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25 Screen-Free Activities for Kids at Home

Finding screen-free activities for your kids can seem like a daunting task. I am here to share 30 screen-free activities our family has tried, tested and loved! We limit screens in our home and have found so many fun activities that the kids can do by themselves or as a family!

25 Screen-Free Activities for Kids at Home

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Sensory Activities

Kinetic Sand Creations

Honestly, I love kinetic sand. We are a no slime house because it gets stuck everywhere but sand is so easy to vacuum up! Kids can build sandcastles, sculpt animals, or create scenes inspired by books or movies.

Sensory Bottle Making

 Fill bottles with glitter, beads, water, and food coloring for mesmerizing visual and tactile experiences.

Playdough Fun

Make your own playdough or use store-bought, then mold animals, shapes, or letters. Here is our favorite playdough recipe!

Building Ideas

Jigsaw Puzzle

Choose a puzzle appropriate for the age group and work together to complete it. We started small with 50 piece puzzles and have worked our way up to 500 piece puzzles! We even framed a lego puzzle to display in our playroom!

LEGO Building Competition

Set a theme or time limit, then build the most creative or tallest structure. Lego books like these are a great resource to help with ideas and designs!

Magnetic Tiles Creations

Build houses, towers, ramps, or geometric shapes with magnetic tiles. I do recommend the actual brand magnatiles. We’ve had ours for over 7 years and they are so durable and high quality!

Kapla Block Challenge

 Replicate famous buildings or create abstract sculptures with Kapla blocks. We also like to use them like dominos and build a domino creation!

Straw and Tape Structures

Challenge yourselves to build the strongest or tallest structure using straws and tape.

Physical Activities

Indoor Obstacle Course

 Set up an obstacle course using furniture, pillows, and blankets for crawling, climbing, and balancing.

Living Room Dance Party

Crank up the music and have a family dance party, learning new moves or creating your own routines.

Indoor Basketball Games

Shoot hoops with a mini basketball hoop or create a DIY target using a box and paper.

Balloon Volleyball

Play volleyball using inflated balloons instead of a ball, focusing on hand-eye coordination.

Simon Says Freeze Dance

Follow the leader’s instructions, then freeze in place when “Simon says” stop.

Indoor Climbing

This indoor climbing structure is so great for little ones and encourages independent play! If you have the space this would be an amazing addition to your playroom!

Puppet Show

 Have the kids design and create sock or paper bag puppets and put on a puppet show for the family.


DIY Board Game

 Design a simple board game based on a favorite book, movie, or theme.

Storytelling Chain

Take turns adding sentences to a story, creating a funny or suspenseful narrative together. A friend and published author told me about these And Then story starters and our family love them. They are a must-have!

Card Games

Mom Tip: Snag these card holders for your kids and case to organize all your card games!

Board Games

Board and Dice game nights are a cherished tradition in our family, offering laughter, friendly competition, and quality time together. We’ve played countless games over the years, and here are some of our absolute favorites that span different ages and interests.

DIY Escape Room or Scavenger Hunt

Hide clues around the house leading to a final prize, creating a real-life escape room experience.

Minute to Win It Challenges

Set simple tasks like stacking cups, flipping cards, or balancing objects with a one-minute time limit.

Fort Building Bonanza

 Gather blankets, pillows, and chairs to build a cozy fort for reading, telling stories, or relaxing.

Creative Ideas

The Adventure Challenge Kids

We got this for our kids for Christmas and it has been amazing! The kids scratch of a challenge for them to complete and then they set off to do it together! I’m obsessed!

Cardboard Box Fun

My kids LOVE cardboard boxes! Make it into a home for their favorite toys or transform a cardboard box into a pirate ship, spaceship, or fort for imaginative play.

Coloring and Drawing

Relax and express creativity with coloring books, drawing paper, and different art supplies. A directed drawing book is always a good idea!

Origami Folding Fun

Learn how to fold origami figures like animals, flowers, or boxes, following instructions or diagrams.

Story Time with Hot Cocoa

 Cuddle up with blankets, pillows, and hot cocoa for a relaxing evening of reading stories or listening to audiobooks.

Recycle Crafts

Recycle things like milk containers, toilet paper rolls, food containers etc and let kids make their own creation out of them!

Screen-Free Activities for Fun

Remember, adapt these activities to your children’s ages, interests, and available materials. The most important thing is to have fun, bond together, and create lasting memories!

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