The Mobility Project, Pelvic Floor Therapist in Las Vegas

The Mobility Project; Pelvic Floor Therapy in Las Vegas, a Mom’s Review

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If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ve probably heard me mention my friend, Kelsey, several times now. She is a physical therapist focusing on pelvic floor health for moms and physical therapy for babies from newborn to five years old. She owns The Mobility Project.

We recently hosted an event together, talking about all the things you should include on your registry, hospital must-haves, questions to ask your providers – midwife, doula, OBGYN, hospital you may be delivering at, and things to consider on your birth plan as well.

If you want to get access to her Digital Session: Rock Your Registry, click here.

One of my favorite things about her is her willingness to work with mamas and babies of all backgrounds to find what works best for them when it comes to physical health and pelvic floor health.

The Mobility Project, Pelvic Floor Therapist in Las Vegas

What is The Mobility Project?

Dr. Kelsey Daniels, a pelvic floor physical therapist in Las Vegas & Henderson, offers specialized care for moms throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum.  She can help you with prenatal prep, C-section recovery, and even ease anxiety about your baby’s development. 

She has several offerings in addition to physical and pelvic floor therapy – including a 6-week postpartum support group, weekly playgroups for the kids, and an accessible Facebook group to ask questions in.

Think of her as your “medical mom friend” to guide you through this crazy journey!

“When you work with Dr. Kelsey, board certified doctor of physical therapy and owner of “The Mobility Project” – you and your baby’s health are the top priority. Dr. Kelsey is certified in pelvic health for the pregnant and postpartum person. And has certifications in early childhood treatment as well! She blends all of the physical therapy knowledge and tools with an empowering coaching style – to get you the results you’ve been looking for. And not the shame, frustration and gaslighting you’re used to dealing with from doctors.”

Location & Phone

6675 S Tenaya Way #200-A 
Las Vegas Nevada 89113

(located inside Bottega Exchange)

702-420-2123 (text/call)

The Mobility Project, Pelvic Floor Therapist in Las Vegas

Services & Offerings

Pelvic Floor Therapist for Moms & Physical Therapist for Babies

Pelvic floor health is something all expecting and postpartum mamas should be thinking about and most don’t even know it’s important! ​​If you or baby has any of the following, you will benefit from Dr. Kelsey’s help at The Mobility Project.

  • Pregnant and having low back, hip, or groin pain
  • Pregnant and suffering from bladder/bowel incontinence 
  • Pregnant and searching for support with a VBAC
  • Pregnant and chasing around a toddler (because of all of the above concerns)
  • Recovering from a C-section (planned or unplanned)
  • Experiencing painful intercourse – at any time after having a baby
  • Returning to running, lifting, jumping, or an active lifestyle (any movement)
  • And many other pelvic health conditions (anything related to uncomfortable pelvic pressure, urine/fecal leakage, intercourse/intimacy, or daily limitations in motherhood!)

Babies (and their parents) that need Dr. Kelsey’s expertise are:

  • Anxious about milestones and want realistic strategies specialized for their baby
  • Struggling with breast or bottle feeding
  • Have a gaze preference (looking in one direction often)
  • Not sure about how to effectively practice baby-wearing
  • Unsure about the transition from maternity or paternity leave to their baby starting daycare
  • And many other developmental concerns!

Motherhood Unlocked | 6 Week Postpartum Support

Motherhood Unlocked is The Mobility Project’s postpartum support group.

This is a six week series to help you thrive as a new mama, surrounded by other amazing mamas and women to help you through the fourth trimester.

From local resources, advice and tips from experienced mamas and mamas in the trenches with you, solutions, etc., you don’t want to miss this.

The next SIX WEEK SESSION begins on August 19, 2024 and is every Monday from 11am-12:30pm.  

The Mobility Project, Pelvic Floor Therapist in Las Vegas

Milestone Meetups | Weekly/Monthly Playgroups

If you’re looking for support from other moms, developmental tips, and a reason to get out of the house, check out The Mobility Project’s Milestone Meetups.

These meetups happen 2-4 times throughout the month and focus on different stages ranging from newborns, to crawling babies and into wobbly toddlers. You can see which playgroup is the right fit for you and your little one. They meet at various days and times and the cost is $22 per meetup for non-clients.

Baby Building Blocks

Best for infants or babies who aren’t mobile but are working on tummy time, rolling, and sitting-up skills. Usually, babies between newborn to 8 months enjoy this group the most. Bring your baby and a mom friend!

Crawling Camp 

Ideal for mobile babies. If your baby is on their belly, hands, and knees, or crawling with one leg up or other patterns. Usually, babies around 7 months and beyond enjoy this group. Commiserate with other mamas whose babies are on the move!

Wobbly to Walking

If your toddler is walking while holding onto furniture, toys, or your hand but not yet walking independently, this is the playgroup for you! You and your toddler will enjoy this class if you’re looking for shoe recs, ideas to help them walk, or other moms with toddlers. Snag your spot today!

Free Facebook Group | Craft Your Powerful Pregnancy & Postpartum Experience

Dr. Kelsey has started a FREE Supportive Private Facebook Group for:

  • Pregnant soon to be Moms 
  • Postpartum Moms(up to 1 year)

You can join the Facebook group here.

Our Experience

The Mobility Project came to visit me in my own home (yay for concierge services!) a couple of months after my son was born to check my pelvic floor as well as to check on his development, especially me being a first time mama!

She brought all of her tools and went through an assessment with each of us. Showing us some exercises we could do, etc.

After she left, she followed up with a few texts as reminders of what to work on and checked in with us to see how things were going.

Your Postpartum Bestie

Kelsey at The Mobility Project really is your postpartum bestie! From her physical therapist offerings to her playgrounds and Motherhood Unlocked Postpartum Session, she really offers it all.

You can learn more about The Mobility Project here.

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