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The Impact Sierra Medical Center Will Have for Northern Nevada Families

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This article was first written in 2020 and has been updated as Sierra Medical Center is now open!

By now you’ve probably heard about Sierra Medical Center, the new hospital and medical building is now open! The Sierra Medical Center in Reno is leading the future of healthcare delivery and we are excited to be a part of the impact it has on the Reno, Sparks, and Tahoe community.

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with the Northern Nevada Medical Center (NNMC) CEO, Alan Olive, and Marketing Director, Jamii Ubaldi, to learn about the new full-service hospital coming to Northern Nevada.

Our conversation has me excited about everything NNMC is doing within our community and I cannot wait to share that with you. And for you to share it with your friends and family!

Northern Nevada Health System

Having accessible and quality care should be one of our top priorities. From preventative, planned and urgent, at some point, we likely will require some type of care. Northern Nevada Health System (NNHS) prides itself on quality and safety and for those items alone we should be paying closer attention to them.

Northern Nevada Health System currently includes Northern Nevada Medical Center, Northern Nevada Medical Group and Quail Surgical Center.They also provide outpatient services. The free-standing ER, ER Mccarran NW is now open and provides services to all residents 24/7.

The Sierra Medical Center will soon be added to the NNHS and it’s sure to be the best addition to date!

Introducing Sierra Medical Center

Sierra Medical Center

In October 2019, Northern Nevada Health Systems announced the groundbreaking of the first full-service hospital to be built in nearly a century.  The new hospital, Sierra Medical Center, will be located in Reno, Nevada.

The new medical center will be over 470,000 square feet and will house a hospital as well as medical offices.  The center is scheduled to open in Spring 2022 (will announce date when we are told!).

Why the Sierra Medical Center?

Based on research, Reno is expected to grow by 100,000 within the next 10 years. This type of growth demands more options for quality care in all areas.

With the addition of Sierra Medical Center’s hospital and outpatient services, they hope to help fill this need.

The Impact Sierra Medical Center Will Have On Our Community


Not only will Sierra Medical Center provide our community with the quality care and services we need;  it will also bring in job opportunities.

While Sierra Medical Center is under construction approximately 1,500 jobs will be created. After completion, they predict Sierra Medical Center will bring in roughly 1,000 healthcare jobs.

Hiring Local

During my conversation, Alan told me how they pride themselves in the community.  It is a common practice for hospitals to employ travel nurses.

One thing I thought was really great was that NNMG currently has zero travel nurses! Not because they can’t, but because they truly believe in building our own community! Now that’s a business we stand behind.

Giving Back

THEY BELIEVE IN OUR COMMUNITY. Let me say that again – they believe in our community, supporting our residents, and giving back.  They plan blood drives, host monthly health fairs, and even partner with local nonprofits.

What Is Full Service?

This new hospital and medical center will provide services including emergency, room, labor and delivery, NICU, orthopedics, neurology, cardiology, oncology and more! The Hospital itself will have over 200 patient rooms.

Private Rooms

A feature that is continuing on from Northern Nevada Medical Center to Sierra Medical Center is that all of the patient rooms are 100% private rooms.

This means if you or a loved one ever has a hospital stay you won’t have to worry about having a roommate! This feature alone is so valuable to one’s healing and privacy during a hospital stay.

Your Growing Family

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With Sierra Medical Center offering a variety of services including labor and delivery and neonatal care, they are joining the family-oriented care realm.

As current and future parents, this is important. If you are delivering in a local hospital you’ll have a new option to consider!

Considering the quality of care they stand for, I am sure that this service will be exceptional for families.

Options For Care

Access to primary care needs to be a top priority. Sierra Medical Center will also house primary care physicians. There are so many people in Northern Nevada who don’t have a primary care doctor.

Northern Nevada Health Systems saw the need and hope that this new facility will help alleviate some of this need!

Why Should You Care?

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Not that you need any more reasons, considering everything we’ve just shared, but here is one more – YOUR FAMILY.

The love that Alan, his team, and the entire NNMG family share for our community and their own families is more than enough to comprehend how much they truly care. So you should, too!

When it comes to my family being taken care of, knowing that the medical professionals are taking care of them, just the way they would their own families, means a lot to me as a mama, a wife, a daughter, and friend.

Northern Nevada Health System is a regional network of care that has elevated and improved access to healthcare for 40 years. The System operates two acute care hospitals located in Sparks and Reno, 24/7 freestanding emergency departments, a Medical Group which offers family and internal medicine, urgent care and specialty care, and Quail Surgical and Pain Management. NNHS is committed to maintaining and improving the well-being of the community and is known for top-rated patient satisfaction, in addition to providing quality care and a safe environment for patients to heal. To learn more, visit


Kacey Queen is a co-founder of Nevada Moms

Kacey received her bachelor's in Psychology while cheering for the University of Oregon. They moved to Reno in 2014 and have loved it ever since. She is a dedicated homeschooling mother to her three children.

She serves on the board for Northern Nevada Health Systems, and Northern Nevada Sports and Recreation, and she is passionate about her community.

Kacey loves exploring with her family and finding family-friendly events and activities! A few of her favorite things include family adventures, exploring the outdoors, working out, local coffee shops, and dessert!