

Read Books

Some of our favorite times to read are at the table while my children are eating breakfast, over a picnic outside, or snuggled up before bed.  You can make a goal to read so many chapter books together throughout the year or just a certain amount of days a week.

Have a Weekly Screen Free Day

Try for at least 1 day a week, put all electronics away for the day and enjoy some screen-free time!  We suggest setting a set day so everyone knows what to expect!

Volunteer as a Family

There are so many ways to give back to our community and volunteering is just one of them! Church, food banks, shelters, and the humane society are just a few options.  If you have young kids you could always donate to local food banks or restock a karma box.

Go on Adventures

Make a goal for an adventure!  Could be micro adventures like a mini hike, state park, camping, trying new parks, or something bigger like a family vacation.

new year goals printable resolutions for kids (2)

Grab Our Free Printable

Check out our free printable so you can work together to write our new years goals and resolutions for kids and the whole family!

A Year In The Making

I think teaching our kids how to make goals and setting resolutions for kids and families as ways to achieve them can be so empowering! 

I hope you found some inspiration in these ideas.  We would love to see the goals you create.  Follow and tag us @northernnevadamoms and @southernnevadamoms on social media!

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