Teacher Favorite Things Printable

Teacher Favorite Things Printable (Free Download!)

School is back in session, which means – new classrooms, new teachers, new peers! I remember how nervewracking the first day of school can be. From meeting a new teacher, figuring out where your desk is, and getting a lay of the land. It’s so exciting and sometimes scary – for kids AND parents!

Psst… keep reading for the Teacher Favorite Things Printable!

Every year, the same question pops up – what do I get the teacher for [INSERT YOUR FAVORITE/NOT SO FAVORITE HOLIDAY HERE?]. They do so much for our children, they are one of the sole role models in their life, and they get to watch them flourish daily as they learn new things and interact with their friends.

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Sometimes, a gift is the last thing on our mind. I mean between school supplies, shopping for our own family, and all of the other expenses that come up, we can easily forget. After all, we are humans.

teacher favorite things printable free

So this year we are trying something different. Each of our kids (and/or our family members who have kids) are headed to school with this printable during the first few weeks of school. They get to personalize it with their teacher’s name and theirs and learn some of their teacher’s favorite things!

It’s a great way to get to know the person who’s spending 6 hours or more a day with our children. Plus, you can learn about the things they like, so when it comes to gifting – there is no guessing!

Ready to download this teacher favorite things printable for free? Here we go!

Let us know if you’ll be using this printable this year in the comments below. This is great for all ages!

Teacher Favorite Things Printable Free
We cannot wait to see students and teachers use this printable across Northern Nevada and beyond!
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