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Sneak In A Workout – Ideas and Tips for Moms

As moms, it can often seem impossible to sneak in a workout. We want to encourage you that motherhood is full of seasons and though it may seem frustrating this season too shall pass.

In the meantime, we are sharing ideas to sneak in a workout and tips for all you mamas.  We know you are doing all the things so this isn’t meant to add to your list but rather encourage you to include movement into your days.

A set workout time is not necessary every day. Your workout does not always need to look like a warmup, HITT, or cool down to be beneficial.”

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Sneak in A workout – Tips and Ideas


Stretch first thing in the morning. Instead of scrolling through social media for 20 minutes while waking up, roll out of bed, open the blinds, and stretch in the sun on the floor.

Stretching first thing in the morning will wake your body up, and improve blood flow, and circulation.  It will also give you a rush of happy endorphins from the morning sun and the movement to start your day! Bonus, it will most likely encourage you to do more exercise or movement that day because you feel better!

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Adding more walking in your day has huge benefits. This could include taking the kids out for a morning walk or a walk after dinner.  Walking after dinner is great to help your food digest and for mental health! Your walk doesn’t need to be fast-paced, simply getting in additional steps every day will add up over time.

Short Easy Workouts

Think about including short easy workouts while the kids play on the floor. Do 10 air squats 10 sit-ups and repeat until they want/ need something else.

Tummy time with your baby or with your young child is the perfect time to do pelvic floor rehab exercises.

Nap Time

If your child naps, you can quickly YouTube or Pinterest a short workout. We understand that nap time is when all the things are supposed to get done (including rest for you too) so a quick 20-minute workout can have huge benefits.

exercise for moms

Choosing Movement

Remember exercise does not have to be high intensity 30-60 mins 3-5xs a week. Exercise can just be moving your body more. Choosing activities that require you to move. Play tag with your kiddos… walk while they ride their bikes. Walk laps around the playground while they play. Bring your yoga mat to the park and practice while they play.

Include Older Kids

If your kids are old enough odds are they may want to join in on your workout.  Let them!  As long as the movements are safe it’s a great way to encourage movement beginning at a young age.

Other Ideas to Sneak In A Workout

  • Dancing to music with your kids is always a favorite
  • Nature walk with the family
  • Play hide and seek – When it’s your turn to count do jumping jacks or squats while counting
  • Jumping rope while the kids play outside
  • Parking at the far end of a parking lot for extra steps
  • Sneak in some push-ups using the counter or squats while dinner is simmering

Enjoy This Season

We know it can seem discouraging to not have a picture-perfect workout routine.  Remembering that this is just a season and won’t forever look like this can be helpful.  Including movement when and how you can have lasting benefits and we encourage you to do so!

Breanna Naccarato is an entrepreneur, a mother of two, and owner of Loved Momma Fitness. Sadly in the spring of 2021, she lost her second daughter at birth and has since transitioned her business from working directly with pregnant and postpartum mothers into bringing more awareness to stillbirth and sharing her knowledge of pelvic floor health and exercise through different outlets. She loves the outdoors and camping with her family in their Adventure Van. Sharing her adventures, joys, and pain with others in hopes to also allow them to find their voice and the words to boldly share their own lives is something that she is very passionate about.


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